Best Way to Sober Up From Weed, Quickly

We have all experienced it, at some stage in our lives, where we have overindulged in the giggly twig and feel a little out of our depth. In this article, we will be discussing why we get high and ways to reduce the intensity of the experience.

It might be an extra strong indoor hydroponically-grown joint laced with hash and dusted in dry sift that knocks you off your feet. Or it could be a home-made edible that is simply packed with way too much THC (the good stuff) that gets you even higher than the first day you got goofed.

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There are very strong products available on both the black market and the legal recreational and medicinal. Even if you are a seasoned smoker, it’s always a good idea to start low and slow with both edibles and dabbing concentrates. Consuming edibles is a different high, it takes longer for you to feel the effects and they last longer.

Edibles can also vary in strength from a couple of milligrams of cannabis to over 1000MG of THC in one cookie. Concentrates are fast becoming a popular recreational activity and most people don’t realize how potent some of these dabs can be, some of the purest concentrate reaching the high 90s in purity. So good advice with anything new is to start slow.

The truth is, cannabis affects us all differently and if you are a regular indulger of pot, you more than likely will experience a not-so-nice high experience. So what can you do to bring your feet back to earth?

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CBD Can Help Blunt & Smooth Out Intense THC Highs

It’s easy and is only 3 letters, CBD. Cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is another primary cannabinoid found in cannabis. One of the most unique qualities of CBD is it reduces the effects of the other cannabinoids and terpenes found in cannabis.

So even if you have eaten a strong brownie at an outdoor event, you can reduce the intensity of your high to almost zero by consuming some CBD. Vaping CBD would be the fastest way to counteract the psychedelic effects of THC. The reason CBD does this is because it’s an inhibitor of the THC molecule, and will help you sober up almost instantly.

Some other methods of sobering up would be to get some fresh air outdoors, stretch your legs a little or drink a couple of glasses of water and sit in a comfortable chair and relax. Heck if you can’t get outdoors try to find something familiar to absorb yourself in, like a favorite stoner film and some snacks to go with it!

Don’t stress, no one has overdosed or died from cannabis use, but for the novice, cannabis can bring out anxiety, stress and even paranoia in some people. It’s always important to remember to remain calm and relax in tense situations or when you are feeling too high.

So remember, weed can’t kill you and the worst that can happen is you might fall asleep. So remember, when you are feeling too high, stop doing what you are doing, and find a comfortable place to relax and gather yourself. Everything will be alright.

How to sober up quickly from weed?

There is no way to actually remove the THC from your blood stream but you can lessen the perceived impact and increase your alertness via different things like walking outside, drinking coffee, or talking to your mom.

How long does it take for your brain to be normal after weed?

If you are regularly consuming cannabis it will take between 10 to 15 days on average for your body to completely metabolize and rid itself of THC.

What to do when you are too high AF?

Remember to simply stay calm as the high will pass and all will be well. If things are getting too intense try to remove yourself from stimuli such as noises or people and simply take a nap.

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