Software solutions for cannabis businesses from seed to sale to CRM and everything in between.

Cannabis Tracking 2.0: From Seed to Dispensary to Customer

According to Forbes, the cannabis sector is America’s fastest-growing industry. It is projected to create more jobs than manufacturing by the year 2020. Software is an important part of building a strong cannabis business. Many new business owners try to scrape by with spreadsheets, but to be truly effective spreadsheets are no longer an option. […]

Phylos Bioscience: Cutting Through the Confusion

The United States has a new premier hemp seed supplier. Based in Portland, Phylos is best known for their autoflowering, feminized hemp seeds. The company has also invested in several years of pioneering hemp genotype testing and cataloging. The result of Phylos’ research, is Phylos AutoCBD. – A new hemp seed variety that should be […]

Cova Software and the Growth of Cannabis POS Systems

Now that the recreational cannabis industry is booming, it’s experiencing some growing pains. Many cannabis dispensaries are increasingly finding themselves in over their heads when it comes to the volume of sales they’re doing, maintaining inventory, and addressing the needs of their customers. We’ve already reviewed a few other industry-leaders in the software space including: […]

Best Cannabis Market Research & Data Intelligence Brands

Legal Cannabis Industry Intelligence Overview With both medical and recreational cannabis legal in half of of the United States and throughout Canada, the entire industry is booming. In fact, many business metrics indicate that cannabis is the fastest growing industry in the U.S. Recent projections show that cannabis could be a $40 billion industry by […]

LeafLink: Connecting Distributors with Dispensaries

Sales of legal marijuana in the United States has been growing at a pace that the industry wasn’t expecting. In 2017, the still nascent industry raked in $9 billion in sales, while it’s expected to generate sales worth $11 billion in 2018. The addition of California in 2018 to the group of states where recreational […]

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