5 Best Weed Stash Jars To Keep Your Flower Fresh

If you’ve ever watched your weed turn from bright green to dull brown, you’re losing its potent effects. Your hard earned and responsibly spent money is literally deteriorating before your eyes.

It’s the oxygen and light exposure, you already know. Well, if you are a fresh flower connoisseur and ruining good bud bothers you, then you may be ready to take the next step and upgrade to a stash jar, but where to begin? 

We reviewed the best smell proof containers for stashing your weed so you can find the perfect fit for your lifestyle. 

But before we jump into our favorite brands and styles, let’s cover the basics, like what the purpose of a stash jar is, the dangers of not using one or using a low quality jar, and what to look for when doing some comparison shopping of your own!

Gold Standard





Infinity Jars

5 Best Weed Stash Jars To Keep Your Flower Fresh


5 Best Weed Stash Jars To Keep Your Flower Fresh


5 Best Weed Stash Jars To Keep Your Flower Fresh


5 Best Weed Stash Jars To Keep Your Flower Fresh


5 Best Weed Stash Jars To Keep Your Flower Fresh











Ultraviolet glass

Super customizable

Beautiful glass

Industrial sizes

Airtight durability


What IS a Stash Jar?

Simply put, a stash jar is where you keep your bud. It can be anything from a recycled glass jar to a luxurious wood container. The options are endless, and you can pick one that best fits your personality and habits.

An excellent stash jar covers the basics of keeping your weed dry, locking in its scent, and protecting it from light to extend its freshness as long as possible. Stash jars can preserve your weed for up to two years.

Types of jars are broken down into three main types. These include:

  • Inspection containers
  • Bulk storage
  • Dispensary-to-home use

Inspection containers are usually found in high end dispensaries and usually feature some type of magnification lens for up-close inspection of the flower to grade color, trichome levels and freshness.

Smokus Focus magnification jar

The two most popular inspection jars are the Smokus Focus, which in addition to a magnification lens and air-tight seal also has built in LED lighting for maximum flower inspection capabilities.

If you’ are looking for more traditional materials, we also really like the MasonBrite Stash Jar, which is essentially a well-engineered lid for standardized Ball glass jars. The MasonBrite lid also has LED lighting capabilities for professional-grade cannabis critics out there.

MasonBrite stash jar reviewed

*Pro tip: if you use the Re:Stash stash jars for picking up your flower from the dispensary, then the MasonBrite is a no brainer as it will match the Ball threads from the Re:Stash base, making your inspection and child-proof lids interchangable.

Importance of Proper Storage

Marijuana is a plant, which means it degrades over time, just like food and other organic matter. The process begins as soon as the plant is harvested and separated from its roots. After it’s dried and processed, the speed at which marijuana degrades depends on its environment

Cannabis is most sensitive to four environmental factors: 

  • UV rays
  • Oxygen
  • Humidity
  • Temperature

UV rays can burn the cannabinoids that give weed its psychoactive effects. If the humidity is too high, your weed stash could develop mold. Both high temperatures and extreme cold will break down your weed’s potency, so think twice before stashing in the fridge on a hot day. 

oxidized cannabis flower

Thankfully, the best stash jars help fight off most of these effects. When you use the best smell proof containers for stashing your weed, you won’t have to worry about cracking it open and finding dry, crumbly, or moldy buds.

How to Correctly Store Cannabis Flower

To keep your cannabis fresh and potent, you’ll need to store it in an airtight container that resists humidity and temperature changes. Keep it in a cool and dry place, around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aim to keep the environment in a humidity range of 55% and 62%. We like to throw in a humidity packet with our stash for optimal dryness.

If you forget these numbers don’t worry, you can always ask your budtender and if the dispensary is worth a damn they’ll be able to hook you up with optimal humidity and temperature conditions for your bud.

The best stash jars, such as glass jars, have a neutral electric charge. There is a reason why dispensaries around the world prefer to store their trimmer buds in glass jars.

Also, for all you old-school Ziploc bag lovers out there, try to minimize the time your bud spends in plastic bags, which will release its scent and kill its potency. Plastic should be a option of last resort and/or short temporary transport.

If you’re using a clear-sided container, like a ball jar, make sure to store it in a dark place to avoid UV damage. Again, there is a a reason why most good dispensaries aren’t full sunshine and if they are, they usually store their product under counter, out of sunlight.

how to become a budtender

Another tip for all you who prefer to grow your own supply at home, make sure to store your weed in full buds, not ground-up pieces even if it seems like a timesaver pre-grinding larger volumes because grinding will cause your weed to dry out more quickly.

4 Key Features to Look For in A Storage Container

There are many options on the market, but you can spot the best stash jars based on a few main features. Look at how each storage container measures up in these categories:

1. Sizes that match your level of consumption

Stash jars come in a range of sizes, so you’ll want a container that’s suited to the amount of weed you consume. If you’re planning on taking your stash with you on the go, you might opt for a small container that’s easy to transport. 

However if you’re just driving between the dispensary and your home then you can invest in a larger storage jar so you don’t have to transfer your product. The volume should be enough to last you until your next regularly scheduled trip to the weed store.

2. Airtight seals that can be washed

Protecting your weed from oxygen and moisture is essential to extending its freshness. For this, you’ll need an airtight jar that locks out the elements. Otherwise, your stash is in danger of developing mold. 

Seals usually require some type of rubber or silicone gasket for maximum effectiveness. Regardless of your sealing mechanism it’s good if it can be removed so that you can efficiently wash your jar, which, like all things, will eventually require a good cleaning.

3. Light protection if jar sits out on display

UV light will fade your weed, both in color and potency. Look for UV-resistant materials because even an opaque container can let in some UV rays without the right protection.

If you keep your bud in a darker room or in a drawer of some kind where light is blocked then this isn’t such a big deal.

Don’t forget though that florescent lights can also degrade your flower so just because you don’t have direct sunlight doesn’t mean your weed isn’t degrading.

smell proof stash jars

4. Smell-proof guaranteed if travelling

Not only do you want to keep scents from wafting around your living space, but it’s also important to lock in that aroma to extend the life of your weed stash. Not every airtight jar is also odor-proof, so make sure you’re looking at the best smell-proof jars for stashing your weed.

If you consume at home being scent proof probably isn’t a big deal. If you travel though having a smell proof container is highly recommended.

Remember, law enforcement only needs to smell marijuana to search a vehicle.

4 Common Stash Jar Materials

There are many different materials that your stash jar can be made of. However, if you want to extend your bud’s life, then these are the four best materials for your jar. 


The classic material for a stash jar, glass is an airtight barrier that keeps your weed protected from the elements. It’s a timeless choice, trusted by dispensaries big and small around the world, but you can also take advantage of newer technology and pick up a jar with UV-resistant and shatterproof glass. 

Glass mason jars for example have an added benefit in that they can be used to decarb bud as well as store it, all you need is an oven and some patience!


If you prefer a more secure and rugged option, aluminum and stainless steel jars are completely shatterproof and great at locking out humidity. A metal jar is an excellent investment if you’re looking for a container to last years and years.

Many hard-core scent-proof stash containers designed for travel (metal stands up well to drops and bang ups) are made of metal just check to make sure there is some kind of synthetic rubber/silicone gasket though.

scent proof stash containers


Some of the most elegant stash jars come in wood material. You can find high-quality containers carved of bamboo and pineapple that are sleek and stylish. The natural material will never transfer odd tastes or scents to your marijuana. 

If wood is your jam then you might want to look into a full-blown humidor for your cannabis. Constructed in a similar fashion to cigar humidors brands like Cannaseur are blowing up with their custom cannabis humidors.

Wood also will block out 100% of UV light preserving the cannabinoids in your flower. Oh, and there is the sustainability factor of wood, which can be replenished, although not all manufacturers will source from eco-friendly suppliers so it’s worth asking them about it first before voting with your money.


Stash jar artisans often craft their handmade creations out of porcelain or terra-cotta. Storing your weed in a unique piece of pottery can spice up your living space and make your toking sessions a little more special. 

Clay is great at blocking light and also helps keep cool stable temperatures easier than plastic. The downside to clay is it’s fragility, which doesn’t make it a great option for hauling to the dispensary and you will thus likely need two jars (one for buying/transporting and one for storing at home).

Our 5 Favorite Stash Jar Brands of 2023

Let’s take a look at the best smell proof containers for stashing your weed. Here are the top five products we reviewed. Read up on the pros and cons to find out which stash jar is best for your lifestyle.

Infinity Jar: The OG Gourmet’s Option

Infinity jar Reviewed

You can store your weed in luxury with the highly popular Infinity Jar. These patented glass jars come in a variety of sizes with a wide mouth screw top.

Infinity Jar is one of the oldest brands in this list because they were making UV-resistant jars long before the legal recreational cannabis wave swept through, meaning they have a long and storied history within gourmet cooking and cosmetics worlds.

Why? Infinity Jars are proven to extend the life of your weed by at least six months, and they come with an elegant black finish. That’s why chefs trust their expensive saffron in them and why you can entrust Infinity with protecting your ganja as well.

Unique Features

Infinity Jars use thick European glass with a BPA-free plastic lid that is completely airtight. The glass is UV-resistant, smell-proof, and leak-proof. You can clean your Infinity Jar in the dishwasher and, if you like, collect a few more for the kitchen to preserve coffee beans and tea leaves.


  • Shatterproof
  • Eco-friendly
  • Blocks out visible light
  • Washable


  • Doesn’t resist all temperatures
  • UV resistance means can’t gawk at your flower
  • Not and cannabis industry-born brand

CanLock: Ultimate In Stopping Oxidation

CanLock review

With a CanLock jar, you get an elegant glass container topped with a rubber lid. The automatic vacuum seal makes this jar one of the best smell proof containers for stashing your weed. It’s a compact and portable design that comes in a range of sizes to take on the go.

Unique Features

The built-in airlock pump on the lid creates a pressurized seal that locks in odors and creates an airtight environment that extends the life of your weed. Re-usable vacuum functionality takes this jar to the next level, as even with high quality sealed non-vacuum jars you end up drying your weed just from repeated opening and closing, letting in fresh air each time.

Vacuum sealing after each use helps remove the air associated with regular use and take your shelf-life to new unheard of levels.

The borosilicate glass body is FDA-approved and shatterproof and looks dope. You can easily clean it in the dishwasher and enjoy the 1-year limited warranty if anything goes wrong with the container.


  • Patented glass design
  • Vacuum seal
  • Durable design


  • Not UV-resistant
  • Moving parts could wear out over time
  • Fragile exposed glass body

HerbGuard: Well Stashed & Scentless Storage Solutions

HerbGuard review

No matter how big your stash or how frequently you’re on the go, there is an HerbGuard stash jar that matches your needs. These jars come in sleek black glass with a screw-on top that seals tightly. It’s a durable choice that’s subtle enough to take on trips and stash anywhere.

Unique Features

The dark glass on each HerbGuard jar is UV-resistant and completely smell-proof. The container comes in a stylish gift box with a cleaning cloth and labels so that you can keep your stash organized and clean. If that’s not enough, you get a Lifetime Guarantee with all HerbGuard products.

By putting being scent-proof at the top of their list HerbGuard rockets to the top of our recommended brands for travelers because eliminating all smell can help eliminate a bunch of unwanted questions in the long run. Major time saver!


  • Dark, lightproof glass
  • Cleaning and labeling accessories
  • Smell proof screw-on lid


  • Can’t gawk at your herb
  • No active vacuum sealing

Re:Stash: A Glassic Brand Meets Modern Tech

ReStash stash jar reviewed

If you can’t say goodbye to your trusty mason jar, maybe it’s an excellent excuse to upgrade to the Re:Stash jar. This container claims to be “the world’s only mason jar based child-resistant container.”

The resulting product has an elegant, ergonomic design crafted with high-quality, sustainable materials. 

We like this “use what you already got” mentality and have actually invested in a set of Re:Stash ourselves as our local dispensary is happy to fill these direct at the store because of the child-proof lids (making them dispensary legal friendly).

Unique Features

The inside jar is neutrally-charged glass with a plastic-free silicone koozie on the outside. The child-proof polypropylene lid uses 30% farm waste, and it screws on tightly for an airtight and smell-proof storage system. It comes in all kinds of bright colors, and you can even get a custom logo printed.


  • CPSC-certified child-proof lid
  • Temperature-resistant, UV-proof silicone coating
  • Sustainable and recycled materials
  • Includes humidity clip


  • Slightly more costly than a plain jar
  • No lighting feature
  • Not entirely scent proof (Ball jar lid)

FreshStor: The “Fort Knox of Stash Containers”

FreshStor CVault

Last but not least, we reviewed the FreshStor CVault on the hunt for the best smell proof containers for stashing your weed. It’s a rugged steel container with a silicone ring that locks in freshness and keeps harmful UV rays and humidity out.

With metal, you never have to worry about dropping and shattering your container, so take note all you butter fingers!

FreshStor is the best option on this list for cannabis curing, that is, not just storing but aging post-harvest to produce a sale-quality nug. With cultivar lines ranging from 2 liter all the way up to 21 liters there is a FreshStor to suit your curing needs.

FreshStor are popular with home growers who yield enough flower that conventional personal-use storage options quickly become insufficient in terms of volume.

Cultivator CVaults offer the volume necessary for serious flower magicians and being made of food-grade steel they are also business-friendly as 304 grade steel is always the preferred material for state inspection/regulation.

Unique Features

FreshStor’s CVault containers use food grade 304 stainless steel, which makes them not only strong as hell but also classy as all!

The lid seals with heavy-duty metal latches, making it airtight and completely smell-proof. Inside, you’ll find a humidity pack with a holder clip to absorb extra moisture. It comes in a small and large size, depending on the scale of your stash.


  • Durable metal design
  • Silicone seal
  • Food-grade material


  • May let out some aroma if the latches aren’t locked
  • Not as hip as some other options?

Cheap DIY Alternatives

If you’re hoping for a less expensive storage option, you may have to compromise the freshness of your weed. However, there are tried and true cheap options for storing weed, such as the ball jar for example.

Ball glass jar stash

Old School Ball Glass Jars

Many experienced weed users have fond memories of Ball glass jars because they’re such a popular and timeless option. Ball mason jars store your weed in airtight conditions to extend its freshness, and you can find them just about anywhere. The glass is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

If you’re going for a Ball jar, keep in mind that they don’t include UV protection. Keep your weed in a dry, cool location, and do your best not to drop and shatter your container.

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Final thoughts

There’s been a lot to digest. Good stash jars are worth their weight in gold in terms of the benefits of extending the fresh usable shelf life of your cannabis. If you are a regular smoker and frequently shop mid-upper shelf flower, securing that investment should be a top priority.

Jars can be had at all prices but no matter what you choose, the price of a good stash jar will be cheaper than the retail value of that quarter ounce of dank you had go brown and crispy.

So, now that we’ve reviewed the best smell proof containers for stashing weed, it’s time to find the best stash jar for you. Our number one pick is the Infinity Jar because its durable, UV-resistant, airtight design is excellent at extending the life of your bud. 

But that’s just us and how we roll. All of these brands in this round-up have some pretty killer unique features so what you should get will depend primarily on how you plan to use it/how you prefer to consume your bud.

If you’re looking for an inspection jar for admiring your pretty flower babies then we highly recommend you check out our Smokus Focus review.

Whether you keep your weed in a glass, metal, or silicone jar, you’re getting the best bang for your buck by taking proper care of your stash. Get ready to enjoy fresher, more potent, more satisfying weed!

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