Best Premium Quality Cannabis Hand Grinders

Are you in the market for a new cannabis hand grinder, and are you not satisfied with “just any old grinder”? Do you want the best of the best? You’re in the right place. Read on to find out what to look for if you want a premium grinder — or just choose from among our top picks.

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What Do You Need a Cannabis Grinder for, Anyway?

Both old-school stoners and complete weed noobs may ask this question — cannabis novices because they’re just not sure yet, and old hippies because they’re used to breaking their weed up manually, with their hands or a good old pair of sharp scissors

There’s no need to fumble around and risk losing weed, including its very best parts, anymore. An abundance of truly excellent cannabis hand grinders designed with 21st Century cannabis consumers in mind has graced the market, and they’re there to take your smoking, vaping, dabbing, or edibles experience to the next level (and then some). 

With a premium cannabis hand grinder, you can expect:

  • A tool that will help you get your cannabis smoke-ready in no time.
  • A clean, smooth, burn in your bowl or joint — enjoy good weed like you never have before.
  • Even heat distribution across trichomes, for a better high. 
  • Evenly ground weed to a consistency that’s just right, with the same predictable results every single time.
  • Increased density, as you can fit more cannabis into your bowl if it’s finely ground. It all serves the same ultimate purpose — a wonderful and enjoyable high.
  • Are you a vaper? A good cannabis hand grinder will allow you to achieve thicker vapor that delivers more active compounds straight to a set of lungs near you!
  • Using a top-quality cannabis hand grinder makes it much easier for you to “harvest” the kief; that sticky, yellowy, resin that offers you the best of cannabis.

Your local legal dispensary won’t be selling preground weed, unless it’s in the form of “hot off the press” pre-prepared joints, for the simple reason that you need to grind your weed just before you’re planning on using it. This preserves freshness and allows you to have a smooth and pleasurable experience, whether you’re smoking, eating, or vaping your weed. 

>If you ARE that dispensary and you’re looking for larger, industrial-grade commercial cannabis shredder machines we’ve got you covered too!

That basically means that if you use weed, you have no choice but to prepare it yourself — something you can do by breaking it up by hand, and perhaps with some scissors, or by turning to an expertly-manufactured, top-class, cannabis hand grinder. (OK, we’ll admit that some people use coffee grinders with varying results, but let’s leave that out of the story for now.)

Which is better? You might be surprised to hear that the debate hasn’t been settled yet. Within the cannabis community, there are certainly stoners who actively prefer to break their cannabis up by hand.

Some stoners tend to argue that using a cannabis hand grinder doesn’t improve the experience or the total THC count in their product, and that breaking their cannabis up is a little ritual that they really enjoy. This guide is not for them. If you’re interested in a grinder, though, you may need a little help as you choose which one’s the best for you.

Santa Cruz Shredder review

5 Key Features to Look for When Shopping for a Cannabis Hand Grinder

Once you begin shopping for a weed grinder, you’ll soon find out that there’s an ocean of options. You’ll have to narrow them down, and you’ll want to “weed out” the grinders that don’t offer you the best quality. Here’s what to look for in a cannabis hand grinder.

1) How Many Chambers Do You Want?

Many excellent basic cannabis grinders feature two chambers, and these workhorse grinders will do the job they’re meant to. If you want to expand your horizons and turn grinding your weed into a precision sport, however, you may want to invest in a multi-chamber grinder with three, four, or even five chambers. The more chambers, the more you can do. However, these grinders are also slightly more complex in design.

2) What Kind of Teeth Does the Grinder Have?

Grinders are designed to feature different configurations of teeth (blades, if you like), possess varying amounts of teeth, and the shape of the teeth also varies from one grinder to the next. While more teeth far from guarantee a smoother end product, you will want a cannabis grinder with well-placed and well-shaped teeth.

3) What Material Do You Want?

Cannabis grinders can be made of wood, metal, or acrylic. That’s easy to forget in a world dominated by aluminum and other metal cannabis grinders, which have risen in popularity because they’re so durable, easy to clean, and often offer many chambers. 

Acrylic grinders tend to be on the more affordable side, but you sacrifice longevity. Wooden grinders are mostly novelty items people buy for their beautiful craftsmanship — because they’ll only have a single chamber, you miss out on the opportunity to collect that kief. We highly recommend spending a bit more on a quality all-metal piece.

4) Look for a Cannabis Grinder with a Good Grip

A good grip will make it easier for you to grind your weed. If you’re buying a weed grinder online, you won’t have the chance to road-test your final choice, unfortunately. That’s where relying on reviews makes all the difference; be on the lookout for reviews that warn you that a grinder offers a poor grip, which forces you to work that much harder.

5) How Much Are You Willing to Spend on Your Cannabis Grinder?

Set a budget in advance, but do keep in mind that the more you spend, the happier you’re likely to be with your cannabis going forward — basically, if you wouldn’t opt for a cheaper haircut just to save a little cash, apply that same principle to buying a weed grinder. You can get a basic grinder for as little as $20, or you can spend over $100.

Top Cannabis Hand Grinders of 2023

Ready to go shopping? You’re in for a treat — although new and exciting weed grinders emerge all the time, here’s the best the market’s got to offer in 2023. 

Santa Cruz Shredders

1. Santa Cruz Shredder

Renowned for its beautiful tooth design and durability, Santa Cruz Shredder cannabis grinders are the cream of the crop — and they’ll make sure to deliver your weed to you in perfect condition every time. You have a lot of options — Santa Cruz Shredder makes two, three, and four piece aluminum weed grinders in a variety of sizes and colors. 

If you’re just looking for a quick solution (maybe you’re hoping to buy a gift for a friend), you can’t go wrong with the medium three-piece Santa Cruz Shredder. Your life will never be dull with all the cannabis you can grind to maximum fluff in these nifty tools, and your shredder will last you forever. At just under $18, this grinder is a steal.

HOJ KLIP grinder


In case you were wondering, that’s pronounced “hoi”, and it means “high”. Founded by a Dane, HØJ swears that it follows “form follows function” principles, which essentially means that the design is, at every step, meant to bolster the function of their stylish range of cannabis accessories. You’d never guess that to be the case by looking at them, because each of HØJ’s products is so stunning that it would look perfectly in place in some sort of modern design museum. 

Looking for a premium cannabis hand grinder in 2023? Choose the Klip Mini, which features strong magnets and is made with top-of-the-range anodized aluminum, if you don’t mind splurging. This grinder costs $120, and it’ll never let you down. Not only is this grinder super easy to clean, it’s also among the most powerful cannabis hand grinders on the market today.

Papers + Ink grinders

3. Papers + Ink

Papers + Ink offers a variety of medium-budget cannabis grinders, and the one we’d like to highlight here is the Papers + Ink matte black herbal grinder. Visually resembling a camera lens, the classic black will never get old. 

This premium cannabis grinder features four chambers and top-quality diamond teeth, in a durable industrial alloy. Its magnetic top has a unique concave design. Though this grinder wouldn’t look out of place even in the dullest of office settings, consumers are sure to appreciate it’s timeless beauty. You can choose from two sizes — small for on the road, and big for at home. Depending on the size you pick, this cannabis grinder will set you back $35 to $49.

Zam modular pocket grinder

4. Zam Modular Pocket Grinder

Zam Grinders has enriched the modern weed grinder market with a range of designs, all based on a philosophy of maximized functionality and portability. Its 14 extra-long teeth allow you to reach a medium-fine product consistency effortlessly. The Zam Modular Pocket Grinder will transform your smoking experience on the go, as you don’t just grind your marijuana but also store it.

Ready to enjoy your weed? Thanks to the portable debowler the Zam Modular Pocket Grinder offers, that’ll be especially easy for vapers. This grinder can be yours for just $45.

Magic Flight finishing grinder

5. Magic-Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder

If you’re after a simple but beautiful and artisanally-made wooden cannabis grinder, the Magic-Flight Launch Box Finishing Grinder is a great choice for you. This weed grinder is available in a light maple,  medium walnut, or dark cherry wood, and works — according to the manufacturer itself — similarly to a cheese grater. This all-natural grinder is perfect for organic lovers of natural materials.

Magic-Flight’s handmade grinder makes for a wonderful gift, but it’ll also serve you well if you’re hitting the road and you just want a tiny but reliable grinder for your stash. At just $35, it’s a great choice for budget-minded consumers as well.

Flower Mill premium edition grinder

6. Premium Edition Flower Mill

Flower Mill’s top-of-the-range cannabis grinders come with a premium price tag, starting at $75 for their standard three-piece grinders and $100 for their premium edition cannabis grinders. Premium Edition Flower Mill Grinders aren’t just a pretty picture — they also feature a unique rotor design that carefully crumbles the herb, rather than cutting or grinding it. 

This, Flower Mill says, leads to an unusually smooth user experience. With a stainless steel milling chamber, this manufacturer also places consumer safety at the top of their priority list. 

Kannastor GR8TR grinder

7. Kannastör GR8TR Jar Body Grinder

Kannastör markets its GR8TR grinders as the most advanced in the world, and it’s easy to see why. These grinders offer a high-quality modular design, and you can pick between two graters that will grind your product to a medium or fine consistency, depending on your aims. Rather than going for fewer larger teeth, these grinders offer a multitude of microteeth for a smooth experience.

The Jar Body Grinder is supremely easy to the eye, and you can always customize it to meet your unique needs. Are you about to take off for the day, and you don’t want to leave your stash behind? No problem! You can turn your Kannastör GR8TR weed grinder into a storage container without any effort. 

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How Do You Use a Cannabis Grinder?

Once your new toy has arrived, you’ll want to know how to use it, too. 

As we’ve seen, an amazing variety of cannabis grinders, each with unique designs and features, is on the market now. Your new grinder will ship with an instruction manual. We know you’re excited to put it to the test, but read it. Your experience will be that much better. 

In general, however, using a grinder is easy. Here’s how:

  • Place your marijuana into the grinder. If you’re using a smaller cannabis hand grinder, you may have to break your product down manually first.  Put the lid back on.
  • Get grinding. At first, you’ll feel some resistance, but rotating the grinder will become easier and easier. That’s a sign that you’re done, and your weed is ready to enjoy.
  • Gently tap the lid and shake the grinder to ease your ready-to-use cannabis off the lid. Open your grinder. Collect the kief, and the rest of your weed.
  • Get high.
  • Rinse and repeat. 
  • Clean your cannabis grinder once in a while. You don’t have to do this after every use, but you do have to do it. Most weed grinders can be cleaned easily with isopropyl alcohol , but consult the instruction manual before you get to work.
HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Summary

A grinder is an essential piece of canna-culture equipment that will be used thousands of times over so investing in something that is solidly constructed and is aesthetically pleasing to you is critical. We like to compare grinders to fine watches or every-day-carry knives; these are products used so frequently and so depended upon that quality is of utmost importance.

Also, word to the wise, if you’re on the fence in terms of size, always go with the bigger option. You can always grinder smaller buds in a larger grinder but grinding large amounts of buds in a small grinder is just a can of worms type of mess.

So, what grinder do you use? Any brands or models that are worth noting that we forgot to include in our roundup? Let us all know in the comments!

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