Fun Things to Do While High At Home & Outside

How do you like to enjoy your weed? Nope — we’re not asking if you prefer to smoke pot, munch on some tasty edibles, dab concentrates, or add THC oil to your tea. The question is how you make the most of your high. 

Too many of us fall into the trap of seeing smoking weed or eating cannabis-infused brownies as a stand-alone activity. Weed can be plenty of fun on its own (fair point!), but if you want to experience a next-level high, you can do so much better.

Whether you’re preparing for a fun night in or out with some friends or your partner, here are some ideas that mix beautifully with cannabis. 

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What Kind of Weed Do You Need for a Fun High?

Before you get started, it’s key to pick the right kind of weed for a fun, cerebral, high. Most Indica strains will get you stoned — they’re better if you’re trying to fight anxiety, looking for the best nap you’ve had in a long time, or are cool with the thought of being stuck on the couch having existential conversations for the next few hours.

Many Sativa strains are perfect for a fun high, making you feel:

  • Super energetic
  • Creatively unblocked
  • Giggly
  • Social and connected with the world
  • Brave

In short, Sativa strains can make you feel more alive than ever before. If you haven’t found the right strain yet, feel free to ask your local legal dispensary for advice. Now, many folks claim that Sativa strains are better enjoyed during the day time than at night — but that’s not entirely true. This depends on your circadian rhythm and how you’re feeling. 

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Fun Things to Do While High: The Usual Suspects

We’ve got to get the stereotypical “fun things to do while high” out the way, because even though you’ve probably thought of them already (and almost certainly done at least some of them), they’re still  worth it. 

1. Play (Board) Games

Truth or Dare, Twister, Cards Against Humanity, Charades, Simon Says, Tug of War… both board games designed for adults and classic kids’ games can be hilarious while you’re high. The only real rule is that the games have to be social (or, as your employer might say, good “team-building exercises”) to be fun under the influence of cannabis. Drinking games work well too, of course, and instead of downing a shot, you’d take a hit or a bite. 

2. Watch a Movie

This classic stoner activity might be simple, but its power can’t be underestimated. Some of our favorite movies to watch while high include Steven Spielberg’s Duel, Shazam, Star Wars The Phantom MenaceChappie, and Jurassic Park. Oh, and Interstellar! Although this is almost entirely subjective, the best films to watch while you’re high will usually have a fairly straightforward plot line and will either be incredibly silly or visually stunning. It doesn’t have to be a movie to be fun, of course. TV shows can work well, too.

3. Bake and Eat, or Raid the Kitchen Cabinets

Nuff said, really. Everyone does this, but that doesn’t take anything away from the experience. If you can’t bake or have locked cabinets UberEats, GrubHub and the like are deep wells of difficult yet satisfying decision making.

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Fun Things to Do Outside While You’re High

If you’re feeling adventurous and live somewhere where weed is legal, here are some fun things you can do outside of your home while you’re high:

  • See a stand-up comedy routine.
  • Go to a drag show.
  • Go to a concert.
  • Go to the playground, use the swings, enjoy the monkey bars, and have a go on the see-saws — best done late at night, when all the kids are gone.
  • Take a pottery class.
  • If you’re near one, take a Puff Pass and Paint class!
  • Go shopping, and try on a bunch of different clothes. 
  • Play tag in the park or a reasonably large backyard. 
  • Do some (very easy) parkour, or go to one of those free Tai Chi classes at your local park.
  • Go to the library. 
  • Try an escape room.
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Fun Things to Do at Home While You’re High

You don’t have to go out to have a mind-bendingly fun experience while you’re high, though! We dare you to try any of these (if you feel like it, of course) things after having some edibles or smoking a nice Sativa:

  • Get one of those really large adult coloring books and color them in with your friends or partner. Hint: Some nice alcohol-based markers will help you create a true masterpiece. 
  • Play Minecraft, where possible on a multi-player server with strict rules (try the Vatican’s Minecraft server) and troll people.
  • Prepare a list of really important existential questions for your partner and discuss them while high — this is a great way to get talking about things you’d normally be too scared to ask about, and could be a cool way to get to know each other better if you’re in a new relationship. 
  • Get it on with your partner. 
  • Write a kick-ass personal essay.
  • Look at optical illusions on YouTube.
  • Play some music. If you don’t know how, try karaoke, instead.
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Things That Might be Fun to Do While You’re High (But Not After!)

Then, there are things that might seem like fun while you’re high, but that you shouldn’t mix with cannabis if you want to continue having fun after you come down from your high. Never:

  • Introduce yourself to your new neighbors while high. 
  • Do your taxes after smoking a doobie. 
  • Get to work on that DIY plumbing project after enjoying some edibles or a nice joint. 
  • Come out to your really conservative parents while high. 
  • Offer do help your elderly neighbors with their chores while you’re high.
  • Drive a motor vehicle or operate any other potentially dangerous equipment, duh!

A bonus activity for folks who aren’t sure what fun things they can get up to with their friends or partner while they’re high would be to simply make a list of fun things to do while high… while you’re high. Your creativity will get a cannabis-infused chance to shine, and you can pull that list out next time you’re planning to enjoy some weed.

Herb CEO Summary

Ultimately we like to think of cannabis as simply a mood/experience “enhancer”. If you’re feeling nervous before partaking in some marijuana then you’re more likely to become paranoid thereafter. If you’re feeling happy before toking then you’ll likely feel ecstatic after chiefing.

With this knowledge in mind, you can go about your normal day and most of the things you do in it can be made more interesting, less tedious, and occasionally much more humorous than it is completely sober. Heck, depending on where you work and the type of work you do getting high for work can make the mundane way less mundane.

We have found hiking in the forests around Portland, cooking “ethnic” cuisines, and watching compilation videos of 1980s commercials to be some particularly fun activities. What are your favorite things to do while high? Let us know in the comments below!

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