Puffco Peak Smart Dab Rig Review

In recent years, concentrates have become increasingly popular among the ever-growing community of cannabis users, and for good reason: concentrates offer numerous benefits over bud. Among those benefits include a higher terpene content, a smoother and cleaner hits, no odor, increased potency, and a more powerful high. 

There are a lot of different ways that you can consume concentrates (also referred to as “dabs”), and there’s one method that has been getting a lot of attention as of late, and that’s the eRig. The increased popularity of eRigs is that they are super-easy to use, and in turn, they make using concentrates a more enjoyable experience.

Given the increased popularity of eRigs, there are lots of different models from different manufacturers to choose from. Of all of those options, there’s one that, according to many dabbers, stands out the most, and that’s Puffco Peak. 

Puffco Peak includes

Whether you’re new to dabbing or it’s been your preferred method of marijuana consumption for a while, the Puffco Peak eRig is an option that you might be considering. Like many other people who are interested in using Puffco Peak, however, there’s just one problem that you may find: the cost.

We aren’t going to lie; the price tag of Puffco Peak is definitely on a bit steep, but is it worth the investment? We’re glad you asked! We took the time to do a deep dive into this eRig to determine if, in fact, it is a worthwhile investment. Keep on reading to see what we determined. 

The Story Behind the Makers of Puffco Peak 

First, let’s explore story’s backstory. According to their website, this manufacturer of cannabis concentrate vaporizers is dedicated to providing the “cleanest, most potent, and flavorful consumption experience with no learning curve.” They aim to achieve that goal by creating truly unique, state-of-the-art vaporizers that feature innovative designs.

Unlike other vaporizers, they never use glues, chemicals, or fibers, which makes for a super-smooth, healthier, and more flavorful experience. It’s because of their innovative designs, the clean production, the ease of use, and the fantastic effects of Puffco Peak’s products that they’re one of the most highly rewarded makers of dab eRigs. 

The Puffco story starts back in 2013, when Roger Volodarsky, the CEO of the company, decided that he wanted to have a better experience with vaporizers than what the standard in the industry, at the time, was providing, so he set out to achieve his mission by combining design, technology, and engineering to create a truly innovative product.

Out of the joining together of these three disciplines, Puffco was born. Since then, Roger and his team have been committed to providing the best quality platform for the consumption of cannabis concentrates. 

Moving forward, Roger and his team decided that they didn’t want to stop there. They didn’t want to settle for the best, they wanted to take things even further and go where no other eRig has ever gone before. Why? Well, their thinking was that because concentrates like wax and budder for example, are comprised of the best parts of the cannabis plant, and they wanted to develop the most perfect platform for cannabis concentrate consumption to maximize their flavor, potency, and healthfulness.

live cannabis extract

The team behind Puffo Peak realized that if they wanted to achieve their goal, they were going to have to do it themselves; they couldn’t rely on third-parties. To that end, they hired a team of extremely talented, highly experienced in-house team of designers and engineers who were as committed as Roger and his crew were to unlocking the full power of concentrates.

This strategy is in direct contrast to most other eRig manufacturers in the industry, who print their eye-catching logos onto stickers, and then slap those stickers onto thoughtlessly designed and poorly crafted products that were made in factories who knows where, and are created for the sole sake of turning a profit. 

Prior to Puffco, the vast majority of vaporizers used wicks that were made of fibrous materials that created a burnt taste, and that used toxic byproduct-producing glues or coils to hold the bowl in place, and/or that featured plastic components in the air path.

Their idea was novel: smoking pure concentrates, not concentrates mixed with the components that the pen is made of. They also had the ingenious idea of adding the first-ever temperature control to their vaporizer pens, making it possible to further dial in the experience. The result? A cleaner, safer, healthier, and more flavorful experience. 

To summarize, Puffco is constantly striving to achieving concentrate consumption perfection. The Puffco team never settles for anything less than the best, and they don’t think that you should, either; rather, they strive for excellence. They’re so confident in the quality of their eRigs that they back it up by guaranteeing if you find that your experience isn’t exceptional, they will go the extra mile to set things right and make sure that it is. 

using a Puffco Peak dab rig

Puffco Peak vs. Peak Pro vs. Puffco Plus?

Puffco makes a large selection of vaporizer tools that, as mentioned above, are specially designed to maximize the enjoyment of cannabis concentrates. All of their products are thoughtfully designed made, and are intended to make dab use more flavorful, potent, smoother, healthier, and just all around better. Their top-of-the-line products feature state-of-the-art technologies that really put them a cut above pretty much all other products that are designed for cannabis concentrate use. 

The following are some of the premium products that Puffco offers: 

  • The Peak. The Peak was designed to unleash the magic of concentrates so that users can experience the clearest expression of the flavor, potency, and the effects of the cannabis that the dabs are derived from. Thanks to the design, you’ll be able to enjoy a simple, efficient, and truly enjoyable experience. 
  • The Peak Pro. According to the description on the Puffco website, the Peak Pro “represents a new standard for concentrate consumption technologies”. They claim that for novice dab users, it provides the easiest and most efficient way to experience the delightfulness of concentrates. For dab connoisseurs, the Peak Pro offers provides the highest degree of control so that users can dial in to the specific experience that they want to achieve, creating a truly personalized experience for each dabber. 
  • The Puffco Plus. Of the myriad of vape pens on the market (and there really are tons of them), the Puffco Plus is the most awarded. That’s because it is so easy to use and it provides the most flavorful experience, and it truly highlights the potency of the concentrates that are smoked from it. The mouthpiece of the Puffco Plus features an all-in-one loading device, a splash guard, and a carb cap. The dart can be easily extended with just the push of a button; simply press down on the silicone top, and you’ll be able to scoop  your concentrates with ease. For premium-quality concentrates, the Puffco Plus really is the best mobile vaporizer you’ll ever find. 
  • Accessories. In addition to their three vaporizer devices, Puffco also makes an assortment of tools that are designed to accent, simplify, and enhance the dabbing experience. The following are just some of the accessories that the company offers: 
    • Peak Pro 3D Chamber. 
    • Peak Pro Chamber
    • The Puffco Hot Knife
    • The Puffco Travel Glass
    • The Puffco Colored Travel Glass
    • The Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass 2.0
    • The Ryan Fitt Recycler Glass
    • The Unicorn Opal Glass
    • The Peak Pro Colored Glass
    • The Peak Pro Glass
    • The Peak Pro Ball Cap
    • The Peak Pro Colored Ball Cap
    • The Peak Pro Power Dock 
    • The Peak Pro Power Dock Opal
    • The Puffco Journey Bag
    • The Peak Bag
    • The Chamber Jacket and Tether
    • The Peak Pro Travel Pack
    • The Oculus Carb Cap
    • The Peak Glass Stand
    • The Puffco Dual Tool
    • The Peak Pro Loading Tool
Ryan Fitt recycler glass 2.0

Puffco’s Featured Product: The Peak Smart Rig

While all of the devices that Puffco makes are of stellar quality, without a doubt, the Peak Smart Rig is the manufacturer’s featured product. A smart dab rig, the Puffco Peak has really revolutionized the dabbing experience. This electronic dab rig isn’t intimidating (unlike other models from other manufacturers) and it’s really quite intuitive to use. 

Let’s take a closer look at the revolutionary Puffco Peak vaporizer. 

Puffco Peak Overview

When you check out the Puffco Peak, one of the first things that you’re probably going to realize is the price. While it is true that it is pretty pricy, especially when compared to other dab rigs of similar size, in our honest opinion – and the opinion of so many other avid users – the high price really is worth the investment. It’s electronic, completely torch-free, and it’s equipped with smart settings. While we agree that the cost can be a bit off-putting; however, the price tag really is the only thing about the Puffco Plus rig that is difficult to swallow. 

The following is a brief overview of Puffco’s Peak vaporizer. 

  • Simple operation. The Puffco Plus is, without a doubt, one of the easiest dab vaporizers you’ll ever use. It’s outfitted with the most state-of-the-art technologies that makes operation so easy that it cycles through the heat settings with just the push of a button. The wrap-around design of the LED display is so conveniently placed, and makes seeing what heat settings the device is on a breeze. 
  • Smart temp settings. The Puffco Peak is equipped with three pre-calibrated temperature settings, all of which are ideal for vaporizing concentrates. There’s even an app that you can use to adjust the heat to your desired setting. There’s a boost mode, too, which increases the temp, which is ideal for passing the vaporizer around your cipher or for making sure that you get a full final hit. 
  • Long-lasting battery life. The Peak is outfitted with a powerful battery that, unless you plan on using it non-stop, should allow you to get in several sessions per day on a single charge. For average use, you should really only need to charge up the batter every other day, when it’s fully charged, and it takes only about 2 hours to get the battery back up to a full charge. 

Puffco Peak Functionality Explained

The Puffco Peak is so super functional that it’s really just mind-blowing. There are two ways that the eRig can be loaded: it can be loaded like a standard dab rig, meaning you  can heat up the atomizer and then drop a dab into the chamber, or you can preload a dab, turn it on, and take a hit when it reaches the desired temperature. Whichever way you choose, it will work great; however, our editorial team reported that they preferred the traditional method. 

When the dab rig has reached the temperature setting you have selected, the LED indicator light will illuminate and the device will vibrate, alerting you that it’s ready to take a pull. Then just put your mouth on the mouthpiece, take a slow drag, and your taste buds will be flooded with the delightfully mouthwatering flavor of your terpene packed dab.

Taking a hit from the Puffco Peak feels really natural. The cone percolation is superb, and there is minimal drag. The percolator doesn’t require a lot of water; however, we should point out that emptying out any extra water is a bit of a nuisance if it gets into the lower chamber, so do exercise caution and add little bits of water at a time until you achieve filtration. 

colored Puffco bowls

Puffco Peak Pros

There are lots of good things about the Puffco Peak. According to our editorial team, the most notable pros include the following: 

  • It’s so easy to use. Really. We aren’t kidding. Everyone from first-time dabbers to long-time concentrate consumers will love it’s simple operation. 
  • It’s super durable and can withstand wear-and-tear and falls with ease (we don’t recommend dropping it, of course). 
  • The compact size makes it really travel-friendly. Pop it in a bag, a briefcase, a backpack, or a pocket, and take it with you wherever you go!

Peak Cons

There are a few downsides, too: 

  • It can be tricky to clean. 
  • The app is kind of challenging to use. 
  • It isn’t ideal for big dabs
  • The price tag is pretty hefty
HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Final Thoughts

Overall, we highly recommend the Puffco Peak – and honestly, any other product by Puffco. Thoughtfully designed, exceptionally well-made, and I delivers insanely tasty, potent, smooth, and enjoyable cannabis concentrates. Despite the high price tag and the handful of other cons, we highly recommend, they’re legit top dog of the market.

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