The U.N Wants America To Repeal Recreational Cannabis Laws

In a rather stunning proclamation via the United Nations official Twitter account out of Vienna Austria the International Narcotics Control Board has stated that at a federal level the United States is violating the 1961 Single Convention on Narcotic Drugs.

Specifically the INCB expresses concern over cannabis’ “highly addictive” nature that makes it “liable to abuse”. Interestingly they make no comment on alcohol. Probably because that industry has already lobbied their immunity from political pestering?

In a line straight out of Reefer Madness they state that cannabis consumption leads to “negative health effects and psychotic disorders”.

The INCB President, Jagjit Pavadia was quoted as saying “The expanding cannabis industry is marketing cannabis-related products to appeal to young people and this is a major cause for concern as is the way the harms associated with using high-potency cannabis products are being played down.”

This is an interesting analysis from a career bureaucrat with an education in “public administration“. Perhaps claims of highly addictive psychosis might be more plausible if leveled by an actual doctor with peer reviewed research to support said claim, as we do with anything else medical but for some reason isn’t warranted when it comes to cannabis?

Ultimately the INCB is just as toothless as the rest of the U.N and seeing as the United States itself still comprises about 1/5th of their total budget we doubt the federal government will be acting on this advise anytime soon.

Still, the timing and narrowing in on cannabis in particular is intriguing. Why now? Why reference such an old and obviously outdated treaty and why make such unfounded claims?

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