Quality Cannabis Industry Training Resources to Help You Land Your Dream Job

The cannabis industry is taking off in a huge way across the country.

With more states legalizing its use, either for medicinal or recreational purposes, it’s no wonder that it is becoming such a lucrative sector in which to work.

There is a world of opportunity out there for any enterprising people who are ready to take advantage of this new niche and to profit from the burgeoning trade in legal marijuana!

Whether you want to become a master grower, are happy trimming flower, are obsessed with concentrates and extractions, or just want to be the best dang budtender you can be, there are educational resources to help you learn and add skills/qualifications to your resume to increase your competitiveness in the legal cannabis industry.

While many people think that jobs in the cannabis industry are all about cultivation and selling, this isn’t at all the case.

In fact, there are diverse opportunities that embrace everything from scientific testing to insurance brokerage.

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Finding Your Place In An Exploding Industry

The global legal cannabis market is set to be worth as much as $63.5 billion by 2024, and with this in mind, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the most useful job resources for cannabis professionals who are keen to get their foot on the marijuana sector career ladder.

If you’re ready to find out more about working in this exciting new industry, here are some dedicated resources that will help to point you in the right direction.

Types Cannabis Training & Educational Resources

If you’re keen to launch your career in the cannabis industry but have no previous experience in a similar field, there’s no need to worry.

There are lots of training and education resources aimed at people like you who are ready to learn and to develop the new skills they need to succeed in this burgeoning sector.

Training can be done 100% online or it can be done in person if you prefer a more hands-on learning approach.

Let’s take a look at some of these top resources which could prove invaluable to inexperienced people like you:

cannabis training university review

Cannabis Training University (CTU)

Learning Type: Online

Official Website: https://cannabistraininguniversity.com/

The top online cannabis school anywhere in the world is the Cannabis Training University.

Specifically develop to offer comprehensive and high quality education about the medicinal marijuana industry to students worldwide, this internet education portal isn’t only aimed at those who live in a legal state but at everyone and anyone with an interest in developing skills and instruction in this controversial industry and to develop a career in this field.

Their courses are complete and advanced, offered by a team of professionals who are recognized as being among the most knowledgeable in the medicinal cannabis community.

As an online university, you can take classes in the comfort of your own home from your PC or even your smartphone, and print out the certificate you earn on your own printer.

Among the available courses include those focusing on budtending and growing.

As part of the online program you can receive instruction in opening medicinal cannabis dispensaries, cooking with cannabis, extracting cannabis, legal issues surrounding its use, growing techniques and much more.

cannabis training institute review

The Cannabis Training Institute

Type: Online

Official website: https://cannabistraininginstitute.com/

Having been launched back in 2013, the Cannabis Training Institute has a long pedigree in online training and certification for cannabis entrepreneurs, policymakers and clinicians.

Their courses can be accessed digitally via any mobile device, laptop or PC, with educational modules that contain video, audio narrative, checkpoints and animation.

The purpose of CTI is to supply a comprehensive curriculum for professionals in all areas of the emergent cannabis industry.

With a range of sophisticated learning and educational tools, CTI aims to expand knowledge around the world about cannabis while also developing best practices in terms of regulation, distribution, cultivation and use.

Oaksterdam University review

Oaksterdam University

Learning Type: Physical School

Location: Oakland, CA

Official Website: https://oaksterdamuniversity.com/

Unlike the first two educational institutions in this list, Oaksterdam University is a bricks-and-mortar college that holds the distinction of being the first ever cannabis college in the USA.

The university’s educational roots date back to 1995, and there are, to date, more than 35,000 alumni around the world.

Oaksterdam University’s faculty boasts some of the top attorneys, professionals, activists, academics, entrepreneurs and cultivators in the cannabis industry from around the world.

This program offers a world-class hands-on training facility and offers highly comprehensive, high quality training in this specialist niche.

THC University review

THC University

Learning Type: Online

Official Website: https://www.thcuniversity.org/

The THC University has a mission to educate those with an eye on a career in the cannabis sector with high quality resources and access to some of the most respected professionals in the industry.

All of the THC University’s instructors are recognized industry leaders.

The educational program creators have all been teaching indoor growing techniques and growing themselves for more than 100 years between them. All courses are held online and so are accessible to a wide range of students who want to specialize in this area.

Green CulturED reviewed

Green CulturED

Learning Type: Online

Official Websitehttps://www.greencultured.co/

Green CulturED has its base in Colorado and was founded back in 2012.

As an eLearning provider that specializes in the cannabis industry, this educational institution allows students the opportunity to network within the industry, learn from professionals and develop all the key skills and strategies necessary to excel in the sector.

As one of the most trusted and respected cannabis-focused institutions, Green CulturEd stays up to date with the latest movements in the industry and is a go-to resource of owners of cannabis businesses who are looking for innovative and smart solutions.

That just about rounds up the most popular places where you can learn about cannabis and gain the training and certifications required to build a resume that can land you a job.

So now that you have your credentials, where does a passionate 420 professional look for job openings?

Below are some of the most popular places where you can find canna-friendly job postings updated on a regular basis.

Top 420-Specific Job Boards of 2023

If you already have some training and/or experience in the cannabis industry and are searching for the perfect job within this thriving sector, you’ll need to know where to turn to find the ideal position to suit your needs.

These job boards are the best place to begin your search for your latest role:

Weedhire job board

Weed Hire

Type: Cannabis-specific

Official Website: http://www.weedhire.com/

As you can guess from the name of this career portal, this website is specifically aimed at would-be employees within the legalized cannabis industry.

This site aims to help clients to hire individuals with the right qualifications and skills to suit their requirements and to help those with experience and skills in the sector to find the perfect job opportunities to suit their skillset.

The site is completely free to use, allowing individuals to post their resume and search job postings without any charge to better manage their careers.

There are many different types of cannabis job posted here including recommending physician roles, physicians’ assistant’s jobs, positions for budtenders and growers, dispensary operators and administrators, delivery drivers, laboratory technicians, specialist marketers, insurance agents and lawyers, security guards and even government posts.

420 jobs board

420 Jobs Board

Type: 420-specific jobs

Official Website: https://www.420jobsboard.com/

The 420 Jobs Board is run by veterans who have personal experience of cannabis as a solution to their medical problems.

Via their own personal struggles in trying to find 420-specific jobs, the founders of 420 Jobs Board were inspired to explore the potential in this burgeoning new sector, and this employment portal was the result. Its aim is to create a highly effective career resource for employers and job hunters alike.

For those looking for a change to a career in the cannabis industry, the 420 Jobs Board offers a simple to use and informative job-hunting service.

With its seamless profile creation and multiple options for the embedding of resumes and videos, it’s one of the most user-friendly career portals on the Internet.

cannarecruiter agency

Canna Recruiter

Type: Recruitment Agency & Job Board

Official Websitehttps://www.cannarecruiter.com/

The Canna Recruiter is a visually appealing and simple to use website which aims to bring together professionals within the cannabis industry and employers in one convenient location.

With a user-friendly design, this online portal lists posts in a range of locations and across all aspects of the sector.

Whether you’re searching for a specialist post as a cultivator or insurance professional specializing in the marijuana industry or whether you want to start out as a delivery driver and work your way up, the Canna Recruiter portal lists positions that are sure to suit your needs.

This portal is free for candidates to use, and when you sign up to the site you can instantly reach countless cannabis companies which are leading the way in the industry.

You can not only view listings on your PC or smartphone but you can also apply for jobs quickly and easily online too.

You can also set up your own online resume so employers can search and see your profile and contact you direct. From your own private and secure dashboard, you can easily manage your resume, bookmarked jobs and alerts for an even easier way to get your marijuana industry career launched.

cannabis jobs on indeed


Type: General-Job Board (currently 420-friendly)

Official Website: https://www.indeed.com/q-Cannabis-jobs.html

Although Indeed is best known as a general career portal, there is a section dedicated purely to posts within the cannabis industry.

By simply searching for job listings within the cannabis sector, you can immediately gain access to all relevant job ads that meet your criteria.

Since you can also upload your own resume, it’s possible to apply quickly and easily for most jobs through the Indeed careers portal.

Also, when you’ve uploaded your information, employers who are searching for a suitable candidate can view your profile and make contact with you directly.

If you are an experienced professional and a veteran in the cannabis industry then you may be better off using a firm to help place you.

Below are some of the most reputable agencies that cater specifically to helping experienced canna-professionals find fulfilling careers.

Top Cannabis Industry Recruitment Agencies of 2023

If you’re an experienced or senior level professional who is currently working or who has previously worked in the cannabis industry, the easiest way to find a new post or to move up to the next rung of the career ladder is to use a recruitment agency.

Recruitment agencies have long been popular among other sectors as a simple way of finding employees with a suitable skillset and now, the cannabis industry has cashed in on this long-standing trend.

There are now a number of agencies that are dedicated purely to helping cannabis businesses and suitably qualified employees connect with each other for mutual benefit.

Here are some of the best recruitment agencies specializing in cannabis industry recruitment today.

ms mary cannabis industry staffing

Ms Mary Staffing

Official Website: http://msmarystaffing.com/

Ms Mary Staffing specializes in supplying staff within the cannabis industry at all levels of the career ladder from entry level posts up to senior executive employees.

Their marijuana industry job opportunities encompass everything from retail and cultivation to more unusual roles in accountancy and security.

Whether you’re looking for a part time position or a full time role, or whether you want a permanent or temporary post, Ms Mary Staffing can help to match you with your ideal position.

Hemp Staff marijuana staffing agency


Official Website: https://www.hempstaff.com/

HempStaff is leading the way in the cannabis recruitment and training industry.

Not only does this company focus on finding employees that match the needs of leading cannabis companies but it also has a training division which helps those with an interest in working in dispensaries to develop the right skills and acquire the necessary qualifications.

Registering with this recruitment agency is very simple, and once you have uploaded your information, you will be contacted by a recruiter in your chosen area who can let you know information about relevant posts.

There are posts available in a wide range of cannabis-related companies with vacancies encompassing everything from budtending and cultivation to dispensary management and delivery driving.

Vangst cannabis staffing service


Official Website: https://www.vangst.com/vangst-cannabis-staffing-services

Vangst works with leading cannabis companies and has a network of insiders within the industry, making this an excellent choice for anyone wanting to progress within the cannabis sector.

There are both temporary and permanent posts available for candidates to choose from, and jobs are available in a range of legal states.

Most posts are aimed at high level candidates with senior experience in management or executive roles. So, if you’re interested in reaching the top of the career ladder, this could be the perfect recruitment agency for you.

With such diverse positions as cannabis PR management, corporate attorney roles and cultivation plant management jobs available, it’s clear to see why Vangst is such a popular choice among those who want to progress in this thriving sector.

Persistence is the Key to Success in Cannabis

Are you ready to move into the cannabis industry now? Good. We thought you might be!

As you can see, there are a whole plethora of avenues by which you can pursue a rewarding career in cannabis. From self-learning to dedicated 420 universities, to professional staffing and training agencies, there are options for job hunters at all experience levels.

Whether you’re a complete newcomer to the sector and need to develop the necessary skills and acquire the right qualifications to succeed or whether you already have valuable experience and are ready to progress up the career ladder, it’s clear there is unlimited potential for career growth.

By taking the step into a cannabis career today, you’ll be well placed to benefit from the profitability of the marijuana sector as the rest of the world recognizes its potential.

It is important to remain persistent as the cannabis world is constantly changing due to it’s odd legal status conflicts at the local and federal level. Furthermore the profitability means big corporations and investment firms are entering the space as well to provide a whole myriad of ancillary services.

New jobs are always popping up in addition to the cultivation and processing stalwarts. Keeping your ear to the ground locally and your eye on the job boards, over time, will ultimately be the key to finding your dream cannabis job.


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