Oils & Concentrates

Cannabinoid oils such as CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN and others that can be topical, oral or vaporized to extract medicinal and therapeutic benefits.

Why Good CBD Oil Is So Expensive

While only a handful of states have legalized recreational and medical cannabis, only three states have outlawed CBD oil: Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota. If you live outside of those states, you can probably find some CBD products online or in stores. But why is CBD so much more expensive than other cannabis products? This […]

Levo 2: The PAX of Oil & Butter Infusers

The cannabis industry is still relatively niche. Yes, it is growing at break-neck speeds. Yes, companies are going public and attracting investors. Yes, industry intelligence analysts project continued rapid upward growth for the sector. More and more people are getting in on the boom and starting their own “cannabusiness”. But compared to the number of […]

Cannabis Extraction with Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions is a private company that has quickly become one of the leaders in the cannabis and hemp extraction industry. They not only produce the equipment needed for cannabis and hemp extraction, but Precision Extraction Solutions also provides training, consulting, site planning, and lab design as it relates to cannabis and hemp extraction. […]

Which Cannabis Extraction Method Is Best?

There are many techniques that are applied to separate all the different components of cannabis. Using these extraction techniques, the many different parts of cannabis – all containing different chemicals – can be isolated. This helps in bringing out the more desirable compounds present in cannabis so that they can be used for a wide […]

Cannabinoid 101: Understanding Cannabis Derivatives

With the legalization of cannabis and cannabis-derived compounds around the world the marijuana industry is blossoming into a broad and multi-faceted industry. What was once a largely plant-based industry, including flowers for vaporizing, oils for eating and hemp fibers for manufacturing. With the rise in medical prominence of cannabinoids and other non-psychoactive marijuana derivatives the […]

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