Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide

First there was medical marijuana, then there was recreational marijuana, igniting a massive wave of new and exciting flower strains.

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Then came even stronger strains, then came concentrates and edibles, and now we find ourselves in a dazzling world of shatter, waxes and boutique live rosins.

Rosin is extracted from cannabis via heat and high pressures, more pressure than can be had via manpower. Thus, hydraulic or electric rosin press machines are required to produce high enough force to extract rosin, or live rosin if you are able to pre-freeze your cannabis.

But before we get into the best-selling rosin press machines themselves (from hand-powered manual options to pneumatic to electric) let’s dig a little bit more into how this process works.

nugsmasher rosin

Mechanical Rosin Extraction Explained

The concept of extracting rosin is quite simple. Two heated plates are pressed on both sides of the desired starting material (which is enclosed in parchment paper or rosin pouches) at high pressure.

The heat from the plates loosens the resinous glands, or trichomes, that contains all of the plant’s cannabinoids while the pressure effectively squeezes it from the flower. This basic process is the foundation for rosin presses and the technology that makes them run.

Since rosin is produced without the use of solvents, which can change the flavor and finished product, it’s preferred by users who don’t want any chance of having lingering, man-made chemicals in their concentrates.

The very best rosin, referred to as “live rosin” is pressed from plants that are freshly harvested, thereby maximizing the integrity of the cannabinoids and terpene compounds which collectively as an “entourage effect” help create a superior high when compared to more harsh extraction processes.

entourage effect cannabis

This extraction technique has been used by other industries for thousands of years. Imagine squeezing the oil out of olive or the juice from a grape. The rosin process presses the starting material until it produces a potent, solventless concentrate.

How Do Most Rosin Press Machines Work?

Temperature plays a big role in determining the quality and yield and the ideal temperature is heavily dependent on the chemical makeup of the cannabis used.

If your flowers, dry sift, or hash is terpene-rich, a lower temperature is needed. This is because the terpenes squeezed out of the trichome glands during the initial press act as a natural solvent to facilitate the rosin process.

With fewer terpenes to play that role, you’ll need more pressure and heat to coax the cannabinoids out of the glands.

sasquash rosin presses

You may think that more heat will result in larger yields. This is not true! Using too much heat will burn off terpenes and other compounds that make rosin so sought after. You should stick to lower heat.

For flower: 220°F – 240°F for about 30 – 45 seconds

For dry sift/kief/hash: 180°F – 210°F for 45 – 90 seconds

As soon as you finish your press, remove rosin from the plates as fast as possible. This will minimize any degradation of compounds like CBD and terpenes.

How Much Pressure Do You Need to Press Rosin?

The pressure needed will depend on the temps you use, but, also on what you’re pressing. Flower needs more pressure, somewhere between 600-1000 PSI. Dry sift/kief or hash will require less pressure because it is more concentrated. You should shoot for between 300-800 PSI.

Too much pressure can lead to a lower quality yield. You can actually end up squeezing plant matter into the rosin, resulting in impurities, poor taste, and overall lower quality.

Press manufacturer Pure Pressure has a fantastic in-depth guide to the math and science between determining heat and pressure depending on the bag being used and the yield objectives.

cannabis plant material to yield chart

*Because pressure requirements will change depending on the temperatures you use, the specific flower being pressed, and the volume, it is useful to look for rosin presses that have fine-tunability when it comes to exact pressures.

Comparison Shopping: Which Type of Press is Best?

The main types of press are manual, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and hybrid. Each uses a different mechanism to apply the pressure.

When looking for the best rosin press, there are a few things we considered.

1. The Shape of the Plates – For Ease of Use & Efficiency

Rectangular plates work best. The ideal plate structure of a rosin press is longer and narrower. This is because this shape maximizes the perimeter of your press. A rectangular plate will normally outperform a square one.

2. Even Heat Distribution – For a Quality Product

Your rosin press should have uniform heat distribution. The way heat works to extract rosin is by melting the trichomes and other essential compounds into a lower viscous form.

Many cheap rosin presses don’t have even heat distribution across their plates, and this leads to lower quality rosin.

3. Reliability – Consistent Mechanical Operation

Rosin presses can get pretty pricey. So, it makes sense to only invest in a press that will last you years to come.

So with all that said we’ll get into the best products in each category for manual presses, hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and diesel-powered.

Okay, we’re just kidding about the diesel option, but who knows, maybe one day!

4. Locally Manufactured Presses- Pay Karma Forward By Supporting Local Business!

The cannabis industry is a tight knit one, not just because the law forces it to be, but because fundamentally cannabis is a communal herb and therefore it makes sense to also support local/domestic equipment manufacturers whenever possible.

With quality indicators out of the way you should start thinking about the volume of plant material you plan on processing in the next 1-5 years because there is no harm in buying a press that you can “grow into”.

Below are some of the best rosin press machines we could find, including models that come in under $300, under $500, and under $1000 respectively.

Type 1: Manual Rosin Hand Presses For Hobbyists

What’s not to love about a simple, hand-crank, hand-powered rosin press that requires nothing but elbow grease to produce rosin?

Typically entry-level presses are manual presses and pressure is generated by a pull-down lever or through a twist-operation. Manual presses are going to be the best bang-for-buck options in the $300 price range.

Manual rosin presses are PERFECT for home growers and hobbyists who want to experiment with rosin extraction without spending thousands of dollars on a dedicated machine that takes up a lot of space.

The downside of manual presses is they take muscle to operate, and thus if you’re looking to produce more rosin or are working with higher weed yields these may not be the best option for you.

Ju1ceBox Manual Rosin Press: Cheapest Possible Route (Under $100)

Ju1ceBox reviewed

Don’t let our emphasis on price scare you away from the Ju1ceBox manual press. This little guy is popular with small-time extractors and DIY enthusiasts alike because of it’s simplicity, versatility, and well, affordability.

The Ju1ceBox allows you to easily “test the rosin waters” to see if it’s for you before dropping $3k in a pneumatic press.

The size means you can easily store it away in shelving when not used, vs other bigger models of assisted-presses that take up a whole lot of benchtop space.

Key Features:

  • Efficient plate size perfect for home/personal use
  • DIY friendly, simple yet effective operation
  • Sloped heating plates that direct rosin ooze direct to a cold surface for extraction
  • Gradual heating mechanism to hit 250 degrees without the risk of burning your material
  • Highly portable polymer construction means light weight, less fatigue
  • Extracts up to 2 grams per press
  • One year warranty
Dulytek Manual heat press

Built like a beast, the DM1005 is easy to use with no additional equipment or parts required to start pressing. Right out of the box this thing is ready to go.

The press features a locking lever mechanism and an innovation adjustable pressure knob that allows you to apply continuous pressure without constant use of manual force.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Pressure Pressing Force Up To 1550 lbs. / 750 kg
  • 3″ x 5″ Dual Heating Plates with Touch-Screen Temp Controls & Press Timer
  • Lightweight, Easy to Operate, No Other Equipment Required to Run
  • Innovative Lever Mechanism To Lock the Maximum Pressure
  • Fahrenheit and Celsius Temperature Scale Options

Hydraulic Rosin Presses Under $500 for Enthusiasts

Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide


MyPress Gen 2

DulyTek DPH5

Nugsmasher Mini 2





1yr Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

2yr Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Starting at $99

Starting at $449

Starting at $399

Starting at $399

If you end up getting into the extract business you can easily re-sell used presses like this to upgrade to something with a few more features.

The cannabis industry is expanding so rapidly offloading quality press/extraction equipment is super easy, similar to how professional commercial kitchen equipment holds its value over time.

Highly Reviewed Hydraulic Rosin Press Brands & Models

Hydraulic rosin presses are probably the most common type of rosin press on the market. As opposed to manual pressing, these use hydraulic pressure, generated either via a hand pump, foot pump, or even an electric pump.

Hydraulic rosin press machines are the most common type of equipment found in small scale hobbyist extraction as well as many small state-level extract businesses.

Hydraulic presses are great because the technology is quite simple and can be made either small or large, depending on the need of the user. They also make extraction much easier for the person operating the press because of the hydraulic assistance.

cons of manual extraction presses

If you are trying to run a business and extract large volumes with manual presses you will either A) get insanely strong or B) fail because you’ll just get exhausted.

Hydraulic presses take the elbow grease out of the process and do all the heavy lifting for you, which is critical if you are processing higher plant yields.

Triminator Rosin TRP: Everyone’s Favorite Friend (Under $3,000)

Triminator TPP hydraulic press

This press features 6″x10″ food-safe aluminum plates and PID temperature controls that maintain a high thermal mass for consistent temperature. It’s equipped with a power frame capable of withstanding the whopping 25 tons of force this thing delivers.

All of that pressure and the precision heating allow you to press at the lowest temperatures (like Lowtemp Plates) and preserve rich, valuable terpenes. This is a hybrid press and can be operated via hydraulic hand pump, pneumatic foot pump or with an electric pump. All of which are, unfortunately, sold separately.

Key Features:

  • Drip tech with easy pivot
  • Multiple platen stack
  • Hydraulic cylinder
  • Power frame
  • Food safe aluminum plates
  • 25 tons of force

The Sasquash M2.5 Rosin Press: Small Business Scalability (Under $5000)

Sasquash Half Squash 5 Ton Rosin Press

On top of having one of the best names, the Sasquash V2.0 can press up to two ounces of flower at once! It features huge 10” x 5” dual heated plates, and provides over 25 tons (10,000 psi) of pressure.

This is a hydraulic press, but can be used with a hand pump, electronically, or pneumatically with an air compressor.

Key Features:

  • 25ton (10,000psi)
  • 50,000lbs of downward force
  • 110Vac at 10amps
  • 4 x 250 watts Heaters (1000 watts)
  • 10″ x 5″ 6061 Aluminum blocks
  • Able to squish up to 2 ounces
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Nugsmasher Plug ‘n Play Presses: For the Extract Connoisseurs

Nugsmasher Plug-n-play review

Nugsmasher presses are most popular for home DIY types and those looking to extract from their own personal grow operations. The hobbyist-friendly price points and the “all-in-one” solution design is what makes these popular with home growers.

This isn’t to say a small cultivar couldn’t also use Nugsmasher presses, as they do have units of varying sizes and pressures, including a massive “Nugsmasher Pro” that would be perfect for a boutique rosin company looking for a reliable piece of equipment to help establish their new brand.

Nugsmahser sells “bundles” which is why they are popular as plug-n-play solutions. These bundles or “extraction kits” have everything you need including the press, extraction bags of varying sizes, a rosin collection plate, tools, molds, and containers for finished product.

>Read our full Nugsmasher home rosin press review here for a complete breakdown of the various sizes and capabilities of their press kits.

Top Pneumatic Rosin Presses of 2024

If you’re pressing large volumes though for commercial/retail sale then a pneumatic press might be best as these bad boys can run all day every day and are capable of immense pressures.

Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide

Triminator TRP

Sasquash M1

Nugsmasher Touch






25 Ton

10 Ton

12 Ton

10 Ton





1yr Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty





*Bonus Inclusion: Rosinbomb Rocket and Rosinbomb M60 presses are often held in the same regards as Nugsmasher, both being made in the USA and both having fiercely loyal fan bases among growers and extractors.

Hydraulic vs Pneumatic Rosin Presses: Differences Explained

Hydraulic presses and pneumatic presses differ in their operating mechanisms. Hydraulic presses use fluid (usually oil) to generate force, which allows for precise control and high pressure. On the other hand, pneumatic presses use compressed air to create force, providing quick and consistent operation. While both types have their advantages, pneumatic presses are particularly suitable for commercial applications due to their ability to handle large volumes and operate continuously with high pressures.

Pneumatic Rosin Presses are top of the line rosin presses that use a pneumatic cylinder that requires no oiling or maintenance and through their unique design are able to achieve 5 to 25 tons of pressure with the use of an air compressor.

These presses are best for commercial applications, not only because they are usually quite loud but also because they are usually quite expensive because they are built to press large volumes of cannabis consistently over long periods of time, which make them better for manufacturing and retail than they are home growers/enthusiasts.

Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide
Best Rosin Presses at Every Price Point: Rosin Extraction Buyers Guide

Pure Pressure Longs Peak

Nugsmasher PRO

Sasquash Heavy Yeti




8 Ton

20 Ton

200 Ton



2.2lb (997g)

1yr Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Lifetime Warranty

Starting $7,995

Starting $5084

Starting $130,000

These industrial machines are capable of pressing high volumes all day every day. If the hand presses are handguns and the hydraulics are rocket launchers then these are full blown tanks, capable of obliterating any flower yield with ruthless efficiency and precision.

Pure Pressure Longs Peak Rosin Press: Best Commercial-Grade Press

USA Made Rosin Press Longs peak PurePressure Rosin Press

The ultimate rosin press, built for true commercial capabilities, and now with a fully automated upgrade option. Based on the award winning Pikes Peak, the Longs Peak offers twice the processing output and 60% more force for incredibly consistent results at high volume.

>View all the popular Pure Pressure rosin press models more in-depth

Key Features:

  • Utilizes two 10″ x 3″ premium 6061 aluminum heat plates with independent  thermocouples, 0°F – 300°F evenly distributed heat, and temperature accuracy to 1 degree Fahrenheit
  • 8 tons of force (15,300 lb. @ 140 PSI compressed air) output from our custom fabricated, oil-less, maintenance-free pneumatic cylinder
  • Press up to 35 grams of flower or 70 grams of kief or hash at a time with ease, or up to 230+ grams of hash per press with our stainless steel wraps
  • Ultra-durable powder coated construction
  • 2 year manufacturer’s warranty on the pneumatic cylinder and frame; 1 year manufacturer’s warranty on everything else
  • Note: an air compressor is necessary to run the Longs Peak rosin press, and it should provide at least 150 PSI, 2.7 CFM airflow, with a tank size of 20 gallons or more

Electric Rosin Presses: Quiet Yet Effective

Electric rosin presses are great because they don’t require a pump that can take up extra space – just plug it into a wall. This style of rosin press is sort of new to the extraction industry, but is quickly gaining favor, especially with hobby growers and home extractors.

The reason for this is that it doesn’t require any sort of air compressor. They are plug-and-play, typically featuring built in electronic pressure control.

rosin extraction important elements

Because they are all electronic they also offer insane levels of heat and pressure adjustment.

Sure, you cannot process as much volume as the abovementioned hydraulic and pneumatic options but for those small boutique companies focused on providing the absolute highest quality extracts these little guys make a great option.

The small form factor also makes them PERFECT for research and development as you don’t have to dedicate a large space on your production floor to a giant extractor, these can usually fit neatly in the corner of an existing work bench.

If you’re a vertically integrated flower producer and have been thinking about getting in on the extracts game, these small little machines make a great tool for testing the waters.

Eco Farm 15000 psi Electric Rosin Press: Granular Control

ECO Farm 15000 psi Power Full Electric Auto Rosin Press

The new Electric Heat Press eliminates the need for a pneumatic compressor. This plug and play, user-friendly heat press puts you in full control with its built in electronic pressure controller. The Electric Heat Press gives off a sleek and clean design that is perfect for any work space.

Key Features:

  • Manual and automatic plunger actions
  • Integrated digital controller for time, temperature & cycle counts
  • Automatic full press cycle function
  • Manual incremental lowering & pre-heat function
  • Emergency stop button
  • Cast aluminum plunger cylinder for maximum durability
  • Protective heat shroud
  • Temperature Range of 0–250°F
  • Pressure Range of 0–2.4 Tons

This is the most industrial-grade press we were able to find that had both high numbers of positive reviews in cultivation circles and is also from a brand with a reputation for quality.

live cannabis extract

Herb CEO Summary of Cannabis Press Machines

At the end of the day, there is a press at just about every price point, from sub-$500 manual options to sub-$5000 commercial grade electric options, to help get the job done.

Choosing the right press comes down to your business or personal goals. If you are looking to expand to dominate your state’s market, then we’d recommend sticking with hydraulic and pneumatic options as they are the most reliable and bulletproof options.

If you are a home grower or a smaller company focused on smaller product ranges but place an emphasis on quality, then a small fine-tunable option like an electric press is probably better for you.

One thing for sure is these are all well-built machines that will last, and since the cannabis extracts market is only continuing to grow at lightning speed you’re pretty safe off buying just about any sized press because it won’t be too hard to sell it used when the time comes to upgrade.

Let us know what you think. Is there a press that you’ve been using and that we’ve been sleeping on? Let us know in the comments below and maybe we’ll add it to our best-reviewed list for next year!

Common Rosin Press & Extraction FAQs

Is a rosin press worth it?

With the super low cost manual options and the steadily decreasing cost of hydraulic & electric options yes, getting a rosin press is worth it. Presses also hold their resale value so it’s a safe investment.

Is a rosin press legal?

Technically it is just a heated plate press, which are super common and used in a variety of perfectly legal industries, so just like rolling papers, although you can use them with cannabis technically they are designed for legal materials, making them legal to buy/sell.

What’s the best rosin press for the money?

That depends on your budget but the 3 of the best selling, most popular rosin press companies with value options today are Nugsmasher, Sasquash, & Rosinbomb.

Is it cheaper to press your own rosin?

Yes, most definitely, but only if you are only also willing to grow your own cannabis as that material cost comprises the most of what you pay for extracts from dispensaries. If you grow your own cannabis plants then a rosin press will save you thousands over years.

Why is hash rosin so expensive?

Because producing it is hard work! Unlike solvent-derived extracts any time there is manual effort and hard work put into producing a product it will add labor costs to the final retail price.

Does live rosin get you higher?

It won’t get you “higher” per say but it generally results in a better high because the organic material is as intact and whole (with terpenes galore) vs other extracts where due to the processing with solvents many other cannabinoids are destroyed or degraded along the way.

Is rosin more potent than shatter?

THC levels will be similar, however many users report higher quality of highs with rosin over shatter as shatter is degraded by solvents where as rosin is pure and molecularly intact.

Are Nugsmasher Mini’s worth it?

If you love rosin and have access to larger volumes of plant material to press then yes, Nugsmasher products are some of the best-selling and highest reviewed on the market so they are definitely worth their weight in gold for the dabbing connoisseur.

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