Top 3 Cannabis Social Networks of 2023

The Internet can be a magical place. It helps in connecting millions of like-minded people across the world, regardless of the physical distance between them.

This practice of connecting with people from all parts of the planet gives rise to the concept of a social network. Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

While these are meant for general social networking, there are platforms that cater to specific interests.

An example of one area where such platforms are gaining more traction is cannabis. Cannabis and marijuana enthusiasts from across the world are being able to connect with each other through social networks that specialize in cannabis.

While the field is relatively new, there are a number of cannabis-focused social platforms that are becoming quite popular amongst cannabis connoisseurs and other like-minded individuals.

However, not every cannabis social network is worth joining. To help you get a better understanding about what these networks offer, the top three players in the field are discussed in greater detail in this article.


WeedLife social network

One of the top cannabis social networks that is making waves in the industry is WeedLife. Dubbed as the Facebook of cannabis enthusiasts, WeedLife gives its users a platform to make their profiles, post pictures and videos, and also make conversation with others through the platform’s discussion forums.

All the content is shown to you in the form of a news feed, which you can scroll through to look at marijuana-related posts, look into businesses in the field, gain insight into new products in the industry, and much more.

social cannabis

While there is still much work that can be done on the platform, it is one of the foremost players in the market. You can log into the platform by creating a profile for yourself, or by linking the account with any existing social media account, for example Facebook or Twitter.

To give you a better understanding into WeedLife, some of its key features are discussed below.


WeedLife is a social networking platform for consumers. Keeping this in mind, the company has designed its many features to suit the needs of consumers in the cannabis and hemp industry. Some of these features are briefly mentioned below.

  • Get to Know Like Minded People – The main purpose of using social network platforms is to get to know people who share the same interests as you. If the common interest is cannabis, WeedLife is a great platform to connect with others.
  • Follow Emerging Trends in the Field – WeedLife allows you to follow all the new trends in the cannabis industry so that you are well informed about different developments. You can also follow many leaders in the field and gain access to their expertise.
  • Post Photos, Videos and Blogs – You can post pictures, videos and blogs that you may find interesting on the platform. You can also view photos, videos and blogs posted by other people or social accounts that share your interests.
  • Gain Access to Discussion Forums – WeedLife hosts a number of discussion forums where consumers and cannabis enthusiasts can talk about different issues, share recommendations and get reviews on any product or trend in the market. You will be able to look at these discussions and even participate in them.
  • Create Fan Pages – The social media platform also allows you to set up fan pages that can be accessed by others on the website.
  • Join Groups – You can join groups or gain access to pages dedicated to groups on the WeedLife platform. This helps in widening your horizons by getting in touch with people who have similar interests or more knowledge on the subject.

Company History

WeedLife is a social network platform that comes under the umbrella of The WeedLife Network. The platform is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Denver, Colorado-based social network and e-commerce technology company Social Life Network, Inc.

Social Life Network, Inc. was founded in January 2013 by University of Colorado alumni Andy Rodosevich and Ken Tapp. Under them, The WeedLife Network handles over 40 websites and applications related to the cannabis and hemp industry.

In 2018, Social Life Network, Inc. incorporated Delaware-based as its wholly owned subsidiary. is in charge of handling the company’s artificial intelligence powered social networks – and While the first is a social network for consumers, the latter is based on a business-to-business model.

How Can I Join?

WeedLife can be accessed by consumers in over 120 countries across the world. You will have to choose the type of profile that you want – personal or business – before you register on the website. This is followed by a brief registration process, after which you can officially become a member of the social networking platform.


LeafWire investment and job network

Another popular social network in the cannabis industry is LeafWire. Relatively new on the scene, this company has a more professional outlook towards the cannabis industry. If WeedLife works in a way that is close to the functioning of Facebook, LeafWire moves towards a concept similar to that of LinkedIn.

LeafWire aims to connect potential investors with different businesses in the cannabis industry. It allows you to network with investors – if you are a business owner – or gain access to a wide variety of cannabis-related businesses if you join the social network as an investor.

According to the company, the cannabis industry is projected to bring in $24.5 billion in sales by 2021, creating over 250,000 more jobs in the field. A great way to gain access to these opportunities is taking a step ahead in the game and registering with LeafWire.

To learn more about the platform and how it works, its features, company history and other factors are discussed below.


While many social networking platforms focus on recreational aspects and getting like-minded people to connect with each other, LeafWire’s approach is more professional. Some of the features that allow it to stay this way are mentioned below.

  • Connect with Potential Investors – As the cannabis industry is not considered as stable a prospect of investment as many other more conventional industries, getting investors can be a difficult task. Keeping the impending boom in mind, LeafWire is able to provide cannabis business owners with a pool of investors, which might have been difficult without the platform.
  • Connect with Business Owners – Investors also realize that the cannabis industry is going to get big as more and more states legalize the use of marijuana. To allow investors to make early inroads into the industry, LeafWire gives them access to the profiles of many business owners who are doing great things in the field.
  • Find Employees – If you are looking for employees to join your cannabis-based company, you can avoid the extra stress and look to LeafWire and its many users to find the ideal candidate for the job.
  • Get Hired – Similar to the point mentioned above, many professionals in the cannabis industry can also get hired by companies by connecting with them through LeafWire. In this way, it works in a manner similar to LinkedIn – which caters to the more conventional industries.
  • Network with Professionals – LeafWire allows its users to connect with different professionals in the cannabis industry, learn about new trends and techniques and share relevant information.

Company History

LeafWire is a relatively new player in the market as it was founded in 2018. A privately held Denver, Colorado-based company, LeafWire was founded by CEO Peter Vogel and COO Jeff Hassemer with the aim of providing investors with the opportunity to put in their money and expertise into the cannabis industry, which is experiencing a boom as more and more states legalize the use of medical and recreational marijuana.

The company aims to get rid of the conventional stigmas that commonly affect the cannabis industry by raising awareness, attracting investors and giving first-time entrepreneurs a helpful platform to deal with some of the most common problems that people come across when they try to make inroads into the cannabis industry.

How Can I Join?

The process of joining LeafWire is very simple and you can register yourself in less than a minute. In order to create an account, you will have to put in your first name, last name, email address and a password. You are required to choose between two options for the type of profile you will be building – accredited investor or cannabis professional.

Once you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service, your account will be set up. This account can be used to connect with many different professionals from the industry, as well as investors.


massroots network

The third social network platform to be discussed here, and one of the older ones, is Massroots. With a website and mobile app, the platform is accessible to adults in states where marijuana is legal. The platform saw a great amount of success since it was launched, hitting the 1-million-user mark recently.

Massroots is different from the other platforms discussed here because you don’t connect with other users. It allows you to rate and review – with videos and pictures – strains of cannabis or any marijuana-related products that you may have tried.

You can also gain access to the location of regulated dispensaries in your area by using this platform.

marijuana social network


Massroots differs from other cannabis social networks because of the features that it offers. Some of these are discussed below briefly.

  • Rate and Review Cannabis Products – The app allows you to leave reviews about different strains and products, which may be helpful for other cannabis enthusiasts who access the portal. You can also upload pictures and videos of these products to help others.
  • Find Registered Dispensaries – Massroots can help you find regulated marijuana dispensaries in your region with the help of its vast database. You can retrieve a number of details about the dispensary, ranging from the modes of payment that are acceptable, age group allowed, license number and so on.
  • Massroots for Business Owners – If you are a business owner, you can list your dispensary on the platform and control your profile, user engagement and gain access to analytics on your customers.
  • Earn Rewards – Massroots also runs a rewards program, through which you stand to earn perks like concert tickets, entry to festivals, movie tickets and more. All you need to do is register with the app and win bonuses on your purchases.

Company History

Massroots is one of the oldest social networking platforms in the cannabis industry. Founded in 2013 by college students Tyler Knight and Isaac Dietrich, Massroots faced numerous difficulties in finding angel investors in the initial phase.

The main reason behind this was the apprehension over investing in a cannabis-related business. In 2014, Massroots became one of the few companies in the cannabis industry to go public.

After Apple temporarily banned Massroots from its app store in 2015, it was allowed to make a small comeback in 23 states that had legalized medical marijuana.

Roots made changes to the original application so that it would be in compliance with Apple and Android rules and regulations, and was able to get back up and running like never before.

How Can I Join?

While most social networks require your basic information like your email address, phone number or at least a user name, Massroots is more understanding about the privacy of its users.

Keeping the stigma related to cannabis in mind, users are assured a high degree of privacy throughout the process. The company has a webpage and a blog that can be accessed on your computer, in addition to the iOS and Android app, which can be downloaded on your smartphone or tablet.

The social networking platform mentioned here are some of the more popular ones available currently.

While the market isn’t just limited to these, there is a great degree of professionalism and innovation

that is applied by the companies running these platforms so that the consumers can gain insight into the cannabis industry, invest in businesses or simply get to know other like-minded cannabis enthusiasts.

The Weedtube

The Weed Tube

The Weed Tube is essentially like a YouTube of cannabis. Since YouTube and their parent company Alphabet are scared to publish cannabis content because it’s not federally legal yet they are pretty proactive at shutting down hard working content creators.

Founded in 2018 by cannabis loving content creators who were sick and tired of YouTube’s nanny state The Weed Tube has grown to THE dominant cannabis video content distribution channel. The Weed Tube’s mission is to promote cannabis legalization, to promote their users, and to generally grow the cannabis community.

We particularly like the community aspect of The Weed Tube. Since the war on drugs has scared so many people it’s also destroyed a lot of the community-building opportunities that other passions enjoy freely.

Having been featured in Bloomberg, Green Entrepreneur and MJ Biz Daily, The Weed Tube is a resistance movement to the blunt monopoly power that is YouTube and their corporate interests.

So whether you’re a content creator yourself or just love cannabis and want to vibe with link minded individuals this video-dominant (and also available via mobile apps) is definitely worth checking out!


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