Binske Gummies Reviewed: A Smooth Experience Through & Through

Edibles, they are definitely in a class of their own. While we usually get sucked right into the gorgeous jars of whole flower there is no denying that if you really want to get lit AF then edibles are the way to go.

In the long-run, making your own edibles at home is the most cost effective way to enjoy this cannabis product, using one of the many edibles home decarboxylation machines and a few other ingredients to produce everything from highly versatile cannabutter to delicious and portable little lollipops to juicy little gummy bears.

Sometimes however you’re either too lazy to make your own, or you’re traveling for example, in which case stopping in a dispensary to sample the local made-for-you edibles is a great option for smoke-free yet high AF city exploration.

Binske cannabis infused gummy

Binske Gummies Overview

Usually locally we just get whatever is on sale or whatever has the best price-to-THC ratio but during a quick jaunt to Denver the Binske Fruit Gummies caught our eye.

*Apparently Binske products are available in California, Colorado, Florida, Michigan, Nevada, and Washington. Why no love for Oregon (soft cry)?!

Some of this is no doubt the slick branding. We like more mature labelling, something less getting-stoned-in-your-friends-mom’s-basement and more adults-having-adult-fun. Binske nails this with their sleek metal tins and minimal branding and label design.

There’s tropical flowers, birds (including a flamingo and humming bird) and a butterfly printed on the tin, which goes a long way in reaffirming the vibe we were looking for; tropical, light, bright, and active.

Another nice thing about the Binske gummies was the child-resistant tin was actually quite easy to open. Getting cannabis products in poorly designed containers that are almost impossible to open is one of the greatest banes of the legal recreational cannabis market.

So, when we get something that both looks good and doesn’t require a PhD or wearing your finger tips to nubs trying to open we think that deserves some applause, or gratitude at the least.

Binske fruit gummies

Upon sliding open the tin you are presented with 10 little round gummies, each secured in their own little nest. There is a plastic cover over them so they won’t accidentally all pop out and there is also a subtle yet appreciated printed design underneath the gummy tray as well, creating an overall cohesive user experience from the moment of purchase through to the moment of consumption.

On the inside lid of the tin cover is a note from the Binske family explaining their company origins and essentially a mission statement. Again, another touch that a lot of edible brands skip out on but which ads a bit of identity to the product and thus helps cement it in the consumers mind.

Binske 1:1 THC CBD

Effect & Potency

Given that there was a lot of moving around the city to be done we opted for the 1:1 THC/CBD gummies for a more level, balanced high that would allow for relaxation but remain lucid and in the moment for essential activities like ordering food or paying for entry tickets to local exhibitions.

The 1:1 Binske’s that were available had a couple flavors and naturally, the watermelon was opted for. Yes, most watermelon candies don’t exactly taste like real watermelon, and heck, some barely come close.

That said, fake watermelon flavor is actually not bad. The Binske’s use natural flavoring so that was appreciated and the overall texture and consistency of the gummies was quite pleasant.

There is a dry powder coating to prevent sticking and the texture isn’t as rubbery/gummy as some others. It kind of squishes in your mouth. This is somewhere in between a fat round gummy bear and a Gusher, minus the liquid filling.

Binske luxury cannbis gummies

The 1:1’s contain 100mg of THC in the box with each gummy packing 10mg. This is a pretty standard dosage for over-the-counter edibles and we weren’t expecting anything too wild in terms of effect

That said, these gummies definitely hit harder than most we buy in Oregon. For example, we LOVE the flavors of Wyld edibles, the design and mint options of Mr. Moxey’s, and the value we get from Pacific Gold Drops, but for some reason, the Binske’s resulted in a high that was more intense than all of the above.

*Note this isn’t a claim on quality as all edibles are pretty strictly dosed and perhaps some of the perception was a result of being in a mile high city vs our normal sea level. Either way they just felt more intense than normal.

So, don’t let the 1:1 fool you into thinking this is a super light walk in the park. These things actually hit, harder than others that are just THC (without the balancing CBD content).

Sure, some people out there with massive tolerances will roll their eyes at anything below 50mg but for casual recreational consumers, the Binske’s were definitely an impactful purchase.

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Summary

If you’re in Colorado and looking for a gummy that looks good and tastes good and doesn’t mess around in the sensation department then look no further than Binske.

On the whole, we wish we’d see more edible brands use sustainable packaging and less plastic but nobody is really don’t that so we can’t fault any one brand for their single-use plastic use.

On the whole, the package design, graphics, product presentation, flavor, texture, and high were all on point which means Binske has earned a place in our hearts as one of our favorite edible brands to date.

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