CVault & EVault Containers Reviewed

How much do you value your weed, and how much do you care that your stash retains its freshness, flavor, and potency for as long as possible? Yeah, those were rhetorical questions, because if you’re reading this, the answer’s gonna be “a lot” on both counts. 

On the off chance that you’re still using a scruffy old Ziploc baggie to store your cannabis, and the much higher odds that you’ve turned to something like Tupperware containers to keep your MJ fresh and green, you’ve simply got to know that there are better options. 

CVault and EVault containers are some of the market leaders when it comes to storing your flower or your cannabis extract. Here’s why, and what else you need to know about these nifty and stylish containers. 


What Makes CVault Containers the Perfect Weed Storage Solution?

Made of food-grade stainless steel with stunning latches and a silicone ring that make sure your weed gets the best airtight storage treatment, CVault containers are definitely going to appeal to cannabis lovers who like to channel their inner Martha Stewarts. 

CVault containers aren’t just a handy and beautiful storage option for your weed, though. Unlike regular plastic or metal kitchen containers you might previously have converted into a marijuana storage system, CVault containers are manufactured with a breathable extra space in their lids. 

CVault containers are specifically designed to be used with Boveda® humidity paks — which Boveda itself accurately advertises as “terpene shields”. This is crucial, because even the most expertly-grown marijuana quickly degrades when it’s stored in inappropriate conditions

Most people probably have experience with marijuana that’s dried out way too much. Not only does weed become harder to handle if it’s too dry, it also begins to lose flavor — and, that’s right, potency. That part wasn’t all in your head.

how to store weed correctly

The worst thing? Even just a few simple hours of neglectful storage can ruin your stash! (Sticking it in a CVault container can, however, help restore the weed to its former glory and inject some moisture.)

If the relative humidity is too high, on the other hand (anything above 58 percent, which is considered borderline OK for general indoor air quality, by the way), your bud could easily get moldy. Then it’s not just unpleasant to smoke, but you can throw the entire thing away. 

Boveda® paks are easy to use, and especially so because EVault cannabis containers were designed to work in concert with them. Simply pop a pak into the designated slot, and you’re good to go. Once the pak hardens completely, you need to replace it.

Exposure to sunlight is another enemy of quality weed, and CVault containers make sure to keep your stash safe on that count, too. 

At this point, this rant might have ventured suspiciously close to sponsored content territory, but nope — we just like our weed, and we like it to stay as good as possible for as long as possible. 

The TL:DR version? Consider trying CVault containers to keep your weed safe and fresh because:

  • You can choose from a wide variety of sizes, from the ¼ oz CVault that’s perfect for on the go, to the 2 lb option that’s perfect for folks who want to cure their cannabis in CVault containers, too (more about that later). 
  • CVault containers keep your weed at the exact relative humidity it needs. That means your bud will stay fresh — not too dry, not too moist, and with all the active ingredients very much intact, thanks!
  • CVault containers keep your cannabis away from sunlight, which degrades it, and the containers are airtight, too.
  • The containers are fully stackable.
  • CVault containers look epic. That fact doesn’t affect their functionality, but if you want to look at something pretty even while the lid is closed, you can if you choose CVault containers. 

A Look at EVault Containers

If you’re looking to store isolate and distillate extracts, you won’t be able to do that in CVault containers. You’ll need another solution. Enter the EVault. This range is manufactured in three different sizes — 2 liters, 4 liters, and 6 liters.

Like the CVault range, Evault vessels are made from medical grade stainless steel and feature a series of latches to protect your cannabis extract from “the elements”. B

ecause EVault containers are airtight, block out natural light, and keep all the THC, CBD, and terpenes right where they ought to be, using one doesn’t just help your concentrate last longer. It also improves its potency. 

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Using EVault Containers to Cure Weed

Folks who are hoping to experiment with home growing should be aware that weed can’t simply be enjoyed right after harvesting it. Cannabis needs to be cured, first. As in other food-preservation contexts, this simply means that marijuana should go through a process to prolong its shelf life and increase its quality. 

Thankfully, curing weed is a lot easier than curing meat. Although there are various ways to cure marijuana, you basically just need to get it into airtight conditions, away from sunlight and at the right humidity level, for two or so weeks. As marijuana is cured, it continues to “mature”, if you like, and the curing process helps your stash gain the flavor and experience you’re after.

That’s what the larger EVault containers are so perfect for! Unless you’re going to cure marijuana in an EVault, you’ll do just fine with some of the smaller sizes, so if you were wondering what anyone would do with a 2 lb EVault, you now have your answer. 

Using EVault Containers to Revitalize Old Weed

That dry and crumbling stuff you’ve got lying around probably won’t ever be the same — let’s be honest — but you can rescue it by simply putting it in an EVault container for a while. Even a couple of hours can make a huge difference.

The bottom line? If you love your weed, you’ll want it to stay as fresh, flavorful, and potent as possible  until it’s all gone. EVault and CVault containers are the easiest and most stylish way to achieve that.

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