Rosinbomb: An Overview of the Innovative Rosin Press Manufacturer

A family-owned and operated machinery creation, American-based business, Rosinbomb has changed the way that manufacturers and sellers of cannabis-based products, as well as everyday consumers, make and access their products.

The company offers an innovative line of rosin presses that are outfitted with the most advanced technologies that are specially designed to efficiently extract cannabis concentrates.

Whether you make cannabis products for business or for pleasure, if you’re looking for an easier way to make premium-quality items, you should really consider Rosinbomb’s rosin presses. Interested in learning more? Read on to learn more about this innovative company and the premium-quality products they offer.

Rosinbomb: An Overview of the Innovative Rosin Press Manufacturer

Rosinbomb: A Brief History

Rosinbomb is a family-owned and operated business (under the company name Maverick Technology Solutions) that has decades of experience creating advanced machinery. They family’s passion for innovation and desire to create organic, healthy products lead to the creation of Rosinbomb.

The founder of the company, Ryan Mayer, developed the one of the world’s most advanced, powerful electronic rosin presses that is capable of processing the highest yield. While the company has really changed the shape of the industry, they continue to learn, evolve, and make new, improved, and advanced products.

The Rosinbomb line of presses are the highest quality presses on the market today. Constructed of high-grade stainless steel and made with superior technologies, their completely electric, patent-pending technology drives more an impressive amount of pressure that exceeds 5,000 pounds, and it’s that pressure that allows their presses to deliver the highest yield possible.

Committed to delivering premium-quality and highly innovative products, Rosinbomb is constantly focused on research and development so that they can always improve their products and offer the highest quality presses possible. Their goal is to offer the most advanced tools and accessories so that professionals and consumers alike can make the purest concentrates possible.

There are a wide variety of rosin presses available out there to suit all kinds of applications, from home growers and extractors to full-blown bulk machines capable of extracting enough material to supply a whole country with product. Rosinbomb is one of the leaders of this space, for their durability, reliability, and ease of use.

If however these presses are too big or too small for what you’re looking to do, then we highly recommend you check out our complete list of rosin presses to help find something perfect for you.

Rosinbomb Product Lineup

Rosinbomb offers two high-grade rosin presses, both presses can be bought as is or in a bundle setup that includes all the necessary accessories to get pressing immediately. Their lineup includes:

Rosinbomb: An Overview of the Innovative Rosin Press Manufacturer

The Rosinbomb Rocket

The company’s entry-level rosin press, the Rocket is a compact machine that’s small enough to fit inside a standard-sized backpack and only weighs 13 pounds, which makes it very easy to transport so that you can use it wherever you’d like to. While the design may be compact and lightweight, that doesn’t mean that the Rocket lacks power.

Rosinbomb incorporated the most innovative technologies into their backpack-sized rosin press so that it deliver an impressive 1,500 pounds of force and can yield the highest quality concentrates.

All components are electrical, so you won’t have to deal with any air compressors or manual pumps; plus, it allows for whisper-quiet operation. With the Rosinbomb Rocket, you’ll be able to make the freshest, cleanest extracts possible.

  • Key Features
    • Made in the USA from 100 percent solid stainless steel
    • 10 inches tall
    • 13 pound weight
    • Delivers more than 1,500 pounds of force
    • Can crush up to 5 grams of material all at once (though product density will impact the crushing capabilities)
    • Fully electric
    • Easy to operate
    • Virtually noise-free
    • Use 3 amps of power at full pressure

Best Value: The Rosinbomb Rocket Bundle

With the Rosinbomb Rocket Bundle, you’ll not only receive the compact, highly advanced, rosin press, but you’ll also receive the Rosinbomb Hit Kit, which includes:

  • A locking childproof, smell proof bag
  • A Rosinbomb Dab Rig
  • A refillable Rosinbomb signature torch
  • 2 silicon storage jars
  • A silicon mat
  • A silicon and stainless steel nectar collector
  • A dabber tool

If you are a startup or just beginning your extracts business we highly recommend considering the bundles because you will inevitably need to buy the tools, bags, and collectors and so getting them bundled helps you save money up front.

If you are already operating an extraction business then the rosin press itself without the kit is the more appropriate option as you’re simply looking to scale.

Rosinbomb: An Overview of the Innovative Rosin Press Manufacturer

Rosinbomb M60

The Rosinbomb M60 is the future of solventless rosin production. Outfitted with patent-pending Flow Channel Technology, which allows for continuous pressing, the M60 really has changed the shape of producing rosin without the use of solvents.

This beast features conversion plates, which allow you to choose your ideal pressing method; you can opt for the single-action press when you need to make a test batch, or when you want to ramp up your production, you can switch to the Flow Channel diamond-hard coated press plates or the continuous flow collection plates.

The fully electric design of the M60 means that it’s ready to use right out of the box. Measuring 17 inches and weighing 60 pounds, the Rosinbomb M-60 is larger than the Rocket, though it’s still compact, and it can deliver an incredible 6,000 pounds of force and press up to 15 grams of material per press. With each press, you’ll get a yield of up to 20 percent.  

Like the Rosinbomb Rocket, the M60 doesn’t require any noisy air compressors or manual cranks, and setting it up is a breeze, and considering the power that it delivers, the footprint is still relatively small, so it can be used virtually anywhere.

  • Key Features     
    • Made in the USA and constructed of solid stainless steel
    • Each press delivers up to 6,000 pounds of force
    • Capable of crushing up to 15 grams of material per press (again, this depends on the density of your material)
    • Doesn’t require compressors, hydraulics, or separate electrical pumps or hand cranks
    • Features solid state/ UL components
    • Delivers rapid press production on a continuous basis, so there’s no need to stop and scrape
    • Features Continuous Flow Channel Technology, so it delivers non-stop flow, self-gathering that collects in a non-stick FDA food-grade tray
M60 rosin yield

Rosinbomb M60 Bundle

If you’re really serious about making your own extracts, consider the Rosinbomb M60 Bundle. You’ll not only receive the fully electric M60 rosin press, which delivers up to 6,000 pounds of pressure with each press, but you’ll also receive the following:

  • Dab tools
  • 2 silicone storage jars
  • A silicon mat
  • A silicon and stainless steel nectar collector
  • A Rosinbomb lighter-refillable windproof butane matte black lighter

Final Verdict

There may be a lot of rosin presses on the market, but none of them can compare to the Rosinbomb line of products. The company has spent decades researching and developing the most advanced machinery, and that dedication has allowed them to produce two of the most plug-and-play, easy to use, high-yielding rosin presses: the Rocket and the M60.

Rosinbomb: An Overview of the Innovative Rosin Press Manufacturer

Which Press Is Right For Me?

If you are a hobbyist or just producing extracts locally, as in, distributing to just one or two small-medium sized cities then you should be just fine starting out with the Rocket. If however you’re in a large tier-1 city or looking to just process more plant material, then the M60 is more appropriate for you.

In terms of bundles, it’s really quite simple. If you are just starting out from scratch, get the bundle. You’ll need all the equipment that is included in the bundle to get started, think of it as a toy that comes shipped with batteries.

If however you’ve been pressing and extracting for a while, but you just want to upgrade to a better press, then you probably have most of the complimentary supplies included in the bundles in which case you’d be better off just buying the press itself.

nugsmasher vs rosinbomb

Rosinbomb vs Nugsmasher

When talking about Rosinbomb we’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention Nugsmasher and Pure Pressure as these are the three leading press manufacturers of today and many people considering one will also consider doing some comparison shopping against the others.

The advantages of Nugsmasher is they have slightly more variance in their product offering, with over 6 different presses, from tiny to enormous. Rosinbomb has two main sizes, with the smaller being the Rocket or “Tommy Chong Rocket”, both of which are larger than Nugsmasher’s smallest offering in Nugsmasher Mini.

So, if you are growing tiny volumes, then both would do although the Rosinbomb would give you more room to grow/press more material. That said, Nugsmasher has some really cool interface features of their own. Once you determine your yields and personal/business goals that will help narrow down things greatly based off required specifications.

If you already are familiar with one brand over the other we recommend sticking with what you, your employees, and your technicians are familiar with as learning the nuances’ of different presses, software, and interfaces only means more training and time taken away from what matters, which is extraction.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to the most advanced technologies and will be able to successfully produce perfect and organic yields for your concentrates. Rosinbomb is an excellent local company that is creating American jobs and helping propel the cannabis and extracts industry to new heights, and for that we applaud them.

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