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HERBCEO is for the legal promotion and business development of a wide variety of cannabis and hemp-derived products. We believe in both the benefits of THC-containing cannabis products (think medical marijuana) as well as non-THC containing plant derivatives such as CBD, CBG, CBN etc.

With the federal legalization of hemp products (containing ineffectually minuscule amounts of THC) the entire industry of CBD containing products has exploded. Accompanied with the public and scientific acknowledgment of the importance of cannabinoid receptors and the cannabinoid system as a whole in the human body, a race has begun to create the purest, most impactful CBD products possible.

While there are many great brands out there like FOCL and Endoca producing quality Made-in-America oils, the ways in which CBD is being used as therapy are increasing at light speed.

If you want to keep up to date on the latest and greatest CBD products BEFORE they go viral on Instagram then a monthly subscription service from one of the 5 below mentioned brands is a great way to stay on the cutting edge of this industry as it continues to evolve and produce ever more exciting and powerful consumer products.

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Hemp-derived CBD: What Is It?

With the recent legalization of hemp-derived CBD, it has quickly become one of the most popular trends in all-natural health and wellness products. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, short for cannabidiol, it is a naturally-occurring chemical found in the cannabis plant.

Unlike THC, a cannabinoid found in medical marijuana, CBD has no psychoactive properties. It does, however, have proven healing properties, making it a go-to for many ailments and medical issues.

Why Subscription Boxes?

In the last couple of years, subscription boxes have become a more and more popular way for buyers to try new products. The trend is growing at a rapid pace, as Fast Company reported in 2018, over 3,500 subscription box services are now in operation, with nearly half of them having launched since 2017.

While there’s no data on how many of those subscription boxes offer CBD products, a quick internet search will show that they’ve quickly become as pervasive as those offering clothes, makeup, or pet toys.

Services like CBD Health Box and Discovery Club have thrived in the wake of the 2018 Farm Bill, which radically loosened restrictions on hemp-derived CBD and allowed it to be shipped around the country.

CBD subscriptions

Benefits of Monthly Deliveries

The main appeal of a CBD subscription box is convenience. With a few clicks, you can have an assortment of edibles, combustibles, tinctures, or topicals shipped to you each month.

COVID-19, pandemic anxiety, and stay-at-home orders are also supercharging the subscription trend.

Today, CBD boxes of the month have evolved into designer collections, expertly selected, and stylishly designed, all with online ordering and contactless delivery.

CBD products come in different concentrations, potency amounts, and forms of usage whose effects will vary from person to person as everyone’s body will be subjective to its benefits.

All of our bodies are unique and its response to cannabidiol can also be very different depending on age, weight, and dosing concentrations.

A CBD subscription box is a tailored product offering with several different types of CBD products. These wellness boxes only contain CBD rich products that come from the hemp plant. The CBD products in these subscription boxes do not contain high levels of THC, although most products contain trace amounts of THC, no higher than the 0.3% legal limit.

Depending on personal preferences, like taste and medical conditions, the products these CBD subscription boxes contain are modified and supplied based on the needs of their customers.

A subscription membership service may also be the only way for some consumers to gain access to vendors due to limitations based on location.

Whether you’re a regular CBD user or you’re looking for a jumping-off point to see what’s out there, CBD subscription box services can expose you to some of the highest-quality products on the market.

Finally, and maybe more importantly for some readers, subscribing to a product service allows the brand to forecast orders ahead of time, buy in bulk, and sell to consumers at a more affordable price.

So if you use CBD products regularly, instead of paying full retail markup at a store, subscribing to a delivery program will both lower your total costs in the long run and also guarantee you never run out of your precious CBD again!

What Defines Quality?

There’s no point in subscribing to something that includes inferior product and a subscription, by nature, is designed to be a long-term relationship. For these reasons it’s worth taking a little extra time BEFORE making a purchase to evaluate what is quality.

8 Things to Evaluate When CBD Subscription Shopping

CBD subscription boxes differ widely. Because boxes usually contain a wide variety of products, from tinctures to capsules to creams and everything inbetween there are a lot of variables to take into account when choosing a subscription provider.

Outside of just “what type of products do you use most” we here are some of the best ways to compare CBD subscription boxes:

1. Product Quality

The worst CBD subscription boxes are packed with low-quality CBD products at inflated prices. The best boxes are packed with premium products at discount prices.

If you are trying to choose between a couple of boxes do a quick Google search of the individual items in the box to find some reviews and see which one has the better overall reputation online.

2. Product Variety

Most subscription boxes give you a decent selection of different CBD product types, from balms to topicals to edibles and gummies. The whole point of subscribing to a delivery service, besides having a reliable continual supply of CBD, is to discover and explore the latest and greatest the industry has to offer.

For this reason we think it’s worth looking through subscription providers social media accounts to see historical boxes to get an idea of the kind of diversity you can expect in terms of product type.

3. Price and Value

The best CBD subscription boxes give you good value. Some companies buy CBD products at bulk rates and distribute products to members at a discount. This is one of the biggest financial reasons to go subscription.

Price comparison can be hard because it’s not just about the number of items in the box but also the quality. The price difference between 100% organic super-strength CBD tincture and a low-CBD product can be significant so make sure you take dosages-per-product and potency into account when comparing.

When it comes to CBD purity and potency, it’s almost always going to cost more money but is also almost always well worth the extra spend.

4. Legality

Recreational use of cannabis is legal in certain states. CBD, however, is legal in every state (just check this map). As long as your CBD products contain less than 0.3% THC, they should be legal so this isn’t really a big concern for Americans.

However, some employers still don’t allow the use of any hemp or cannabis-derived product, and there are still many countries that don’t allow it so double check you’re in the legal clear before spending your hard-earned money!

5. Dosage

Some CBD subscription boxes are tailored towards beginners using CBD for the first time. They have low dosages to help your body grow accustomed. Other CBD subscription boxes are tailored towards more experienced users. They have high dosages.

CBD dosing can be tricky as the impact depends on a wide variety of factors including intended use (relaxation vs pain therapy), historical encounters (do you already use CBD or are you just starting out), and biological factors (everybody is different and thus may respond differently).

General rule of thumb is to start low and work your way up in potency and dosage. The nice thing about subscription plans is you will have plenty of opportunity and time to slowly increase the potency as you get more comfortable with the products.

6. Dosage or Quantity Guarantees

Some CBD delivery boxes guarantee a specific dosage or number of products. Some subscription boxes specify somewhere between 4 and 10 products per month.

Others specify a certain dosage; like that, you’ll receive at least 400 mg of CBD in each box every month. Whenever possible look for products that are 3rd party tested to ensure quality.

7. Diversity Within Diversity

Some CBD subscription boxes ship you the same products every month. Other boxes ship different products every month. Others feature a blend (like our boys at FOCL CBD for example).

Some people prefer getting the same products month after month while others prefer getting different products. Which you purchase is up to you. If you know a product works for you and are happy with the effects then you don’t need variety.

Conversely if you are just starting out we think it’s worth taking a few months to try all that the world of CBD has to offer to find what works best for you.

For example some people just can’t stand the taste of sub-lingual tinctures (drops you put under your tongue), so lotions, balms and creams are more up their alley.

8. Curation/Selection Process

Some CBD boxes are curated by CBD experts with years of industry experience. They know the best brands and most popular products. Other CBD boxes are cobbled together by marketing gurus trying to maximize their affiliate income.

Looking at the products within the boxes and researching the individual brands is critical to separate the wheat from the chaff and because it’s a subscription, doing your due-diligence up front is paramount if you want to make the most financially smart investment.

So, without further delay, below are 5 of the best-selling, most-talked about CBD subscription services that we were able to research and feel comfortable recommending.

We’re not saying this is the end-all-be-all of providers, as the industry continues to evolve and grow at lightning speed, but as of publication these are definitely the biggest of the big in terms of major-league players.

Top 5 CBD Subscriptions of 2021

This is an evolving list, but as of 2020 below are the best of breed in terms of balance between quality and value. Dig in boys and girls!

Hemp Crate Co review

Hemp Crate Co 


Hemp Crate Co. is one of the most popular CBD subscription boxes available today. This probably has something to do with their no-nonsense marketing style and overall transparency as a company. For example they publish the 3rd party purity testing results for all of their products, something we wish EVERY CBD brand should do.

The company describes itself as “obsessive about customer experience”. They emphasize quality and transparency while selling high-quality CBD products at multiple subscription tiers.

The sourcing for all products is disclosed upfront, and Hemp Crate Co. emphasizes organic hemp and CBD products wherever possible.

Another nice touch with Hemp Crate Co. is that each monthly box comes with brochures, pamphlets, and infographics to help you understand how CBD works.

You can sign up for a three or six-month subscription across multiple boxes, including the “Hempa The Explorer” box for newbies just getting started with CBD or the “Health & Wellness” box for those interested in the healing effects of CBD.

Want to give CBD pet products a try? Hemp Crate Co. offers a “Furry Friends” box containing CBD pet treats for dogs and cats. There’s also a “Pro” and “Starter” option available with all packages, letting you choose a box with 3 to 5 items or 5 to 8 items. Boxes are priced reasonably at $45 to $70.

CBD HealthBox review

CBD Health Box


CBD Health box offers discounted assortments, discrete packaging, and a lot of educational material for CBD enthusiasts. Their CBD subscription box offers high-quality, purely organic, US-grown hemp-based CBD products which are guaranteed by third-party testing. They offer full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

For customers seeking long term benefits from CBD, the best choice is choosing a one-year subscription plan.

Besides saving money by paying the least every month, rather than the other choices which cost more monthly, the customers also get their first monthly box for free as a trial offer. They offer plans for as low as $54.99 monthly.

The $69.99 plan gives six boxes, or six months, worth of variance and discounts that include full-spectrum CBD, CBD recipe cards, and up to 60% on savings on all CBD products. Other offers are $79.99 for 3 boxes and $84.99 for one box.

MonthLeaf review



MonthLeaf is based in California, which allows the company to offer both CBD-themed and cannabis-themed boxes. The whole subscription was developed as a discreet way to try out new products, chosen by a father-daughter team who want to support the entire cannabis community, including dispensaries.

The company offers five to six products a month, which all come from the same dispensary with each shipment.

The team chooses from the featured stores on their website. The company offers the Puff Box, the Edible Box, the CBD Box, and the Sampler Box, which are each $100 per month, or they can be purchased as a one-time transaction for $120 each.

Before making a purchase, the user will need to input their zip code to make sure that the products can be legally delivered to their state.

Magu Monthly Box Club review

Magu Box Club


Magu Box Club announced their subscription with the start of their Instagram page on February 19th, offering an original piece of artwork with every shipment.

While there are many infused products, like gummies, bath bombs, and lotions, the company also includes flower pre-rolls, coffee, and lip balm to keep the selection interesting.

The total cost of this subscription box is $49.95, though users will have a chance to get a sneak peek of the box on their first order. Consumers have the choice of allowing the company to decide what’s in the box or purchasing the “One of a Kind” version for a loved one or friend.

Creators of other CBD products can send a message to Magu to add to the boxes.

HempMy Pet review

HempMy Pet


HempMy Pet, a premium manufacturer of pet CBD oils and treats, differs from our top 2 picks in that it’s not a box filled with goodies that the company chooses for you. Rather, you choose your product(s) and then have the option to subscribe for monthly auto shipping.

Subscribing gives you some awesome discounts. You save 5% on your first auto-ship order, and then savings escalate 5% for each recurring order, up to 30% off for your 5th auto-ship order. And it’s a great way to ensure that you never run out.

HempMy Pet uses organic, non-GMO hemp they grow themselves and certified-organic carrier oils (coconut and hemp seed), sourced responsibly, and sustainably. All products are pesticide and solvent-free and contain less than 0.3% THC.

HerbCEO Conclusion

In the above context we have discussed the CBD subscription boxes, what do they contain, what different companies are offering in the market, and how users can customize their products at affordable prices.

For people wanting to dip their toes in the cannabis or more specific CBD benefits, or those whose earlier products don’t work anymore, CBD subscription boxes may be the way out, as it gives the chance to try out many different CBD products at a reduced price.

This article is designed to be a living and breathing document, meaning as the industry grows and more offerings come to market we continue to revise and update this list to include only the “creme-de-la-creme”.

If you’ve used one of the above-mentioned services were are curious to hear your thoughts, either positive or negative, to help inform us and make sure your content is as up-to-date and accurate as possible.

Similarly if you’ve found a subscription you like and think deserves a little more attention please let us know and we’ll give it a review and consider incorporating it into our round-up.

Finally, if you are of the entrepreneurial mindset and this post has inspired you to startup your own niche CBD subscription box then check out our roundup of white-label capable CBD wholesalers to get the inspirational juices flowing!


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