Cannabis Extraction with Precision Extraction Solutions

Precision Extraction Solutions is a private company that has quickly become one of the leaders in the cannabis and hemp extraction industry.

They not only produce the equipment needed for cannabis and hemp extraction, but Precision Extraction Solutions also provides training, consulting, site planning, and lab design as it relates to cannabis and hemp extraction.

With medical and recreational cannabis legal throughout Canada and in over a dozen American states, cannabis extraction equipment is more in demand than ever before. 

Unsurprisingly, the extraction industry is growing alongside the cannabis industry itself. Before a significant number of American states and much of Canada moved to legalize recreational and medical cannabis, extracting cannabis and hemp was done on a small scale.

Most growers operated out of their homes and only produced enough to supply to a small number of distributors.

commercial distillation CDU1000
Precision Extraction’s entry-level commercial distillation unit.

However, legalizing cannabis products has created levels of demand that require cannabis growers to extract products on a large scale. In turn, that has created the need for companies like Precision that specialize in extraction equipment.

With the new, large-scale demand came newfound safety concerns. Extraction equipment not only needed to be efficient, but also safe after questionable machinery and extraction methods contributed to several notable accidents.

Several American states have also passed legislation requiring cannabis extraction equipment and labs to meet regulations and safety standards.

Complete extraction manufacturing solutions
Precision Extraction offers complete extraction and distillation solutions for new and growing commercial enterprises.

This created even more of a need for safe and reliable extraction equipment, making companies like Precision Extraction Solutions a vital part of the cannabis industry – right alongside dispensaries and retailers.

Company Background

Precision Extraction Solutions was founded in 2011 by cannabis entrepreneur Nick Tennant. The company’s corporate headquarters located in Troy, Michigan. Additional locations include a warehouse and office in California, and a showcase lab in Denver.

Nick Tennant of Precision Extraction
Nick Tennant of Precision Extraction

Precision currently employs roughly two dozen people across five states. When Nick Tennant founded the company, his goal was to set out “to produce the world’s finest, top-quality extraction equipment with premier customer service and tech support.”

Today, and as their website proudly proclaims, Precision is “the global leader in cannabis extraction equipment, technology, site planning, compliance, lab build-out, installation, consulting, and training.”

Precision’s website also claims the company is “the world’s only provider of turn-key extraction labs” and that “more award-winning concentrates are made with Precision® than any other brand.” 

The company seeks to appeal to both novices and experts within the cannabis extraction industry by offering approachable and accessible products – while also focusing on cutting-edge innovation and industry-leading safety.

In 2018, Green Entrepreneur Magazine named Precision Extraction Solutions “Best in Equipment” in their annual list of the top 100 Cannabis Companies. A year later, the same publication named Precision “Best in Technology.” 

Chief Officers at Precision Extraction Solutions

In addition to being the founder of Precision Extraction Solutions, Tennant has also served as the company’s Chief Product Officer (CPO) since 2011.

Before starting Precision Extraction Solutions, Tennant was the founder and CEO of Med Grow, a cannabis growing education service that was ultimately turned into a consulting firm.

Between Med Grow and Precision, Tennant has over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, and regularly contributes to five cannabis-related trade journals. 

Marc Beginin Precision Extraction
Marc Beginin Precision Extraction

The current CEO of Precision Extraction Solutions is Marc Beginin, who has served in the role for close to six years. Prior to that, Beginin worked as an attorney, receiving his J.D. from Wayne State University Law School in 2001.

He also had a stint at Zodiac Spirits during and after his time in law school, giving him a diverse educational and work experience background before becoming the CEO of Precision.

Beginin has also spent time studying business at the University of Michigan, and participated in the Management Excellence Program at Harvard Business School, where he developed the knowledge and skill to run a company like Precision.

CFO Mark Taylor joined Precision in April 2019 “on loan” from Roanoke Consulting Partners, a management and consulting firm based in Seattle.

Taylor came aboard to help Precision transition to processing cannabis and hemp on an industrial scale. He helped to set up the accounting and finance team at Precision, and launched an audit of the company’s financial statement.

Taylor has an MBA and brings to Precision over a quarter-century of experience in finance and management consulting, making him a good fit for a growing company in an emerging field.

Equipment Offered by Precision

Cannabis and CBD extraction equipment is one of Precision’s areas of expertise. They offer a handful of machines designed for commercial cannabis extraction.

Extraction types include BHO (butane hash oil), live resin extraction, ethanol extraction, and CBD extraction.

This equipment solutions offered by Precision to accomplish the above mentioned processes include: 

PX1 Hydrocarbon: An extraction system that processes three to five pounds of cannabis per hour – while boasting the smallest carbon footprint on the market. 

X10 MSE: An extraction system best utilized for moderate levels of production, easy to operate with both on-demand heating and chilling.

cannabis extractor X40 MSE
X40 MSE unit completely assembled

X40 MSE: Similar to the X10, the X40 is designed for larger operations, and helps in the production of a variety of products. 

XMOD MSE: Precision’s largest piece of cannabis extraction equipment. This big dog can run nonstop – and without producers worrying about recovery times.

Precision Extraction C-40 centrigue extractor
C-40 centrifugal extractor assembled

C-40: A centrifuge extractor, designed to handle mid-to-large volumes of cannabinoids. It can run on various temperature specifications, all the way down to –40 degrees Celsius.

In addition to commercial machines, Precision Extraction Solutions also offers industrial cannabis extraction equipment for large-scale operations.

The company’s KPD series is capable of processing anywhere from 3,000 to 200,000 pounds of cannabis and hemp.

It’s also easy to customize with distillation, de-grassing, or crystallization equipment, depending on the specific needs of an operation. The KPD series is also automated in a way that keeps things running smoothly with a minimal number of workers.

Precision Extraction Solutions also has a variety of post-processing equipment to help enhance the entire extraction process.

For example, the CDU 1000 is a THC distillate machine that helps improve the efficiency of the distillation process. Other products include the CDU 3000 and CDU 10K, which are similar machines to the CDU 1000 but operate on a larger scale. 

Further, the Precision cannabis extractors include solvent evaporators, gas compressors, reactionary vessels, and filter presses. 

Precision even offers the EXP Room, an H-channel enclosure that’s OSHA compliant and peer-reviewed for excellence. Unlike other enclosures with fume hoods, the EXP Room is void of any exposed wires or bolts – and can be set up in a day.

Cannabis Lab Planning

Not only will Precision Extraction Solutions provide all of the necessary equipment for cannabis and hemp extraction, but they can also help in the planning and layout of the lab where everything will take place.

This is an absolutely killer service for those looking to jump head first into the industry by starting their cannabusiness from scratch.

Precision Extraction Solutions
Precision Extraction supports commercial growing from inception through to final production.

Designing an extraction lab without any assistance can be a difficult task given building codes, fire safety, and all of the localized regulations that must be adhered to during the process. 

However, Precision pledges to minimize the hassle with their experts who can design a lab with the needs of a specific business in mind.

The Precision website lists several services the company provides during the lab designing process, including professional site planning, providing documentation for engineering compliance, and basic equipment installation. 

Precision Extraction Solutions also provides training and consulting in a number of areas, including hydrocarbon extraction, material preparation, and post-production techniques to help ensure the lab gets up and running as quickly as possible.

It’s also important to note that Precision holds itself to the highest of standards with regard to safety, so lab planning and execution will be done with compliance and long-term safety in mind. 

Training & Consulting Services

Whether businesses already up and running or a startup just getting started in the cannabis and hemp extraction industry, Precision Extraction Solutions provides several training and consulting packages.

These were developed to help any organization within the industry boost efficiency, safety, and consistency during extraction and post-processing.

Among the services offered are site planning, installation, and basic training on Precision machinery. They can also assist with quality control and standard operating procedures.

Several of Precision’s training and consulting services including three days of on-site work from one of the company’s experts. This allows for hands-on training on areas that include lab workflow, material preparation, and live resin production.

Precision’s experts can also teach industry newcomers about oil consistencies, high propane extraction, and ethanol post-processing.

They also offer customized consulting plans so that companies that work with cannabis and hemp extraction can receive tips and training on any part of the process they believe will help them improve their business.

For more information and to get in touch with Precision Extraction Solutions, visit their website here or call at 855-420-0020.

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