LĒVO 2: Home Oil Infusion Has Neve Been So Easy

The cannabis industry is still relatively niche. Yes, it is growing at break-neck speeds. Yes, companies are going public and attracting investors. Yes, industry intelligence analysts project continued rapid upward growth and innovation.

This innovation is coming in many forms, from magazines like Broccoli, which marry cannabis and feminism and art in perfect harmony, to inventions like the original PAX vaporizers that revolutionized bud vaping.

Well, today we’re introducing an oil infuser that is so high tech and so sleek you’d mistaken it for some high-end Italian espresso machine.

LEVO automated infusion display panel

Why Buy a “Smart” Infuser Anyways?

With the growing popularity of vaporizing cannabis over smoking it, more and more people are having non-burnt left-overs, most often referred to as ABV, or already been vaped material.

You could throw this out bu that would be a waste. This is because vaporizers (like the ubiquitous PAX) don’t fully heat up and extract all of the THC (converting THC-A into THC) from the plant.

A study done by vaporizer giant Volcano found that even after thoroughly vaping flower with multiple draws the ABV still retained up to 48% of the THC! So if you’ve been throwing your used vape flower in the trash you’ve been throwing away about 48% of your money!

That’s where the LĒVO II (aka LĒVO 2) smart infuser comes into the picture. This machine is pre-programmed to make what used to be a long, tiresome and messy process into a simple push of a button action.

LĒVO II - Herbal Oil and Butter Infusion Machine - Botanical Decarboxylator, Herb...
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What does the LĒVO II infusion machine do?

LĒVO don’t officially market their products as cannabis butter makers, but very few actually do, mostly because of federal laws and the rules of some online retailers and commerce sites that prohibit cannabis related products still.

(Yeah, it’s dumb but it’s just the current state of the industry, one day ideally we can be entirely transparent with how cannabis is marketed and sold around the world.)

But make no mistake about it, the automated LĒVO II dryer, activator and infuser was born to help you maximize your THC extraction and enjoyment.

About the size of a small coffee machine the LĒVO II is an automated appliance that can dry wet herb, heat/activate herb, and infuse it in an oil of your choice, all in one machine.

Normally, the old-school process went something like:

  • Vape your herb to decarb it first (ala vaporizers), or buy a dedicated decarboxylator like the fan-favorite Ardent Nova.
  • Regrind/crush into a finer particulate (most vapes produce dense little bricks that need breaking apart)
  • Put it in a slow cooker with some oil and monitor it for 4-5 hours to make sure it doesn’t get hot OR worse yet, do it on the stove, with butter, stirring constantly for hours.
  • Try to pour the mixture from your big Croc-Pot bowl or stovetop pan into a sieve or cheesecloth
  • Burn your hands trying to squeeze all the oil out of the dense mass
  • Put oil in jar for storing

This process is time consuming, messy, and exhausting. It works, and it IS cheap, but you pay in other ways. An appliance like the LĒVO II does all of those things for you, in one neat little programmable machine, which even has a dedicated mobile app!

Because it can dry, activate/heat and infuse your herb, all in one, the LĒVO is like if a Instapot cooker and PAX had a baby…that’s the LĒVO.LĒVO 2: Home Oil Infusion Has Neve Been So Easy

Don’t let the pedestrian marketing and branding fool you, this is a marijuana lovers dream appliance because it not only simplifies the decarbing and infusion process but it also looks cool!

Key Features

Below are some of the reasons why the LĒVO 2 is really in a league of it’s own (even compared to the original LĒVO) as it etches out an entirely new appliance category for itself..

Kitchen Friendly Sick Design

The LĒVO products, both 1 & 2 are handsome machines. They remind us of Italian made ceramic coated coffee machinery used to make espressos or bright colored Vespa scooters due to the LĒVO’s unique and old-school color options. It looks..um..very Italian…in a good way!

The device is compact, especially considering all of its functionality, and could fit discreetly on anyone’s countertop. With it’s retro-modern design you could have your edibles oil machine sitting out in plain sight and nobody, your friends, coworkers or mom would be the wiser as to what it’s true intent is (getting high af of course!).

Unless you’ve made cannabutter from scratch yourself before then you’d have no idea what it was for, and as an owner you could always claim you just make herb oils 😉

3:1 Functionality: Swiss Army Knife of Edible Cooking

The LĒVO II has three distinct functions; drying of herbs, activating of herbs, and infusing of herbs. If you are a home grower of your own cannabis then the drying function might be particularly useful for you.

Level 2 infuser settings explained

For those who shop at dispensaries instead, the activation process would be great for decarbing your weed if you don’t have any other methods of preference. Then, finally, the infusion is perfect for quickly and CLEANLY mixing up a potent edibles-base oil.

In terms of saving yourself from making a huge mess in your kitchen the LĒVO digital infuser is worth its price in gold.

Oh, and unlike many other cannabis butter machines and equipment, LĒVO is specifically designed for oil, so that makes it a great vegan-friendly option for infusing things like coconut oil, olive oil, vegetable oil, grape seed oil, the list goes on and on..

Pre-Programmed to Infuse: It’s SMART!

In 2023 if you ain’t connected you already outdated. Or at least that’s what we imagine the kids on the streets today saying.

Anyways, everything these days is getting wifi connectivity. Lights, cars, watches, even kitten litter boxes!

Well, connectivity for the LĒVO infuser means a web app and access to various recipes and other smart features. This makes this a true “infusing for dummies” type product that you can set and forget and not worry about as it busily works away producing a potent herb-infused oil for you!

Levo oil infuser

Time Savings & Convenience

Making cannabutter or oil before was a half-day long process, from starting out, grinding your material, decarbing, slow cooking, monitoring.. and then the time of cleaning all of that up.. it takes time, there is no denying that.

With this Swiss army knife of a kitchen appliance you can save hours off a process that easily could stretch for half a day.

Being able to regularly make edibles with your leftover vaped herb means this is a smart money saving investment that you can set and forget. It is also nice that it makes small batches, so you can regularly process your ABV.

edibles meme

Cheaper Than Dispensary Edibles: Economical Factor

You are literally getting three appliances in one with the LĒVO, and if you were to buy all three separate machines it would cost WAY more than what the LĒVO does. This means this product is very economical in that it saves you money up front by consolidating functionality into just one device.

Additionally, with ABV containing up to 48% THC, by making your own edibles with your ABV is a great way to stretch your dollar and get the maximum therapeutic benefit from your herb.

Just think, you can get double the use out of your flower, vaping it once and then using the LĒVO to make an oil for edibles with it. You’re essentially halving your weed costs because you’re getting 200% the use of it.

Then when you factor in the cost of buying edibles at a dispensary, which you can now create for essentially free, the LĒVO starts looking like a device that could easily pay for itself over just a year or two, if not MONTHS depending on how frequently you partake in the devil’s lettuce.

What are the drawbacks?

We’re not going to lie, at $299 retail the LĒVO II is pretty pricey for a process that MOST people can do with the old slow cooker/Crockpot they already own. This author has always done his decarbing in a slow cooker, mostly with MTC oil, and it’s always turned out great.

Sure, it’s a bit messier and you have a few more distinct steps when you do it yourself without a LĒVO but it’s really not that bad.

As such, if you’re on a budget then I’d recommend spending that $299 retail cost on a whole bunch of GREAT flower to smoke and you can also set aside an ounce to use for eddies.

It’s also worth noting that the LĒVO only does 2 cups of infusion at a time, so if you’re cooking for the whole crew then the LĒVO 2 might not be for you, although they make a larger LĒVO C that can do up to a full liter of oil.

Is it worth the money? Our Opinion

We are entering new era in the legal cannabis industry. It’s become normalized to the point where consumers are beginning to show pride in consuming cannabis.

The design of the LĒVO II is something these exact type of people would happily showing off in their homes, right next to their in-home smart grow box and their rechargeable vaporizer they sync to their iPone to dial in optimal temperatures to enjoy their premium bud.

It’s not just a pretty appliance either, this is a fully internet connected smart appliance with it’s own dedicated mobile app.

Companies that embrace the normalization of consumption and reject the dingy basement dwelling stoner culture for a more refined existence will own the future, and we can confidently say we believe LĒVO II (click here to shop) is one of these exact types of companies.

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