Hemp Oil Comparison: CBD vs CBN vs CBG Oil

Hemp is one of the most popular plants across the globe, which is why it is loved by over 1 billion people. As recently as 2019 approximately “1:7 adults in the U.S use products containing CBD”. This cannabis plant-derived, non-THC (meaning non-psychoactive) compounds has become the darling child of the legal hemp movement.

After being discovered in the early 19th century, people began to use it for homeopathic and semi-recreational purposes.

For example, legal cannabis strains, like those used for medical marijuana prescriptions, are bred to contain high levels of CBD as it’s this compound that works in synergy with other cannabinoids like terpenes and flavonoids (see “entourage effect“) as well as THC to create a more full-body effect.

However, now, with much advancement in medical research, and increasingly liberal state-level cannabis laws, the nation, and the world,  are becoming more attuned to the more subtle, day-to-day benefits of CBD.

Today, hemp is a major industry, one of the fastest growing within the legal cannabis vertical, primarily because it can sidestep so many state laws given that it doesn’t contain THC, which means it can be sold and marketed without the heavy regulations associated with THC/psychoactive cannabis containing products.

Still, as with many popularized acronyms, there is much mystery and confusion surrounding CBD. What is it, why do people love it and how is it used?

In this article, we will guide you through the differences between the oils produced by the plant, including CBD, CBG, and CBN, not forgetting how hemp has a strong history of being used for treating body pains and how these various cannabis derivatives each play a unique role in medical/therapeutic applications.

So, with the below you will finally be able to understand what the media is talking about, or what the latest skincare product is that you’re seeing advertised heavily online and maybe even have the confidence to give this wonderfully natural oil a chance yourself!

1. Cannabidiol Oil aka “CBD”

CBD, which stands for cannabidiol, is an active ingredient of the cannabis plant. It is one of the 79 cannabinoids found naturally in the cannabis plant.

CBD oil is used by people across the globe because it can fight several health conditions such as insomnia, arthritis, body pains, acne, muscle aches, skin disorders, high blood pressure, indigestion, etc. These reasons have compelled the fans to infuse CBD oil in food items, desserts, and beverages.

In terms of producers and sellers there are many. We recommend checking off the following if you are looking to buy a CBD product online:

  • Does the company provide proof of testing? This is imperative to guarantee the purity of the product
  • When was the company established? Do they have a physical address?
  • Is the oil organic? Is it full-spectrum? Look for products with minimal processing.
  • Are there reviews about the company online? Do a Google search of the brand name to be sure.
  • What is their refund/money back policy?
  • How do the dosages/quantity compare in terms of cost/value to other makers?
  • Do they farm and process themselves or are they simply a reseller?

One of the biggest and best-selling brands, Veritas Farms, is a great product for which to compare others as they are well known, local to Pueblo Colorado, and have a solid reputation in the industry for balancing quality with price.

CBD oil is a major industry across the globe and has already surpassed a staggering net worth of $400 million, of which The Veritas Farms is a major contributor.

To fully understand CBD you have to understand the endocannabinoid system in the human body, a series of receptors specifically designed to bind to cannabinoids.

Traditionally, CBD oil was used for recreational purposes, usually in it’s un-processed flower form, via smoking or vaporizing by chronic pain sufferers as part of a therapeutic protocol.

Today however, this oil, with much scientific evidence in its support, has managed to become a part of popular culture across America with CBD lotions, tinctures, candies, cremes, salts, sodas and beers making up just a few of the various products that are embracing CBD into their development/manufacturing.

Much of this is pure marketing, playing to something that is popular for the sake of selling. Still, lotions, tinctures, and solvents are becoming wildly popular with everyone from stay at home moms to professional athletes in terms of managing muscle pain.

CBD oil is just one of the key non-THC compounds found within the cannabis plant, and while it is by far the most popular, some of it’s relatives like CBG and CBN are also starting to gain some popularity and we expect them to be just as popular as CBD in the coming years:

2. Cannabinol Oil aka “CBN”

Also known as cannabinol, CBN is a strong ingredient of the cannabis plant. Luckily, with several proven health benefits, CBN oil has also managed to grab massive eyeballs in a short time. However, unlike CBD oil, CBN oil doesn’t make you feel high.

Although this oil is far less researched as compared to CBD oil, scientists are hopeful that it will debut with amazing health benefits. Keep In mind; there is a demarcation between CBD and CBN. Many people tend to consume CBN for CBD, the truth is, they are from the same plant family but with a different chemical composition.

CBN oil is a popular remedy for the treatment of insomnia because it can easily instill a good night’s sleep in an individual. The only proven side effect of this oil is that it can cause addiction. Especially if you’re suffering from any addiction, using CBN oil might not be the best solution.

Although people use this oil to treat anxiety, there is a high risk that it can cause addiction. Using CBN oil with a doctor’s prescription might be the best choice because it is essential for you to have a strong perspective on its right dosage.

3. Cannabigerol Oil aka “CBG”

CBG, which is shortened for cannabigerol, is another strong ingredient of hemp. There’s no running away from the fact, CBD and THC are the most popular ingredients of hemp, but CBG has also managed to carve a good space for itself in the minds of the customers.

CBD is known as the father of cannabinoids because its chemical composition breaks down into CBG, THC, and CBC. Because this compound is non-intoxicating, it won’t make you feel high at all.

Once again, CBD wins by being researched more than CBG, but CBG is rapidly rising in popularity and may even work in harmony with CBD/CBN.

CBD oil has many incredible health benefits for the body because it provides relief from pain, can treat arthritis, and is good medicine for depression. However, it is best if you visit a doctor before consuming it. CBG oil is the perfect alternative for CBD oil because they both have a similar chemical composition.

If you want to learn more about the more subtle differences between CBD, CBG, CBC, CBN, and THC then we recommend our complete “Cannabinoids Explained” post where we go even further into detail about the differences in these compounds and the role they play in therapy/impacts on the body.

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What is The Future of Cannabis and Cannabis Oils?

Therefore it is fair enough to say, all these three oils will replace many conventional medicines in the healthcare sector because of their amazing benefits. Much research is still underway, so consumers have to wait for the right time.

Because of massive advancement in the health sector, hemp is being considered as a major medicine for treating several life-threatening diseases in the future.

However, unless something concrete doesn’t stem out in terms of the two oils mentioned above, apart from CBD oil, it is tough to say if experts will give them a thumbs up to be used as a medicine.

Currently, scientists have come together to study the pros and cons of using these three oils. So let’s wait till they surprise us with intriguing facts about these compounds. For as long as cannabis is here to stay, medical experts will continue to make use of these oils for treating maximum health conditions.

The market is already responding. Many recreational cannabis growers are learning that a more complete cannabinoid profile and terpene profile can create a substantially more impactful product versus just focusing on THC content alone.

With over 500 million fans across the globe, weed has already managed to become a mainstream plant. However, still it will take time for many countries to join the bandwagon to legalize it.

Owing to its massive popularity across the globe, many households have started to grow this plant in their backyards, which is a strong reason behind a confused net worth figure of this plant.

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