RSO: What Is It, How to Make It, and How to Use It

Just imagine it — you find not just one, but a total of three, irregular and scary bumps on your skin. You know something’s not quite right, but your agenda is full and you’re, frankly, more than a little freaked out.

After dragging yourself to the doctor and hoping, with everything you’ve got, that the biopsy will reveal you were worried about nothing, you discover you’ve got skin cancer. Basal cell carcinoma. 

Most people would probably despair. Then again, Rick Simpson isn’t most people. Now a famous Canadian medical cannabis activist, Rick was just a guy with cancer who read all the studies he could when he got his diagnosis back in 2003.

Having relied on marijuana to nurture his wellbeing before, Rick immediately got to work when he read a scientific study that revealed THC could kill cancer cells in rodent models

*Spoiler alert: Rick Simpson’s efforts were a success!

That’s the story of how Rick Simpson Oil — or just plain “RSO” in the community — came to be. What is it, though, and how can you benefit from it?

RSO in syringe

What Is Rick Simpson Oil?

Rick Simpson Oil is a full extract cannabis oil. RSO is typically made with Cannabis Indica buds, though other strains can be successful as well, which are immersed in solvents like grain alcohol or ethanol.

After heating the mixture, the resulting RSO is a potent cannabis oil with a high percentage of THC. From that point, patients may ingest Rick Simpson Oil orally. They may also, as Rick himself did, apply it topically onto their skin in order to treat various medical conditions. 

Rick Simpson became famous as a cannabis activist not because he is selling the formula he worked on, but because he has widely shared information about how to create it yourself — no matter which strain of cannabis you may have access to.

In its original form, Rick Simpson Oil culminates in an oil with a THC content of 600 milligrams, but diverse strains of the cannabis plant can be used to create a similar medicinal solution. 

Unsure of how much THC your cannabis product contains or just want to double check for safeties sake? There are some great home THC test kits you can use to verify percentages before you take off into space.

How to Use RSO and Benefits Explained?

Cannabis activist Rick Simpson developed Rick Simpson Oil in an effort to treat the problem he was facing at the time — skin cancer. The THC concentrate’s use has become most well-known in exactly this context.

Besides the treatment of skin cancer and relief from the side effects of cancer treatment (specifically chemotherapy), however, RSO has become famous for other reasons, too. 

Today, people experiment with Rick Simpson Oil to manage and treat a variety of medical conditions. They include (but are not limited to, as the uses of medical marijuana expand with new research all the time):

  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Asthma
  • HIV
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Mental disorders such as clinical depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorders
  • Tremors related to Parkinson’s disease

As research into the benefits of medicinal cannabis, and THC in particular, increasingly unfolds, it is becoming clear that marijuana has a wide variety of medical applications. As a strong THC concentrate, Rick Simpson Oil has a potent place in this picture.

rick simpson oil diy

How to Make Rick Simpson Oil: A DIY Guide

Some people would have capitalized on such an important discovery, but not Rick Simpson. The prominent cannabis revolutionary made the instructions on how to create RSO from scratch widely known.

Thanks to Rick Simpson, you, too, can make this THC concentrate from scratch. All you need is the right ingredients, and whether cannabis is now legalized in your region for recreational use or only made available to medicinal users, you are extremely likely to be able to get everything you need easily:

  • 1 lbs of (preferably) Cannabis Indica.
  • 2 gallons of solvent; either wood grain alcohol or 99% isopropyl alcohol.
  • A five-gallon bucket, a wooden spoon, a large bowl, and cheesecloth — all ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen.
  • A rice cooker. (If you don’t have one yet or want a dedicated rice cooker, they’re available very cheaply). 
  • A 60mL plastic catheter-tip syringe. 

Ready to get cooking?

  1. Start with your cannabis buds. Add them to your bucket, and while slowly crushing the buds, mix in your solvent. Stir for three minutes, and then drain your solvent into the large bowl with the help of the cheesecloth.
  2. Add a fresh batch of solvent and mix it for another three minutes. Siphon the solvent again, leaving the cannabis plant behind. You should end up with a dark and thick mixture. 
  3. You can now transfer it to your rice cooker, which should maintain a low and constant temperature between 210 and 230°F. Once it evaporates, you’re left with a thick concentrate which you can immediately syringe to start dosing.

RSO Syringes: What Are They?

Traditionally, a 60mL plastic catheter-tip syringe is used for easy dosing. This applicator merely tells you what dose to use, and does not contain a needle. Patients can use RSO syringes topically or orally.

If you use Cannabis Indica, one RSO syringe will feature around 600 mg of THC. Keeping your concentrate in this manner offers the additional benefit of extending its shelf life.

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How Is Rick Simpson Oil Dosed? 

The typical RSO regimen assumes that patients will consume 60 grams of Rick Simpson Oil in 90 days, and it follows this pattern:

  • Consume one dose three times per day in the first week.
  • Double the dose every four days after that, until you get to 1 gram of RSO per day.
  • Complete the course. 

How Safe Is Rick Simpson Oil?

So long as you are approved for a medical cannabis prescription, and your doctor agrees, RSO is safe when used as directed — orally or topically. Some people cook with Rick Simpson Oil, and that too can offer the same medicinal benefits.

The most common side effects of following an RSO regimen include fatigue and feeling high, the latter of which can be pleasant. As the effects kick in, desired effects should show up, namely the alleviation of your symptoms. Regardless of your experiences, make sure to follow up with your doctor!

The effects of medical cannabis continue to be studied, with promising results, but you want to make sure that you are on the right track throughout your treatment regimen!

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