The Best YouTube Cannabis Influencers Worth Checking Out

While TikTok may be the latest newcomer to the online video platform scene, that doesn’t mean it’s taken the place of YouTube. As the original online video sharing website, YouTube has been the go-to source for news, trends, events, topics of historical significance, and just plan entertainment, for nearly 20 years (yes, it has really been that long). 

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While the terms of service have changed a lot since the website first launched in 2005, and though limitations have been put into place regarding what can be shared on the site (we’re sorry to say it, but it’s true), YouTube remains a treasure trove of information. There’s one topic of interest that continues to surge on the platform: cannabis.

Thanks to the shifting narrative and views surrounding marijuana consumption, which is largely due to the fact that it has been legalized for both medicinal and recreational use throughout the United States, the interest in all things related to cannabis has soared in recent years, and YouTube is one of the most widely used online spaces where people search for the information they seek. Content producers have answered the call for the increased interest, too, as there are literally dozens of channels that pertain to marijuana on the video sharing platform. 

Whether you’re interested in learning how to roll the perfect joint, you want to discover how to make your own dabs, you’d like to learn about this history, the science behind, or the myriad of uses for and benefits of marijuana – or you simply want to find someone that you can kick-back and relax with while smoking a joint and enjoy interacting with other cannabis users in online chats, you’ll find no shortage of ganja-themed videos and channels to choose from on YouTube.

The following are some of the most popular cannabis influencers on the video sharing website that you should totally consider checking out. 

*FYI the thumbnails won’t be viable because of our draconian cannabis laws, you’ll have to click through and watch the videos ON Youtube unfortunately.

Royal Queen Seeds

You’ll find a wealth of information on the Royal Queen Seeds YouTube channel. It’s one of the top-trending cannabis-themed channels on the site, and for good reason, as it provides so much helpful and interesting tidbits of information. Topics include tips, tricks, techniques, and support related to the process of cultivating marijuana.

The information shared on the channel varies and is suitable for everyone from novice cultivators who are just starting out, such as overviews that pertain to the timeline for cultivation and how to nurture marijuana plants. There’s also a wealth of information that experienced growers will find useful, such as the nuances that pertain to growing flourishing crops of fantastic bud. 

On the Royal Queen Seeds YouTube channel, you can learn how to enhance the germination rate of your plant seeds, as well as how you can maximize their health while they’re in the seedling stage. You can also discover tips and tricks that relate to the vegetative and flowering phases of the plant, as well as how to identify any deficiencies that may be present.

In the archive section of this channel, you can find a treasure trove of information, too, like how to take control of stretching, how to properly address and correct deficiencies, and how to prevent the leaves on your plants from turning yellow. The channel even shares science-backed info related to the nutrients that cannabis plants need to thrive during the different stages of growth, and how to properly apply those nutrients, too. 


This channel isn’t as in-depth and the information shared isn’t as scientifically presented or backed as the info you can find on the Royal Queen Seeds channel; however, if you want more casual tips and tricks, and just general opinions, that are shared by someone who is easy to relate to and understand, check out Hayley420. The YouTube cannabis influencers bio reads, “smoke rings are cool, but onion rings are cooler. Don’t do drugs.” Of course, when she says “drugs”, she isn’t referring to weed. 

Hayley420 launched her channel in 2009, and at the time of writing, there were more than 75 million views and over 835,000 subscribers, which really says a lot about the content that she produces and shares. Topics vary and include things like weed challenges (1 gram of weed vs 1 gram of wax, for example), in-depth reviews of a variety of products, as well as DIYs, such as how you can make your own dabs and bake your own pot brownies. 

That High Couple

As you can probably guess from the name, the That High Couple channel on YouTube features a couple that gets high, documents their antics, and shares those antics on YouTube. The couple Alice and Clark, reside in Hollywood, CA, and are self-proclaimed stoners. They love sharing the journeys they have when they toke weed together. 

The topics in the content that you’ll find on That High Couple channel vary and include things like discussions that pertain to cannabis use, smoker showcases, and even blog content. While the content is great, one of the most notable features of their views is that there are several that are pretty short, sweet, and to-the-point, and are finished in just 4 minutes and 20 seconds (talk about perfect timing!).

With That High Couple, you’ll be able to pay homage to the cannabis lifestyle. The channel is idea for watching when you’re sitting on the rush hour train on your way to work or on you way home, or when you’re grinding up some bud and rolling your own bud. Once a month, the couple livestreams, which are great for adding a personal touch.

Ruffhouse Studios

Another great cannabis influencer that’s worth checking out is Ruffhouse Studios. The team behind this YouTube channel prides themselves on being a reliable and influential hub in the world of cannabis. The channel has more than 500 videos catalogued, and while there are a variety of topics, homemade edibles is the primary focus. 

There’s no doubt that you’re aware that the market for cannabis edibles has surged in recent years. Whether you just don’t like inhaling your bud or you are looking to mix things up by adding some new and exciting – and flavorful – consumption methods to your routine, than Ruffhouse Studio is a great channel for you.

Videos highlight recipes and how to put together ingredients to make a wide variety of ganja-infused foods, like cannabutter and cannabis shortbread. The content makers ensure that their videos are easy to follow, and that they go over all details and answer any questions that followers may have. 

Dope As Yola

Dope As Yola’s bio reads “I literally get high for a living”, and the channel, which was launched in October of 2013, is all about, well, you guessed it – weed. He shares videos about the experiences he has had while high, including the time he smoked with his mother.

Dope As Yola also shares tutorials that pertain to rolling different types of joints, as well as how to properly vacuum seal your buds to ensure they remain fresh for a long time. At the time of writing, there were more than 657,000 subscribers and more than 52 million views on the Dope As Yola YouTube channel, making him a definite weed influencer. 


YouTuber Adam John Grandmaison, who is better known by fans as adam22, is a musician who operates two separate channels on the video sharing platform, and he has amassed an impressive amount of followers on both channels. The channel adam22 was launched in August of 2017 and at the time of writing, there were more than 1 million followers and millions upon millions of views on that channel. Grandmaison shares vlogs, as well as highlights of interviews he’s hosted, and his reactions to other YouTube videos.

His other channel, which he launched in February of 2012, is dubbed No Jumper, is a podcast, to which more than 3 million fans have subscribed. On this channel, you will find a collection of the YouTuber’s featured interviews with famous hip-hop artists, such as Lil Pump and Xavier, as well as Andy Dick, the famous and controversial Andy Dick, and Milo Yiannopolous, who is controversial in his own right, too. 

So what is Adam22’s connection to weed? Through his No Jumper YouTube channel, Adam joined forces with Next Green Wave Holdings, Inc., a Vancouver-based company, in September of 2019. The company’s sells cannabis flower, and according to the No Jumper Podcast, Next Green Wave’s products “will be featured on a monthly basis through No Jumper’s Podcast, with 45 million viewers per stream and Next Green Wave’s brand house, SDC.” Next Green Wave’s cannabis flower is available to purchase at dispensaries in both Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Coral Reefer

In a statement on YouTuber Coral Reefer’s channel, she says, “I believe in cannabis and you should too”, and this statement truly highlights everything that she features on her channel. She features things like Stoney Sunday and News Nug, and she portrays the benefits that cannabis use has had on her life – and the benefits it can have on your life, too. Coral Reefer is attempting to erase the stigma that has been associated with weed for so long, and she has definitely made an impact. 

Coral encourage audience participation on her channel. She subscribers to comment and to share suggestions with her on anything that relates to cannabis, as well as life in general, including locations to visit and different strains of bud to try – and even the best-tasting donuts to eat. In each video, Coral promotes a happy-go-lucky vibe, which is truly infectious. If you’re looking for an uplifting YouTube channel that sheds light on the positives of cannabis use and that will just make you feel happy, then you should totally check out Coral Reefer. 

Mr. Canucks Grow

If you’ve ever tried to grow cannabis before, you know that it requires a lot more than just tossing seeds into the ground and waiting until plants sprout; no, it requires determination and the appropriate care and maintenance. If you’re interested in learning how to grow your own crops successfully – and with ease – head over to the Mr. Canucks Grow channel on YouTube. The channel shares tips and tricks about cannabis cultivation, and really focuses on things that you should look out for while you are growing and tending to your plants.

Mr. Canucks really drives home the point that like all living things, marijuana plants are living and breathing organisms, and that they do a really good job of letting you know when they’re happy and healthy – and when something is wrong and needs to be corrected. Being aware of this is vital for successful cannabis cultivation, and that’s what really makes the Mr. Canucks Grow YouTube channel stand apart from the crowd of other weed-related channels on the vide sharing platform. You’ll get to see exactly what healthy and happy ganja plants should look like, and you’ll learn how to identify issues, determine what those issues are, and find out how to correct those underlying problems, too. 

Mr. Canucks Grow’s videos provide first-hand advice and insight into cannabis cultivation. Whether you need assistance with setting up a grow tent, you want to find out how to fit in-line fans, or you’re curious about finding out how you can spot nutritional deficiencies in your plants, you’ll find the answers to all of your weed growing questions on Mr. Canucks Grow.

The videos on this YouTube channel aren’t just super-informative and easy to relate to, but they are also beautifully shot, which makes them even more appealing. The content on this platform is intended for cultivators of all experience levels, from beginners to long-time growers, and no matter where you fall on the spectrum, you are bound to learn something new when you tune into Mr. Canucks Grow. 

Erick Khan

Erick Khan is our personal favorite cannabis lifestyle influencer. Yeah, the term doesn’t really do it justice because his channel is probably one of the most relatable today in terms of “man I’d really like to get blazed with this dude” type vibes.

Erick films all kinds of content from product reviews to events to mild travel, to chill sessions and just about everything in between. He began streaming and blazing and the blazing half was so popular he made it his main thang and the rest seems to be history as he’s approaching 1M subscribers at the time writing this.

If you want to stay on top of the industry, and we mean like the bleeding edge, then this is a solid channel worth following as it seems like every month we learn about some new product or tech that’s making waves in the cannabis community and Khan breaks it down no BS.

Oh, and the dude is a straight up foodie his restaurant and delivery selection are unparalleled in my opinion, I mean, if you aren’t wise to the glory that is crispy pork belly then you just won’t understand..

But you can if you go check him out right now!

Stoned Alone

This one is kind of a black horse in a list largely comprised of mega-channels that cover a very broad spectrum of the cannabis industry because Tim, the central figure and owner of the Stoned Alone channel is a bit more artistic, at least sometimes, in his video content.

Sure, there are your classic product reviews but what makes his channel worth checking out is the unique travel content. One of the first videos I saw he got stoned and drunk in an airport and passed out. This being a longstanding dream of mine I had to applaud his audacity.

The Stoner Loner travels around the world, spreading good vibes and leaving a trail of smoke in his wake. There’s a definite art style to a lot of his editing and videos, which sets a mood or “vibe” if you will that is often lacking in the more generic “how-to” or “product review-specific type channels.

If you like a more offbeat angle on being a less social stoner that loves to travel then we highly recommend checking out the Stoned Alone channel.

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

There is so much to learn and love about cannabis. Discovering different ways to consume your bud, learning how to cultivate and harvest, starting up your own marijuana-based business, product reviews, historical and scientific information, interviews, and just plain entertainment; you’re bound to find a wealth of information on the above-mentioned YouTube cannabis influencers channels. 

This is by no means and end-all-be-all list, that would be a foolish thing to declare given that influencers are being born overnight and if you wan’t to include EVERY great cannabis channel then this article would probably exceed 10,000 words and nobody would read it, if you’ve even made it this far.

That said, if there’s an extra special channel that you enjoy and you think more people MUST know about it let us know in the comments below, we’re always happy to add reader suggestions to further help out more readers looking for the dopest of the dope Youtube channels.

Does YouTube monetize cannabis content?

No, because cannabis is still federally illegal advertisers do not want to be associated with it and thus such content is not eligible for YouTube’s Adsense program.

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