Cannaseur: Elevating Flower Storage With Handcrafted Humidors

The world of legal cannabis is a stark departure from the previous illicit one. Gone are the days when marijuana buds are compacted into dense, unidentifiable bricks, only to be ripped apart and sub-divided into ziplock bags where they would inevitably dry out.

Now that cannabis can be legally sold in daylight in a regulated environment both growers and consumers are able to stop and finally appreciate the beauty that well grown, cultivated and processed flower presents. In other words, that loud weed yo!

Businesses and casual users alike are taking appreciation for fine grade-A cannabis to the next level in an industry movement that is placing greater and greater emphasis on quality over quantity.

One company that is looking to further elevate cannabis use into the world of luxury is Cannaseur.

Premium Humidor Stash Boxes

Cannaseur makes and sells beautiful mahogany wood humidors for cannabis flower that are as much works of art as they are practical ways for storing your flower in a humidity-stable environment to preserve freshness.

By maintaining optimal humidity levels (55% for fresh flower), Cannaseur helps to preserve the longevity and flavor profile of your particular flower of choice. It’s essentially like a climate-controlled stash box and if you’re dropping heavy coin then why not ensure your investment is resting safe, sound, and dank AF.

Having a stash box that has a built-in humidification system is also key if you’re buying larger quantities of bud at a time and want to maximize its longevity. We highly recommend this, you can usually get discounts if you step it up to half or full ounces.

The Cannaseur (combination of “cannabis” and “connoisseur”) is helping to re-define what it means to be a cannabis user.

For decades, terms like “stoner” and “pothead” dominated the public perception of cannabis use but with legalization and ever increasing quality of products, Cannaseur is banking on a new public pride in enjoying truly premium flower in a premium setting.

Built of sustainably-sourced mahogany and walnut woods Cannaseur humidors are meant to be displayed rather than tucked away in a drawer. The outside of the boxes are sanded smooth and perfectly finished, similar to an heirloom grandfather clock.

Cannaseur humidor
Madmen-esque timeless luxury for a new era and new purpose. Get lifted and stay classy with these elegant wood humidors.

Humidors are available in 1 or 2 jar configurations in mahogany or walnut. Each jar’s volume is the equivalent to approximately 25 grams of whole flower. Humidity is measured and monitored via built-in precision German-engineered hygrometers.

Won’t my jar keep my cannabis flower fresh though?

Well yes, glass jars that are well sealed AND kept out of sunlight and fluorescent lights will be much better preserved than say if it is kept in the cheap dispensary canister.

That said, placing your glass stash jars inside a humidor like a Cannaseur adds a layer of humidity and light controlled protection for your flower, insulating it in a little comfy wooden cocoon of safety, maximizing how long your weed will stay fresh.

In addition to 1 jar vs 2 jar configurations and two wood options you can also select a layout that is the size of a 2 jar but instead of second jar inside there is an equipment box where you can stash cleaning tools, a pipe or other smoking accessories.

Finally, if you want to keep your beautiful buds out for the world to see in their mahogany humidor but are worried about access you can order both the 1 jar and 2 jar styles with built-in locks

Prices start at $319 for the single-jar, no-lock model and go up to $399 for the 2-jar, locked models.

Visiting Cannaseur’s website however it appears these models can occasionally be bought at discounted sale prices and when we last checked the unlocked models could be had for as low as $259 a piece.

Yes, these prices are higher than a shoebox or Altoid mints tin, but these are completely different products. Storing your weed in a non-sealed and dry environment means it will dry out fast.

wood cannabis stash box
There are both locked and unlocked versions, which make them perfect for use in homes with minors or frequent guests. Locks are solid and timeless in their engineering and design.

It’s also worth noting that quality goods come with a price tag. These humidors are fine pieces of craftsmanship and made of legendarily luxurious hard woods that have long been prized for their durability and beauty.

If you’re looking to increase the classiness of your smoking experience or just want to pop-off your living room with a finishing touch conversation piece, then Cannaseur humidors are most definitely worth your consideration.

Still not sold? We got in touch with the owner of Cannaseur to ask him questions directly..

cannabis humidor
Attention is paid to every detail, from the solid locking mechanisms to the metal inserts holding the individual stash jars.

Interview with Cannaseur Co-Founder Scott Lyons

We were curious about what drove the creation of the Cannaseur brand and what role it has identified for itself in the exciting and fast-growing legal cannabis space so we reached out to Cannaseur Co-Founder Scott Lyons to ask him a few questions about his brand and his products.Scott Lyons

Herb CEO: Hello Scott, thanks again for taking the time to share a little bit more about your company. Could you start by giving us a quick overview of what Cannaseur stands for, how it was developed, what your core products are and what kind of niche you’re carving out for yourselves?

Scott: Cannaseur exists to help elevate the cannabis experience. We’re working to shed the stoner stigma by bringing cannabis out of the closet and onto the coffee table. Our current product lineup consists solely of humidors designed specifically to keep your bud at the optimal humidity level. These aren’t just functional pieces, but very esthetically pleasing as well. 

Herb CEO: With expanding legalization to the  growing popularity of cannabis it seems the “good plant” is finally emerging not just as a grungy stoner thing but more of a normal working class lifestyle. Magazine’s like Broccoli and lifestyle brands like Tokyo Smoke are reflective of this emerging demographic of discerning smokers. Where does Cannaseur fit in and how do you see this trend changing/evolving in coming years?

Scott: This is exactly the type of lifestyle that we aim to imbue. We want to see cannabis and the associated experience accepted as no different than enjoying a good scotch. With legalization 2.0 on the horizon in Canada and the path that has been paved in certain US states, edibles/beverages and other formats should continue that trend towards normalization of the ‘good plant’.

Herb CEO: You definitely know more about pampering flower than we do so could you briefly go over the importance at keeping your herb at an optimal humidity level? Could you share what makes Cannaseur humidors better than other traditional storing methods popular today?

Scott: It’s important to keep your herb stored at the optimal humidity level, so as to avoid a harsh bud (being stored too dry) and to avoid mold (being stored too humid). The optimal level promotes a proper smoke and maintains those hypnotic aromas and flavours. 

There are other storage methods on the market for sure, but none that balances the humidity, while also providing an elegant, substantial storage unit that you’d want to put on display.

The option exists to use a standard humidor typically geared towards cigars, but there are some notable differences with our humidors that make them tailored towards cannabis – 1) they are lined with mahogany rather than cedar, as cedar can impart flavours; 2) they are regulated to a slightly lower relative humidity level than cigars, promoting the proper balance for cannabis; 3) the storage configurations are perfect for cannabis 🙂

Herb CEO: Is there any news or anything share-worthy you’d like to share about Cannaseur, or the flower pampering market at large? 

Scott: We currently have some other configurations in the works that we’re excited to share very soon! These will allow a market that’s looking for a variety of strains to make use of our humidors.

Herb CEO Summary

Cannaseur represents everything we hope the cannabis industry will become and more. It encapsulates elements of the smokers lifestyle we hold highly, including placing a focus on the flower, using sustainable materials, and featuring expert craftsmanship to produce a product that is less 90’s college dormitory and more 50’s boardroom.

As the popularity of legal cannabis grows we here at Herb CEO expect brands to continue to look for ways to elevate the cannabis experience beyond grunge and wholly redefine at least elements of the industry to be reflective of the truly beautiful aesthetic that is inherent to quality cannabis cultivation, presentation and enjoyment.

You can visit Cannaseur and shop directly via their website at

*Cannaseur was nice enough to hook all Herb CEO readers up with a discount as well! Use code HERBCEO at checkout for 10% off your humidor order!

We also recommend following Cannaseur on Facebook and Instagram as well as they’re regularly putting out new products as well as sending out updates, and given how fast these things sell out, updates are good to have.


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