Everything You Need to Know about Rosin Micron Bags

The world of weed is constantly evolving. Long-time and avid proponents of marijuana consumption who have been keeping tabs on cannabis industry insights will tell you that they have witnessed those changes first-hand, and in many cases, have seen them in real-time.

From organic buds that are grown in the traditional way to top-shelf distillates that use scientific processes to isolate and extract the naturally-occurring active compounds – most notably cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), among others, like cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabinol (CBN) – that the cannabis plant contains. 

There are a lot of different methods that have been developed and used to extract cannabinoids (the chemical compounds that naturally occur in the cannabis plant), and rosin is one of the latest techniques. This process involves using heat and pressure to separate cannabis plant matter from cannabis oil, and in order to do this, a rosin micron bag is used. 

What is a rosin micron bag? How is it used? To find the answers to these questions and more, keep on reading. If you already know all about rosin extraction and you’re just looking to restock your bag supply, below are some of the best micron bag brands of 2023:

Pure Pressure




Everything You Need to Know about Rosin Micron Bags
Everything You Need to Know about Rosin Micron Bags
Everything You Need to Know about Rosin Micron Bags
Everything You Need to Know about Rosin Micron Bags





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25-160 microns

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37-160 microns

What is rosin? 

Before we discuss rosin micron bags, we first want to take a moment to explain what rosin is. 

In short, rosin is a cannabis concentrate (one of the many). It’s solventless, meaning that it isn’t comprised of solvents or any other chemicals, but rather, as mentioned above, heat and pressure are used to extract the concentrate from the cannabis plant. 

Extraction is usually done via a dedicated press machine, with the biggest and best reviewed rosin press manufacturers being Pure Pressure, Nugsmasher, Dulytek, Triminator, Sasquash, Rosinbomb, and Ecofarm.

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If you’ve ever played a violin, viola, or any other stringed instrument that is played with a bow, you’ve probably heard the word “rosin” before. That’s because originally, the process that is used to extract rosin from the cannabis plant was used to create the rosin that is applied to a bow to create friction, allowing the bow hair to grasp the strings of the instrument so that the strings vibrate clearly when the bow passes over them. Initially, rosin was made of sap that was extracted from trees, and heat and pressure were used to extract the tree sap. 

A pure and powerful concentrate, on average, rosin contains more than 80% THC. It first became famous by Phil “Soil Grown” Salazar, a marijuana expert who promoted the use of rosin in 2015. Since then, it has become highly appealing, primarily because it is very adaptable. When its combined with the limitless heat, pressure, and time permutations of the rosin press, diversified and significantly potent effects can be procured. 

Since it’s free of solvents, rosin is said to be much more pure than other types of concentrates that are extracted from the cannabis plant.

For example, concentrates that are procured using BHO extraction require the use of solvents, and those solvents can appear in the concentrate as residues that have the potential to be dangerous. In other words, the solventless process of rosin press extraction means that rosin is residue-free, rendering it safer than other types of weed concentrates. 

As mentioned, rosin is hailed for its adaptability. It can be turned into virtually any type of concentrate or texture. From wax to sugar to shudder, and even to budder, the rosin adaption possibilities are virtually endless. This adaptability makes it a great product for experimentation. 

Where does rosin come from? 

Cannabis rosin is made from the flower of the marijuana plant, kief, or hash. Once extracted, rosin is then transformed into full-mesh hash oil. The final product: a clear, sap-like, and sometimes shatter-like material that can be utilized in rosin dab manufacturing. When done properly, cannabis rosin can be compared to the taste, the strength, and the yield of other kinds of liquid extract solutions. 

Essentially, it all comes down to the trichomes; those tiny, white, peal-like, resinous limbs that form on marijuana flowers as they mature. Trichomes are important for rosin production, as they are a rich source of all the good stuff that weed contains, like cannabinoids, terpenes, and other kinds of natural chemical compounds and nutrients. 

What’s the difference between rosin and resin? 

Rosin and resin may sound the same, and hence, they two terms are often used interchangeably. While they do share some similar traits, there are significant differences. 

Both materials are derived from dried cannabis plant material. Generally speaking, resin is the sticky, tar-like substance that is secreted by cannabis trichomes. If you smoke out of a bong or a bowl, resin will collect within the piece. It can also be a concentrate that is extracted directly from the weed plant via extraction methods that utilize solvents – butane, propane, and other harsh chemicals – in a closed-loop extraction method.

Rosin, on the other hand, is solvent-free. As discussed, rather than chemicals, heat and pressure are used to extract the concentrate from the plant. 

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What is a rosin micron bag? 

Which brings us to the initial question: What is a rosin micron bag? Why, it’s a tool that is used in the process of creating rosin. Essentially, the bag is made of nylon that has been sewn together, creating a mesh material, which acts as a filtration system. The bag separates cannabis plant matter from the desired cannabinoid oils that you’re trying to extract. 

Rosin micron bags are kind of like coffee filters. The bags are available in various grades, and those grades are measured in micron units. They can also be cut into a variety of lengths and widths. A micron is unit of measurement in the metric system that is equivalent to 1 millionth of a meter long (or around 39 millionths of an inch). For perspective, an average human hair measures 50 microns, and the human eye is unable to see anything that is smaller than 40 microns in size. 

The most popular and highly reviewed makers of micron bags include bags from Pure Pressure, Dulytek, Gutenberg, and Nugsmasher. If you already own any of these presses then you probably already use their branded micron bags.

If you use a different press you can still use other branded bags just as long as the micron unit grade is the same and as long as the bag size is the same.

How do you use a rosin micron bag? 

To start, you’ll want to make sure that the bag is turned inside out, creating the shape of a pouch. Next, take the amount of cannabis plant material that you desire and break it down into small pieces. Fill the micron bag with the cannabis material and fold over the end of the bag.

The bag will then be placed inside the rosin press. The plates within the press heat up, compress, and apply heat and pressure to the contents of the bag, and that heat and pressure will press the oil out of the plant material and through the holes of the micron bag. 

If you are just starting your bubble hash making journey and are wondering “what the heck do I do with these bags” then my friend, check out our bubble hash machine guide where we lay out exactly what kind of machines these bags are used in for some killer DIY hash production.

Herb CEO Summary

Micron bags are like socks..they’re not sexy, they’re usually white, they’re cheap, but they’re absolutely essential for walking around in comfort and micron bags are essential for producing that sweet sticky rosin we all love so much.

Usually it’s smartest to just keep ordering bags from whoever manufacturers your press as those will be guaranteed to fit, but of course if you know the precise dimensions and micron level you need you can definitely shop for cheaper deals from other makers if you want.

To save money long term we recommend buying in bulk and of course, make sure to check the big online suppliers regularly (and probably sign up for newsletters) to get the drop on sales, like 420 sales, where you can stock up on supplies you know you are going to use at a discount.

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