12 thoughts on “Sustainable Cannabis Packaging Options”

  1. I love seeing that people are coming up with more plastic free packaging options. The cannabis industry has the chance, right now, to be a global leader in plastic free packaging. We just have to get growers & retailers on board! I contacted damadistributing & they offer a number of plastic free options, many of which aren’t even shown on their site because they’re customized per client.

  2. One thing we really need to ask of this packaging is: will it break down safely in a standard backyard composter, or if released into the environment?

    There is not enough industrial composting facilities to handle all this new bio-plastic, and we are not yet good enough at separating bio-plastic from the regular recycling. The ideal solution is a plant based bio plastic that is durable, but will compost after enough time in normal soil conditions.

  3. How could you leave out PAQcase?!

    PAQcases are made from recycled plastics and ocean gathered plastics. All of the cases can be reused hundreds of times and are made from #5 PP and are accepted at nearly every recycle center in the US.

  4. I like the sound of the hemp packaging. I think as an industry, more dispensaries should be pro-actively promoting the use of hemp packaging, it’s most certainly better than the alternatives of plastic and mylar bags. One company I know in the UK that are moving towards this is a company call Dank Packs. However, still early days yet for the UK market.

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