An Introduction to Compound Genetics

Are you a cannabis connoisseur who has been smoking for a long time? Are you new to weed? Either way, if you’re looking for top-shelf, high-quality strains of weed, then you’re going to find that there are a lot of cultivators out there. One cultivator that is up-and-coming and that has been receiving a lot of recognition lately is Compound Genetics. 

Are your interests piqued? Want to learn more? Keep on reading to find out about one of the best marijuana cultivators, including how they got started, what they offer, and what sets them apart from the crowd. 

About Compound Genetics 

Compound Genetics is a marijuana seed breeder founded by the now legendary Christopher Lynch. Located in California, the company was started by a pair of friends who were long-time smokers who were truly passionate about cannabis, and they wanted to share that passion with people around the world.

After dedicating several years cultivating and selecting various varieties of seeds and constantly trying out new combinations, they created an innovative and super-exciting top-shelf level of cannabis genetics. The duo spent years searching for, gathering, and collaborating with others to bring together very rare, one-of-a-kind, and highly demanded “exotic” flavors. The end result: seeds that grow some of the highest quality, most impressive cannabis plants on the planet. 

Compound Genetics offers an exclusive and extensive library or genetics, and they use that library to create one-of-a-kind expressions that, according to their website, are “elite representations of smell, taste, and experience”. Ever since they came onto the scene, the seed breeder has experienced exponential growth, and they continue to grow at a rapid rate.

Cultivators and home growers around the globe regard Compound Genetics as one of the best the absolute best breeders of marijuana seeds, and they have attracted a substantially sized list of clients from around the globe. 

Compound Genetics Strains and Flavors

The cannabis industry has been booming in the US and around the globe. Thanks to recent legislation that has legalized the medicinal and recreational use in many American states and territories, as well as in country’s around the world, people are using weed now more than ever before.

As such, this has opened up the opportunity for forward-thinking, business-savvy, and passionate marijuana advocates to offer a variety of products. Using science, the development of unique strains that are truly interesting have been made possible through cross-breeding and genetic selection, and Compound Genetics leads the way. 

Compound Genetics offers a large selection of options to choose from. No matter the flavor and aroma you’re looking for, the smoke content, the THC and CBD potency; you’ll be able to find seeds that will grow into plants that will be sure to knock your socks off at Compound Genetics. Here’s a look at just some of the different options they offer: 

  • Jet Fuel Gelato. A combination of Jet Fuel G6, High Octane, and Gelato 45, Jet Fuel Gelato delivers a taste bud tantalizing flavor and a delightful high. The taste is similar to sweet cream, which is mixed with creamy gas terpenes, and an impressive level of potency. One of the breeder’s pillar varieties, Jet Fuel Gelato is highly acclaimed, and some of the most famous varieties that come out of this collection include High Society, Jokerz, Horchta, First Class Funk, Life Hack, Marshmallow OG, Gummiez, Grape Gasoline, and Krypto Chronic. 
  • The Menthol. This breed is also comprised of Gelato 45, Jet Fuel G6, and High Octane, but it has the addition of White Diesel. The addition of the White Diesel combined with the other breeds has created a truly distinctive flavor that, as the name suggests, has a minty flavor, with a touch of a sweet ice cream sundae. It’s accented by chunky buds that glisten with white, this is a high-powered bud that will leave you licking your lips and will have you soaring high. Highlight strains from this collection include Khalifa Mints, Tokyo Snow, Tiger Cake, Seven Stars, and Vapor Fuel. 
  • Legend Orange Apricot. This F2 collection is comprised of a collection of world renowned genetics that highlight breeding work that was originated by Capulator and Obsoul33t. The first-time release from Compound Genetics brought to life varieties that are rich in terpenes, with varieties like Ice Cream Man, Glazed Apricot Gelato, Garlic Grove, Purple Apricot, and Flavor Crystals; just to name a few. 
  • Acai Berry. A high-profile Gelato phenotype, Acai Berry yields plants that have dark black flowers that produce terpenes that have a sweet gas and berry ice cream flavor and is decked out with frosty trichomes. It’s a limited edition from Compound Genetics and it was exclusively released at the 2018 Portland Indo Expo. Some of the most notable flavors that come from this collection include Panda Puffs, Peppermint Agave, Blackberry Octane, Jet Fuel Acai, and Tropical Blunt

In addition to the above-mentioned varieties, Compound Genetics also offers several exclusive collaborations with Cookies that are sure to leave you wanting more. These options include: 

  • Apples and Banana. If you’re looking for one of the hottest strains of cannabis out there, you have to check out Apples and Bananas. As the name suggest, it has a sweet, fruit smoothie taste that packs a heavy fuel finish. With a 30% THC level, you’ll have no trouble getting to the heights you want to soar to with Apples and Bananas. 
  • White Runtz. A rare genetic line of top-quality strains, White Runtz is as delightfully sweet and fruity as its namesake, the popular Runtz candy. It was developed by crossing Zkittlez with the highly resinous Gelato, which come together to create a truly unique terpene profile that has potent effects on the body and the mind. 
  • Grape Gasoline. A blend of Grape Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato, the flavor profile of this indica dominant strain is a mixture of grape, cookie dough, and jet fuel. Not only does it leave a pleasant taste on the tongue, but it also will make you feel laid-back and relaxed in no time. 
HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Summary

If you’re looking to grow highly flavorful and cannabinoid-rich weed strains, you’re definitely going to want to get your hands on some Compound Genetics seeds, if you can…

Compound Genetics growth and popularity has been nothing short of meteoric, and we suspect this is only the beginning judging by the constant innovation and dropping of terpy-extremo exotics on the regular. We suspect Christopher and Compound Genetics will go down in history as one of the pioneers of diamond-tier flower and ultimately a giant force of progression within the industry. Know the name, you won’t regret it next time you pop in your local fine purveyor of dank and are unsure of what to get 🙂

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