List of popular suppliers of seeds, equipment, tools and other resources required to actually grow and sell cannabis.

FloraFlex Organic Hydroponic Growing Solutions

It’s not easy to find the best nutrients to cultivate cannabis properly. There’s a lot of trial and error involved, and you risk spending a lot of money. But there might be a solution just yet. In this FloraFlex nutrients overview, we’ll be looking at a product that’s reliable, easy to use, clean, and safe. […]

How Scotts Miracle-Gro Is Investing Heavily into Cannabis

There seems to be a near-consensus opinion that cannabis will continue to be one of the world’s fastest-growing industries over the next 20 to 30 years. With medicinal and recreational cannabis legal to some extent throughout Canada and more American states jumping on board seemingly every year, the industry is in the early stages of […]

How to Get Started Growing Cannabis at Home

With cannabis becoming legal in many American states and Canadian provinces, the door is open for both recreational and medical users to start growing their own plants. Of course, you’ll want to double-check the laws in your home state before planting anything. But for those who can do so legally, there are many benefits to […]

Cannabis Extraction with Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions is a private company that has quickly become one of the leaders in the cannabis and hemp extraction industry. They not only produce the equipment needed for cannabis and hemp extraction, but Precision Extraction Solutions also provides training, consulting, site planning, and lab design as it relates to cannabis and hemp extraction. […]

Everything You Need to Know About Smart Grow Boxes

The rise of smart grow boxes (also referred to as “grow cabinets” or “grow closets”) is helping to change the way plants are grown, managed, and cultivated in the cannabis industry, with artificial intelligence and IoT tech that’s optimized every aspect of the process. While smart grow boxes have received the most attention from home […]

Supercloset Automated Grow Cabinets Reviewed

It’s 2019: Grow Big or Go Home Climate change and urban sprawl are changing the world. Hence, we’re at the moment in history where gardening needs an update. To further exacerbate the situation it seems like everyone and their uncle are starting their own cannabis company. If you are looking to get into the legal […]

Seedsman Review: Cannabis You Can Trust?

The conversation around cannabis has, for long, been dismissed as a drug problem or has been branded as irresponsible. But this alternative form of medication is a dynamic field that is yet to be fully tapped into. Seedsman is a company that recognizes this potential and has been at the forefront of regulating cannabis. The […]

LeafLink: Connecting Distributors with Dispensaries

Sales of legal marijuana in the United States has been growing at a pace that the industry wasn’t expecting. In 2017, the still nascent industry raked in $9 billion in sales, while it’s expected to generate sales worth $11 billion in 2018. The addition of California in 2018 to the group of states where recreational […]

Decarboxylation Solutions: How Precisely Decarboxylate Cannabis

Decarboxylation is the process of turning the psycho-inactive THCA (THC acid) into just plain old psychoactive THC. This is done by very carefully and precisely heating flower product to 220 degrees or 104.44 celsius. The exact duration will depend on the quantity, how finely the product is ground and it’s freshness. For pre-dried product decarbing […]

Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Options

The nationwide adoption of pro-cannabis laws and regulations is great for the public in terms of health, happiness and overall quality of life. While the current “green revolution” is predominantly a overall positive one, with growth comes challenges, and one such challenge facing the cannabis industry now is packaging. Packaging can be a massive hurdle […]

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