Phylos Bioscience: Cutting Through the Confusion

The United States has a new premier hemp seed supplier. Based in Portland, Phylos is best known for their autoflowering, feminized hemp seeds. The company has also invested in several years of pioneering hemp genotype testing and cataloging.

The result of Phylos’ research, is Phylos AutoCBD. – A new hemp seed variety that should be on every cannapreneurs’ radar because of it’s ease of growth, short-season/speedy growth (75 day average) and consistent high CBD flowers.

With lab-verified feminization rates regularly at or exceeding 99.98%+, and with grow conditions tested in over 35 different U.S states, the AutoCBD seed type is one of the highest quality, most reliable CBD genetics available for purchase today.

But, as they say on TV, there’s more!

Not Just a Hemp Seed Company

High-yield CBD hemp strains are the Holy Grail of hemp growers and seed suppliers. However, “cannapreneurs” and established hemp growers often have to fly blind when ordering from hemp seed distributors.

As it stands, few hemp seed suppliers can guarantee hemp seed feminization rates, predict flower yields, or guarantee final plant CBD to THC ratios. Now, though, with Phylos, things couldn’t be more different.

How can Phylos be so confident in their product? Well, that’s because unlike other popular seed companies, Phylos business extends beyond just seeds and also includes lab-verified genome and plant sex testing.

This means they have years of experience testing a multitude of different seeds, so they have both the equipment and expertise to guarantee quality.

Phylos Galaxy

All of this testing information has culminated in one of the most visually impressive data visualizations within the cannabis industry, which Phylos refers to simply as the “Phylos Galaxy“.

This is a cloud-point-connected visual representation of almost every known/purchasable strain today, with lineage connected like an intricate spiders web, albeit quite a bit less symmetry.

If you haven’t yet, definitely spend a few minutes exploring some of your favorite strains in the Galaxy, it’s a trippy ride.

Who are Phylos Bioscience?

In 2014, Phylos became an instant hit among hemp growers, by pioneering a game-changing seedling sex test. Still popular among growers, tests make it possible for hemp farmers and budtenders to determine the sex of hemp plants within a week of seeds first germinating.

A little while later, Phylos began stepping up its hemp bioscience research, through a collaboration with Columbia University professor Rob DeSalle.

Working together, Phylos and DeSalle created the Phylos Galaxy. Today, the Phylos Galaxy takes the form of a freely available database that catalogs hundreds of different hemp strain traits, genotypes, and their associated attributes.

Phylos Bioscience

Genotype Testing and Phylos AutoCBD

After several years of pioneering genotype research, Phylos finally expanded in 2019, to become a premier hemp seed company in its own right. In doing so, Phylos brought Phylos AutoCBD to market.

Backed by state-of-the-art genetic, germination, and feminization testing, Phylos AutoCBD is a high-yield, auto-flowering hemp seed without equal.

  • Short 75-day plant maturation times, mean that Phylos AutoCBD growers can squeeze in extra annual growing seasons. (And harvests.)
  • Unlike with other hemp seeds, AutoCBD seeds have a minimum feminization rate of 99.98%+.
  • Consistently uniform, compact canopies inhibit the growth of weeds, while maximizing hemp flower yields.

Phylos AutoCBD also has a consistent CBD to THC ratio of 26:1. Growers can, therefore, rest assured that all flowers have zero psychoactivity. This makes all flowers immediately ready for CBD extraction and processing.

How Phylos AutoCBD Helps Hemp Growers

As an industry-disrupting hemp seed, Phylos AutoCBD allows hemp farmers to cultivate crops with higher CBD yields than with any other seed stock. It should, therefore, come as no surprise that Phylos AutoCBD is already popular with growers and cannapreneurs.

By promising higher yields, Phylos’ seeds minimize the investment risks of new growers. More importantly, Phylos AutoCBD helps existing hemp growers maximize profits and maintain a healthier bottom line.

Genotype Testing Services

As well as helping hemp growers improve yields with Phylos AutoCBD, Phylos also helps cannapreneurs create their very own new hemp strains.

By making available simple to use genotype test kits, Phylos makes it easy for hemp growers to analyze the genetic attributes of plants. Plant genotype data can also be added to the Phylos Galaxy server, where growers and budtenders can use data to identify the best hemp strains for hybridization.

In an industry with a growing number of discerning consumers having verifiable, trusted lab testing proving genetics is a must if you want to stand out in the industry.

How to Grow Phylos AutoCBD or Get a Genotype Test Kit

For new growers and cannabis entrepreneurs. Phylos makes it easy to start navigating the real science behind hemp cultivation. If you’re doing a home test, we recommend trying a few plants within a home-grow environment.

If your test goes well and you look to build a larger business then you’ll be confident in your seed, which is the foundation of a successful hemp, CBD or cannabis company.

To learn more about Phylos AutoCBD or seedling sex or genotype test kits you can visit Phylos Bioscience directly at

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