Yo Dabba Dabba Terp Slurper eNail Overview

We all love terp slurpers, but wouldn’t the world be a better place if they could work with an enail? You’re in luck. In this product review, we’re checking out Yo Dabba Dabba’s Terp Slurper eNail kit. Here’s everything you need to know about it. 

terp slurp enail
Ditch the torch and maximize taste my friend

So what’s in the box? 

This eNail kit is a lot different than others since it’s designed to work specifically with terp slurp style nails. In the kit, you’ll find: 

Your choice of control box (classic or mini) 

The cool thing about this kit is that it’s customizable. You can either opt for the classic control box, which is a bit more powerful though more bulky, or you can opt for the mini which isn’t as powerful but comes with rapid-heating tech. Both offer a sleek and powerful design that works with the included eNail coil. 


The coil is a standard titanium coil with a nylon cord that stands up well to regular use and abuse. It plugs into the control box, and is fitted perfectly to the included terp slurper nail. The control boxes can heat it up to 900°F. 

Terp Slurper 

The terp slurps are always in demand since they help with getting perfect low-temp dabs, preserving those terps and reducing waste. The one included with the kit is made from quartz and features a seamless design, which helps with its durability. The thing has a good weight to it, but it doesn’t become too cumbersome on most rigs with the coil attached. 

Terp pill and dichron marble cap 

The kit wouldn’t be complete without the necessary accessories to get the most out of the slurper itself. In the box, you’ll also find a lab-grown ruby terp pearl in the shape of a pill, which works better than the standard marbles due to the design of the slurper itself. Since air is drawn into the nail through holes in the bottom, the cap is a heavy marble made of dichron glass to help make a tight top seal to help boost your flavors and prevent leaks. 

yo dabba dabba terp slurp
All one needs in life for terp-rich living

Why we love the Terp Slurper eNail

Alright, now it’s time to get down to the brass tacks. After using both the mini and classic versions of the terp slurper enail kit, we’ve got a lot of good things to say.

These kits come complete with all of the accessories you need to get a fantastic, flavorful dab at a perfect temperature time and time again. The nail itself is durable and works great, but so does the control box. It looks great and inconspicuous with pretty much any setup. We love that the coil comes with a 6-month warranty, meaning that if anything happens to that cord, they’ll replace it for you. Same with the control box, except that one’s under warranty for a full year. 

The accessories are a super nice bonus. We took dabs both with and without the ruby pearl, and definitely saw a difference in flavor and heat retention. It definitely tastes better with the included pearl, so it’s nice that the kit came with one. The marble cap is also super heavy so there’s no air coming in through the top to mess up that slurping motion as you pull from it. Both are durable and super easy to clean with a little iso. 

yo dabba dabba terp slurp enail
Consistent and reliable flameless heating every time

With its sleek, sturdy design and digital display, it’s easy to get more control over your dabs than you ever could with a torch. All you have to do is set the control box to your favorite temperature range and dab away.

Overall, it’s a huge game changer to use an eNail with the terp slurper style nails. These eNail kits are honestly one of a kind and they come with everything you need right out of the box. Between all that, the warranties, and all of the accessories, the thing is a great investment and takes a lot of the guesswork out of dabbing with a slurper. You can get yours at Yo Dabba Dabba

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