How True Terpenes Is Growing the Best Part of Cannabis

A quick look at Google Trends reveals that interest in terpenes sharply increased in 2014, and continued to rise steadily since then. That’s no coincidence — and you can indeed thank the “green wave” of cannabis legalization for the curiosity. 

An exciting spectrum of terpene products is entering the market as consumer awareness of terpene benefits expands, and as scientists are hard at work to research terpenes, their interactions and effects, and the novel ways in which they can be used for health and pleasure. 

True Terpenes has been leading the way from the very outset, producing revolutionary terpenes and blends that adhere to the highest-possible quality and scientific standards. If you think you know terpenes inside-out because you’re a stoner, think again. True Terpenes’ blends and isolates are next-gen, and you simply can’t miss out. 

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What Are Terpenes, Again?

If you’re neck-deep in the weed world, but don’t follow the latest developments that closely, you likely think of terpenes simply as the “stuff that helps cannabis get its flavor and aroma”. You’d be right, of course, but only partially. 

Cannabis contains at least 31 important terpenes, and many more that haven’t been researched very well yet, but terpenes are far from unique to the cannabis plants. These hydrocarbons and essential oils can be found in countless plants, and (believe it or not) even in animals, in different forms. 

Plant terpenes influence the plants’ flavor profile, aroma, pigment, and the kinds of insects they repel and attract. The terpenes found in plants appear to exist in a symbiotic relationship with the animals that consume the plants (yes, that includes humans), as terpenes play a key role in offering essential nutrients like vitamins A, K, and E. 

Though scientific study of these miraculous compounds is only just getting into full swing, and you can definitely expect new and exciting findings about terpenes to show up if you keep a close eye on the topic, here’s a look at some of the more well-known terpenes:

  • Linalool, a terpene found in, among other plants, lavender, Indian bay leaves, and hops — as well as in cannabis. Not only is it considered an anti-anxiety remedy, linalool also plays a role in repelling bugs, as part of plants’ natural defense system.
  • Pinene, found in sage, conifers, pine nuts, and the turpentine tree (which is actually where terpenes got their names, by the way!). As you’ll know if you’re a regular cannabis consumer, pinene is also present in marijuana. It’s known to have an invigorating, energizing, effect.
  • Menthol, most famously found in mint, has a calming effect on the mind and possesses antibacterial properties that will help you fight infections. It’s currently the most widely-researched terpene, but it might not remain so for much longer.
  • Limonene, which you’ll definitely be familiar with because it’s present in citrus fruit peel and citrus essential oils, has a fresh smell and can be useful in boosting energy and promoting a healthy digestive system, among other potential uses. D-Limonene is, again, present in the cannabis plant, particularly fruity citrus strains.

Science has only just began to uncover the true potential of terpenes, and much remains unknown about how different terpenes interact with each other — and with other plant compounds such as, in the case of cannabis, THC, CBD, and CBG.

True Terpenes, meanwhile, uncovered something else as the interest in terpenes spiked in recent years — a gap in the market, and an amazing opportunity to make luxury terpene-based products that could only possibly “wow” consumers. Nothing short of pure excellence is good enough for this innovative market leader, and that allows adventurous consumers to discover a whole new side of cannabis.

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True Terpenes and the Terpene Revolution

Founded in 2015, True Terpenes is pushing the cannabis industry forward in everything it does. The company’s core mission might be to “empower people to feel precisely how they want to feel”, but behind the curtain lies a rock-solid science team that’s leading cannabis regulations and standards into the 21st Century — despite the fact that many of its products don’t even contain any hemp extracts.

The company’s proud to offer consumer education programs as well as business consultations to startups in the cannabis and terpene industries, and True Terpenes’ Chief Science Officer David Heldreth also testified at the 2019 FDA hearing about CBD, CHG, and terpenes in food. 

Famous cannabis researcher Dr Ethan Russo praised cannabis recently stating that True Terpenes is a “prime example” of a science-based terpene business, adding that he endorses True Terpenes’ products “because of their purity, high standard of manufacturing, and commitment to quality assurance, which is not standard across the industry.”

You can’t profile a business without taking a look at their employee pool, and it’s particularly cool to see that the team behind True Terpenes is a diverse and enthusiastic bunch that’s not only passionate about terpenes and quality terpene products, but also about holding the terpene and cannabis industry accountable so everyone can enjoy premium terpenes. 

As a company committed to ESG values (environment, social, and governance — basically meaning the business has a soul), True Terpenes is also involved in the Prison Policy Initiative, a justice-based non-profit. 

Enough about the company, though — if you’re at all curious about the magical world of terpenes, beyond cannabis itself, you’ll want to know what True Terpenes is actually selling, so you can add it to your collection and your spectrum of possibilities.

By the time you really dive in, you’ll be itching to fill your shopping cart. Here’s a word of warning, though. Though True Terpenes offers a select few different types of terpene products, it basically offers endless options within each category. Being spoiled for choice sure makes shopping hard!

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True Terpenes Terpene Profiles

True Terpenes’ unique terpene flavor profile blends use hard science to recreate the effects of particular cannabis strains. Recreate? Yes. All these terpenes are sourced from entirely different plants, and these terpene blends don’t contain any CBD or THC — they are, in fact, completely cannabis-free. That fact could be particularly interesting to people living in jurisdictions where cannabis has not yet been legalized.

What can you do with True Terpenes’ terpene profiles, you wonder? Your possibilities are almost endless! You can add terpene profiles to CBD oils, cartridges, or edibles to enhance their flavor, aroma, and effect, selecting the cannabis strain you’re interested in when making your purchase. 

Can’t find the strain you’re interested in? The fact that True Terpenes can create custom blends for you is one of the most exciting things about this company, so if you’re looking something unique, just shoot True Terpenes an email!

If you’re going with an off-the-shelf terpene profile, though, a 2 ml (beautifully-designed) bottle can be yours for as little as $25.

True Terpenes Terpene Flavors

Terpene flavors are another example of a True Terpenes product line that deserves to be highlighted. These flavor explosions rely on premium-grade, concentrated, terpenes to create an unforgettable experience. You can throw them into a batch of edibles or a cartridge, but you can also put True Terpenes’ terpene flavors to good use in an aromatherapy session, or even add them to lotions and bath oils you make. Free from ethanol, PG, MCT, and similar products, these flavors are safe in any setting.

To offer you a tantalizing sample, True Terpenes’ terpene flavors include blood orange and green apple for energy and a mood boost, orange pineapple for a feeling of happiness, and sour mango. 

True Terpenes Terpene Isolates

Want just a single terpene? With True Terpenes’ terpene isolates, you can have exactly that! These premium terpenes are lovingly extracted to the company’s True Grade™ standard, which means they are super clean, triple-distilled, and purer than any other terpene isolates you’ll find anywhere on the modern market.

True Terpenes’ terpene isolates allow you to add very specific flavors, aromas, and effects to any herbal product you craft, but be warned — this stuff is strong! When you first dabble in terpene isolates, it’s best if the isolate doesn’t make up more than a single percent of your product. 

True Terpenes offers a wide selection of terpene isolates. Based on the company’s own scientific research, they’ve put together a giant list that shows you which terpenes are best for you, depending on the unique effect that you’re aiming to achieve. 

You could, for instance, choose Delta 3 Carene to get inspired, and Geraniol if you need a quick recharge. Alpha Phellandrene can help combat stress and anxiety, while Alpha Pinene is known to deliver an energy boost. That’s just a quick peek, of course, because True Terpenes allows you to pick from dozens of terpene isolates.

Learning More About Terpenes

Has your interest been piqued, but are you honestly not quite sure how you can put True Terpenes’ premium terpene products to use in your life? Go explore True Terpenes’ consumer education pages, which teach you all about the health benefits of terpenes and the many ways in which you can incorporate them into a wide range of different goodies. 

We’ve got to highlight True Terpenes’ recipe page, because it’s where the True Terpenes team showcases their best creations. Ranging from calming bath salts to a Durban Poison honeycomb candy that’s designed to get you in a creative mood, and from their infused pink peach palmer for added energy to a terpene-rich salve to help you recover from sore muscles, True Terpenes’ recipes will give you a small glimpse of what’s possible with the world’s purest terpenes.

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Benefits of Terpenes

Still not convinced you should buy terpene blends or isolates, as opposed to, say, just smoking a blunt and enjoying the terpenes that cannabis is naturally packed full off? Consider this — although the term “terpenes” is, in the grand scheme of things, brand new, terpenes have been a part of folk medicine for millennia.

Anyone can put terpenes to good use, and here’s how:

  • The whole concept of aromatherapy is premised on terpenes, which are responsible for emitting flavor and aroma. Your olfactory response, or sense of smell, plays a powerful role in your overall mood. Even if you’re not particularly into alternative medicine, you may find that citrus essential oils make you feel awake and energetic, while lavender calms you down. This helps explain the popularity of weed bouquets for example. That’s all thanks to terpenes, and True Terpenes makes it easy for consumers to select the mood they’re after. Are you thinking about diffusers? Sure, that’s great, but also consider bath salts and lotions!
  • Because terpenes also affect the flavor of a food — or a drink, or a vape cartridge — you can use terpene blends and isolates to your advantage. Terpenes absolutely affect your mood, but taste matters, too. 
  • Specific terpenes, notably those found in sage, thyme, clove, and of course cannabis, have potent medicinal properties. That’s exactly why those herbs have been staples of medicinal traditions across the world since… well, before recorded history. If you’re a medicinal marijuana user, you can achieve a lot with terpenes, so long as you do your research. 

Terpenes Have an “Entourage Effect” on Your Cannabis High

Whether you’ve been smoking high-THC weed on a medicinal basis or using CBD oils to achieve pain relief or increased appetite, terpenes should have your full attention. That’s because research has found that the addition of terpenes amplifies the effect of cannabis, particularly in the treatment of mood disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety disorders. 

If you’re a recreational marijuana consumer, however, you can still use this entourage effect to your full advantage. Indeed, anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s fully possible to use terpenes to customize your high — to, as True Terpenes’ motto goes, make you feel precisely how you want to feel. 

With the help of terpenes, you don’t just have to choose between Indica and Sativa strains, but you can pick and choose exactly how you want your weed to impact your state of being. True Terpenes might be leading the revolution, but you, too, can be right on the front lines, experimenting with the very best of cannabis.

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Summary

Terpenes are the magic that makes weed exciting. Various combinations of different terpenes produce new and dazzling scents and flavors and the rate at which science is exploring these fantastic compounds is truly astounding. At the forefront of this new industry is True Terpenes because of their innovation, dedication to quality, and apparently relentless pursuit to discover and market all possible terpene formulas imaginable.



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