Why Dabpress is an OG Leader in the Rosin Press Market

Solventless dabs have been receiving a lot of attention as of late, and for very good reason. The national vape scare that occurred in 2019 woke a lot of cannabis vapers up, and they’ve become a lot more conscious about what they’re inhaling into their lungs, which means that they’re paying a lot more attention to the ways in which the cannabis concentrates they use are produced.

While the issue in 2019 was certainly harrowing for those who were affected, the fact that it made those who prefer vaping their marijuana more aware was definitely a positive silver lining that arose from the tragedy.  

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The response to this conscious awareness has made cannabis extract vapers pay a lot more attention to full-spectrum, all-natural solventless dabs, and one of the best ways to extract solvent-free concentrates at home is by using a rosin press.

Unlike methods that use solvents to produce the rosin used for vaping, rosin presses are completely free of chemicals, which means that they’re no need to worry about being exposed to these toxins when you ingest them, and there aren’t any off-gassing requirements needed. 

Given the marked increase in solventless extraction techniques, there’s been a huge surge in new and innovative rosin presses. There are lots of manufactures who make these tools, and one brand that’s established itself as a stand out is Dabpress.

A titan within the boutique extraction community, Dabpress brand offers a variety of high-quality, durable, and reliable products that are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, and all of their products are long-lasting, affordably priced, and relatively easy to use. You’ll literally find everything you need to make outstanding solventless dabs at Dabpress. 

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An Overview of Dabpress Hydraulic Press Machines

Let’s start things off by taking a look at Dabpress, including the people behind the company, their mission, and the products and services that they offer to achieve their mission to see just why this upstart in the extraction game is getting so much hype.

About Dabpress

Founded in 2016, Dabpress Technologies is a Chinese manufacturer of rosin press equipment, including rosin press plate kits, rosin filter bags, dab tools, and a variety of other cutting-edge tools and accessories, all at an attractively reasonable price.

The Dabpress Mission: Rosin for Life!

The mission of the people behind the Dabpress company is to provide high-quality, solventless cannabis extracts by offering state-of-the-art, easy to use pneumatic tools, technologies, and accessories, such as rosin presses, hydraulic presses, do-it-yourself rosin press plate kits, and a vast array of accessories.

Like all good cannabis companies should be, they’re also committed to customer satisfaction. To that end, the makers of Dabpress Technologies always go the extra mile to ensure that the needs of their customers are met and that their expectations are exceeded. They achieve this mission by creating innovative, high-quality products at affordable prices, and by providing next level customer service. 

High-Quality, Cutting-Edge Solventless Technologies at Affordable Prices

At Dabpress Technologies, you’ll find innovative, high-quality products that won’t break the bank and that are backed by best-in-class customer service. The company’s products truly are innovative, as they’re specifically designed to maximize performance in order to make the process of extracting rosins from trichome-rich cannabis flowers a cinch.

In order to ensure that everyone can access their amazing products so that they can create high-quality, great-tasting, pure solventless dabs, Dabpress charges some of the fairest and most affordable prices. If you’re looking of an extraction machine to get the job done and aren’t looking to pay double for ultra-premium equipment, Dabpress should be on your consideration list.

Furthermore, in the event that anything happens or you’re unsatisfied for any reason, because Dabpress guarantees all of their products for a year, so you can simply get in touch with the company and their knowledgeable and friendly associates will make sure to make things right and ensure your satisfaction. 

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Exceptionally-Designed, Easy-to-Use Dab Press Technologies

The premium-quality products that Dabpress makes truly are affordably priced. The people behind the company don’t think that you should have to pay a fortune in order to make great-tasting, super-potent, solventless dabs. That’s why all of the products that they offer are so affordably priced. 

In the 7 years that they have been in business, Dabpress Technologies has established themselves as one of the most trusted manufacturers in the dab press products industry. While there’s no doubt that they have asserted themselves as a leader in the industry, they haven’t gotten cocky! They know that there’s always room for improvement, and that’s why they are always striving to improve the quality of the products that they offer and to enhance the services they provide their customers.

Dabpress also seems well-aware that their competitors are closely watching and following them so that they can hopefully supersede them. To ensure that Dabpress always meets the needs and exceeds the expectations of their customers, they strive for excellence and are always seeking to make their products and their services even better. 

Safety is Always a Top Priority

At Dabpress Technologies, safety is always a top priority. The designers the company employs are constantly in pursuit of safety. That’s why safety is always at the forefront of the innovative tools, products, technologies, and accessories that the manufacturer offers.

When you choose Dabpress Technologies for your rosin extraction needs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you’ll be extracting your rosin with safe, easy to use, state-of-the-art products that are made by a manufacturer who always puts the needs of their customers first. 

An Introduction to Dabpress Popular Products

So now that you have some background information about Dabpress Technologies, there’s no doubt that you’re interests are piqued and that you’re wondering about the products that they offer. In this section of our review, we’ll outline some of the top products that the company offers. 

If you’re looking for a tiny cheap press for your own personal use we suggest checking out our rosin press guide where we discuss the handheld Ju1ceBox. If you are a corporate enterprise looking for large volume commercial extraction we recommend checking out Pure Pressure presses.

Overview of Dabpress Extraction Machines for 2023

At Dabpress, dab press machines are the company’s primary focus – go figure! They’re always seeking to enhance the products that they offer, and the company is constantly adding innovative machines that are outfitted with state-of-the-art technologies. 

The following is a brief look at some of the dab press machines that you’ll find at Dabpress Technologies designed for small to medium sized hobby or boutique extraction use.

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6 Ton Personal Rosin Press

The 6 Ton Personal Rosin Press features a 6-ton bottle jack with 3×5 inch heated platens, and it comes complete with replaceable bottle jacks. The durable frame is made of H-shaped painted steel, which is paired with a replaceable 6 ton bottle jack and has a built-in spring embedded into the frame. With a 6,000 time longer service life, it will produce solventless dabs for a long, long time.

An anodized working surface allows you to extract outstanding flavor, and the design is independent of the heating rods. With 6 tons of force, the hydraulic bottle jack delivers optimal pressure for solventless extraction. Outstanding thermal insulation effect, and a replaceable bottle jack and controller round out the features. 

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4 Ton Starter Rosin Press

The 4 Ton Starter Rosin Press features 3×5 inch anodized heated platens that are capable of squeezing up to 10 grams of cannabis flower, and the working surface is super-easy to clean. An outstanding thermal insulation effect minimizes heat transfer, thanks to the wood insulator, which guarantees rapid heating; it shields the bottle jack from overheating, too.

Constructed of 6061 anodized aluminum and 4 piece stainless steel chrome rods, this machine is exceptionally durable. A replaceable bottle jack and a PID temp controller round out the features of this easy-to-use machine. 

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12 Ton Bottle Jack Complete Rosin Press

If you’re on the market for a rosin press that’s capable of putting out high quantities of high-quality rosin, the 12 Ton Bottle Jack Complete Rosin Press from Dabpress is an excellent choice. It’s equipped with both bottle jack and PID temperature controllers, which are fully replaceable to ensure a long life.

The four post design with an anodized frame, and dual 4×7 heat plates, this machine is capable of a 3 piece cylindrical puck or 2 piece rectangular puck to put out a fantastic yield. With 4 pieces of the 300 watt heating elements heat up fast and remain constantly hot to ensure uniform heating for a better quality product. An upgraded PID temp control further ensures that uniform temperature is applied so that you can maximize your output. 

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3×5 Caged Rosin Press Kit

Another great quality machine that Dabpress offers is their 3×5 Caged Rosin Press Kit. It comes with everything you need to make your own heat press machine for your own personal use. It features food-grade wood insulation and it reaches 200 degrees F within about 4 to 5 minutes, and it protects the hydraulics from overheating.

For your safety, the cage can be secured to the hydraulic press with M10 threads on the bottom platen; however, it should be noted that a bottom plate holder is not included. A food-grade 6061 aluminum working surface guarantees easy clean-up, and separated thermocouples and heating rods deliver accurate temperature for even heating. Plus, the heating rods have a long working life, and are guaranteed by the manufacturer. 

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3×5 Uncaged Rosin Plates DIY

Another great option to consider if you’re looking to make your own rosin for personal use is Dabpress’ 3×5 Uncaged Rosin Plates DIY. This kit comes with everything you need to build a 10 to 12 ton hydraulic press. This kit has been recently upgraded, and the new edition allows the bottom platen to secure onto the hydraulics to ensure alignment and safety.

The SGS certified innovative 8 mm slim food-grade insulator allows the plates to heat up to 200 degrees F within about 4 to 5 minutes while providing the protecting the hydraulics need to prevent overheating. Independent heating rods and thermocouples ensure accurate temperature detection. It’s guaranteed to have a long-lasting working life. 

DABPRESS 7x7 inch Plate Heater
52 Reviews
DABPRESS 7x7 inch Plate Heater
  • 110 volts, 600 watts.
  • 7x7" sized plate.

7×7 Sauce Maker

With the 7×7 Sauce Maker, you’ll be able to make DIY THCA crystals and soventless sauce with Jar-Tek. This cool accessory features a 7×7 terp sauce plate with a food-grade surface that is made of 6061 anodized aluminum, so it’s sanitary and easy to clean.

Independent heating rods and thermocouple guarantee an accurate temperature will be delivered and detected. The plate is attached to four wooden legs, which prevents the transfer of heat to avoid overheating. 

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Pollen Tumbler Machine

Sift your pollen like a pro with the Dabpress Pollen Tumbler Machine. It comes with 2 120, 160, and 220 micron replaceable nylon sifters. An aluminum base and aluminum case with an acrylic lid provides superior durability and keeps your bud safe and secure.

A durable brushless replaceable motor ensures long-term stability and allows you to speed up or slow down the tumbling as you need to. The nylon sifters are easy to clean and the machine can accommodate up to 120 grams of material at one time. 

CP700 Max - Hydraulic Hand Pump with Pressure Guage - Connecting NPT 3/8 or 1/4 inch...
  • 1-liter reservoir, it works well after filling more than half a liter as well.
  • Ideal for 10 - 30 ton hydraulic ram cylinders and other hydraulic applications.

CP700 Max Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge

The CP700 Max Hydraulic Hand Pump with Gauge features a 1.3 liter reservoir, and it can be paired with a 20 or 30 ton hydraulic press with ease. It comes complete with a hose extension kit; it can be hooked up to an NPT 3/8 inch or NPT ¼ inch female coupler with a hydraulic hose extension kit. A pressure gauge that is filled with fluid is included, and the pump rises rapid; however, it should be noted that the pump handle effort decreases significantly after some degree of pressure has been achieved. 

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2×4 Pre-Press Mold

Load up to 7 to 12 grams of cannabis material with the 2×4 pre-press mold, including flower and hash. It can be paired with 2×4 inch filter bags with ease, and it comes complete with a double PETP non-stick plates. The mold is made of anodized aluminum in a silver color, which provides a smooth surface to work on. To create pucks with this accessory, pair it with an arbor press or a bar clamp for compression. 

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Whether you’re looking to make your own solventless dabs for personal use or to sell at your own dispensary, you’ll be hard-pressed to find better quality equipment than Dabpress. The manufacturer offers literally everything you need to create incredibly potent, great tasting, high-quality extracts. 

If you have the budget we always suggest you first look to see if you can find something that is Made in the USA if you reside here. Likewise, if you live in Europe or South America we recommend you look for local solutions as well since rosin presses are large heavy pieces of equipment and sourcing locally, ideally where you can pick up the equipment yourself, is a great way to save some money on shipping AND support your local economy.

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