Marketing strategies, tools and tips for cannabis businesses of all types including B2C and B2B, online and offline, large and small.

Best Cannabis Market Research & Data Intelligence Brands

Legal Cannabis Industry Intelligence Overview With both medical and recreational cannabis legal in half of of the United States and throughout Canada, the entire industry is booming. In fact, many business metrics indicate that cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. Recent projections show that cannabis could be a $40 billion industry by […]

Most Popular Celebrity Cannabis Brands

In case you aren’t on Instagram and are thus living in the stone ages, actor Seth Rogan (known for playing stoner-friendly roles in many of his movies) and director/screenwriter and producer Evan Goldberg have teamed up to launch their own Canadian cannabis brand. So what you may say, cannabis brands have been popping up like […]

Top 3 Cannabis Social Networks of 2020

The Internet can be a magical place. It helps in connecting millions of like-minded people across the world, regardless of the physical distance between them. This practice of connecting with people from all parts of the planet gives rise to the concept of a social network. Some of the most popular social media platforms are […]

Top 4 Marketing Options for Cannabis Companies

As much as media outlets love to evangelize the booming legal cannabis industry the opacity with federal law has kept some of the biggest fish away from the action. We’re talking advertisers. While this is positive in that small companies are thriving in a very level-playing field, still relatively void of massive monopolies, it does […]

Cannabis Tourism: How To Cash In On This New Travel Market

Cannabis has come a long way in recent decades. From an under-ground illicit substance found only on the streets to a respected medical and recreational commodity, the rapidly legalized world of medical and recreational cannabis use is spreading horizontally into other legacy industries. One such legacy industry currently taking full advantage of patchwork legalization laws […]

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