What Is Bubble Hash & How To Make It In Bulk Yourself

Given the sweeping legislation that has occurred in locations across the United States in recent years, cannabis use (for medicinal and/or recreational purposes) has soared. Due to increased ganja consumption, fun and exciting ways of consuming it have been popping up all over the place, and tried and true methods that have been around for a long, long time have been revived.

Bubble hash is one of those age-old cannabis consumption methods that has been receiving a lot of attention lately. If you’re looking for an enjoyable and reliable way to get your ganja fix, bubble hash may be the perfection option for you. To further up the ante, you might even want to give making your own bubble hash a try. 

What is bubble hash, anyway? 

Bubble hash is a special type of hash that is made using a process that involves ice water. It’s called “bubble hash” because it bubbles when it’s smoked. Like any other type of has, this variety is a solid concentration of trichomes (cannabis resin glands); in fact, it contains millions of those glands.

It looks kind of like granular brown sugar and when it’s pressed together, it resembles standard hash. While it isn’t super-strong and isn’t regarded for creating a killer high, bubble hash is famous for the high levels of important terpenes it contains. 

While the concentrate is produced, the trichome glands that cover the plant are knocked off when it’s agitated in the ice water. The glands are then filtered through a micron screen, creating a concentrate that’s comprised of pure trichomes. The THC content varies, but on average, it usually falls between the 30 and 60 percent range

Kinds of bubble hash

When you head to your local dispensary, bubble hash is sure to be an option on-offer. In fact, you’ll probably find several different varieties are available. The quality of the starting material and the final size of the screens that the trichomes were passed through are used to identify each variety. A few examples of the different types of bubble hash include: 

  • Trim processed. Typically, this is the lowest quality bubble hash, and its color is usually dark and it takes a bit longer to burn, BUT it’s a great way to not waste leftovers from the bulk trimming process.
  • Bud processed. Whole buds are used to make bud processed bubble hash. It’s usually the highest quality variety – especially if high-quality materials aka dank nugs are used to make it. 
  • Micron screen size. The micron screen size that is used to make bubble hash is exceptionally important, as it has a direct impact on its quality. The larger the screen, the more contaminants will mix in with the hash. When it’s sifted through smaller screens, the finished product will have more pure resin glands, and thus, it will be higher quality. Varieties that are processed through larger screens tend to have a darker color, as it contains other compounds in addition to the resin glands, while varieties that are passed through smaller glands contain only trichome heads, and as such, it will be lighter in color. 

What makes bubble hash different from other cannabis concentrates? 

There are lots of different types of cannabis concentrates, but bubble hash is unique from many other varieties, as it is a completely solventless extract. In other words, because it is solventless, it is completely free of chemical solvents, which are often used to extract THC from cannabis plants during the making of other types of concentrates. 

>Learn about bubble hash’s cooler older brother, dry ice hash, in this bubble vs. dry ice hash production comparison!

Several types of solvents can be used to extract THC from cannabis during the making of other types of concentrates. Examples of some of those chemicals include CO2, butane, alcohol, propane, and ethanol, and some of the different types of concentrates that are made using these types of extraction solvents include: 

Bubble hash isn’t the only type of solventless cannabis extract; hash and rosin are solventless concentrates, too. Rosin uses pressure and heat extraction, while traditional hash (one of the oldest ways of smoking weed) is extracted by simply rubbing the hands along the flowers of the cannabis flowers. 

How potent is bubble hash? 

As previously mentioned, bubble hash isn’t hailed for its high potency; rather, it’s famous because it contains high amounts of pure terpenes, which contain tons of vital benefits. That said, the THC content of bubble hash typically ranges between 30 and 60 percent.

While that range isn’t exactly low, compared to other types of concentrates, including those that are extracted using solvents, it is, as solvent-based concentrates tend to have a much higher THC potency.

In fact, the majority of solvent-derived extracts have a THC potency level that falls between the 60 and 80 percent range – and some methods can even reach an astonishing 99% THC level!

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While it’s true that in terms of THC content, bubble hash does tend to be pretty mild; however, it’s important to note (again) that it is super-high in terpenes. Several scientific studies have revealed that terpenes have a phenomenal impact on the body, as they influence the affects that cannabinoids have on people.

As such, the THC content of the concentrate works in combination with the terpenes to create that “high-like” feeling aka that “entourage effect” every single bud tender tells you about every single time you go in to reload.

What are the effects of bubble hash? 

The effects that are experienced when one uses bubble hash are rather unique. Because it has a very high level of terpenes, individuals who consume bubble hash have reported that they experience a super-euphoric sensation, and that the feeling is observed almost immediately after smoking it.

Other compounds that other types of extracts contain, such as lipids, chlorophyll, and other kinds of cannabinoids, get in the way of the effects that the terpenes have. When those elements are eliminated – as they are in bubble hash – the high you experience is a lot clearer and is just simply unreal.

There are a few reasons why that may be so, one of the being that bubble hash is solventless and thus, it’s completely pure, and the other is that though the THC content is lower, it’s also pure. 

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The history of bubble hash

While bubble hash has come back into popularity in recent years, that popularity is a resurgence, as this extract has been around for a few decades. It’s believed that the method for making bubble has originated in the 1980s. Neville Schoenmakers, the famed owner and operator of the first-ever cannabis seed bank in the world, created the technique for making bubble hash. 

Later one, Sadhu Sam made the method of using ice water to extract bubble hash popular. From then on, bubble hash became famous around the world, thanks to its super-unique properties. The concentrate was dubbed “bubble hash” because of the small bubbles that appear when it is smoked. It’s also known as “full melt bubble hash” and “full melt ice water hash”. 

How is bubble hash made? 

The method for making bubble hash that Sadhu Sam popularized involved using cannabis, a bucket, a paddle, a mesh filter, and some cold water. Later on, as the popularity grew, head shops started selling bubble bags, which were placed in ice water, and allowed the trichome heads of the cannabis plants to fall off and sink to the bottom of the water, while the plant matter remained in the bag.

Next, the trichomes are refined from the water using mesh bags that had a smaller micron size, resulting in high-quality, THC-rich concentrate. The has is then dried, and when it’s fully dried out, it’s ready to be smoked. 

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The Best Bubble Hash Machines of 2022

So, now that you have some background knowledge about bubble hash, you may be interested in using it yourself. There are two ways that you can get your hands on this pure, THC-rich concentrate: you can purchase it from a dispensary or an underground dealer (if you’re lucky to find one), or you can make it yourself.

While the former option might sound like the easier approach, in reality, it can actually be a lot more difficult. That’s because it can be hard to find high-quality bubble hash, and if you can do find it, it can be quite expensive. 

If you want to make sure that you not only find it, but that you’re getting the best quality bubble hash, and if you want to save yourself some money, making this concentrate yourself may be the better way to go. It might sound difficult, but it’s actually pretty simple; especially if you invest in a good quality, reliable bubble hash machine. 

Thanks to the soaring popularity of bubble hash, so many manufacturers have come onto the market, and we’ve compiled a list of some of the best options available. 

Generally speaking hash washing machines or “hash production systems” are bucketed into two categories, personal use and commercial applications. Personal use usually are designed to process cannabis volumes common with home growers and hobbyists while the commercial systems are built for cannabusinesses looking to scale their commercial offerings and scale the production.

Bubble Magic washing machines

Bubble Magic 5 & 20 Gallon Washing Machines

Bubble Magic makes the magic. They are one of the most well-known consumer-volume-friendly hash washing machine companies on the market and they’ve earned a reputation for not only reliability but very home-grower friendly starting price points for their products.

The 5 gallon washing machine is perfect for the casual home grower who may have up to a half dozen plants, who has plenty of quality cured buds bottled up for smoking and still has a ton of yield left over with and who may want to turn that excess flower into something more stable over the long run, like hash!

With a kit including custom fit 5gl micron bags the Bubble Magic will extract quality resin in only 15 minutes with insanely easy cleanup courtesy of the built in drain valve at the bottom of the machine. With a built in timer that runs either at 3-minute increments or a whole 15 minutes it’s a set-it-and-forget-it solution.

Each kit comes with a free 220 micron bag so you’ve pretty much got everything you need to start turning your crop into some delicious hash to share with your friends.

What Is Bubble Hash & How To Make It In Bulk Yourself

BUBBLEBAGDUDE (that’s “Bubble Bag Dude”) Extraction Machines

The second consumer grade option here is the “Bubble Bag Dude’s” Bubblebagdude kits. Yes that is one word, it’s a branding thing.

Like the above mentioned Bubble Magic the Bubblebagdude kits are an all-in-one get started making hash now kind of kits that includes a 110 volt washing machine that holds up to 5 gallons, similar to the Bubble Magic (no 20 gallon option though so if you’ve got high yields we’d recommend the Bubble Magic or stepping up to a Bruteless system referenced below).

The BUBBLEBAGDUDE has been around for over 12 years, which is why all the OG DIY hashers know and swear by the brand. They claim to have sold over 900,000 bags, although we’re sure that’s number has to have exceeded 1M by now given the boom in number of states legalizing the good plant.

Bubble Dude machines have a 15min timer with 3 minute increments to help you make sure you’re not over-washing. They market their devices as being robust, suitable for all kinds of extractions, including essential oils, coffee, or other “herbs”.

The coolest part of Bubble Dude machines is their easy to remember color-coded micron bag system wherein the microns are each assigned a tiered color, so you don’t forget which is which, because who can tell with the naked eye if your micron bags aren’t marked!

Bubble Dude has 8 different micron bags you can use, depending on what final hash product you’re looking for, which also gives it a leg up over the Bubble Magic machine reference above.

Bruteless Commercial Hash Washing System

Bruteless Commercial Hash Washing System 

If you’re planning on making large quantities of bubble hash (to sell to a dispensary or to sell at your own shop, perhaps), and you’re on the market for a commercial-grade machine, this option from Bruteless is a great choice. It’s a laboratory-sized bubble washing kit that produces a high-volume of pure trichome extract. It features a 65 gallon main wash vessel, which can accommodate up to 15,000 fresh frozen grams per every run.

It also comes complete with two 44 gallon drain vessels, two pumps, two hose kits, and all of the connections that you’ll need to access outstanding water management capabilities. You can do two complete wash cycles per day, and each wash can accommodate up to three washes, allowing for incredible efficiency. 

While there’s no denying that this is an outstanding machine, it is a bit pricy, so it may be best for those who ae looking to make large quantities of bubble hash to sell. 

The Osprey 75gl commercial washing machine

Osprey 75-Gallon Commercial Washing Machine

Another outstanding commercial –grade bubble washing machine is this option from Osprey. It features a 75 gallon washing machine and a 21,000 gran fresh frozen capacity or 4,200 to 4,600 grams of dry flower. This machine is specially designed to thoroughly, yet gently extract the trichomes from the cannabis, yielding super-reliable results. It’s made of food-grade passivated 304 stainless steel, and is secured with sanitary welds, allowing you to enjoy easy and automated cleaning.

The minimum water input is 25 to 30 gallons, and the measurement markings inside the tank take the guesswork out of measuring your ice and water volumes, further simplifying the process. 

The above are just some of the key features of this bubble hash machine from Osprey; there are so many more that if we listed them all, you would be reading all day! Backed by a 1 year full factory warrant, a 2 year warranty on the motor and electronics, and a lifetime warranty on the metal, weld, and fabrication quality, you really can by with confidence. 

Again, since this is a commercial-grade bubble washing system, and it’s designed to make large quantities, it is pretty pricey; however, if you’re thinking about starting up a 420 business or you already have one and you want to add some bubble hash to your product line-up, the Osprey would be a solid investment. 

Bruteless Base Hash Washing System

Pure Pressure Bruteless Base Hash Washing System 

Next on our list of the best bubble hash machines is the Bruteless Base Hash Washing System from Pure Pressure. This manufacturer is highly regarded in the cannabis industry, as they offer a large selection of state-of-the-art products that are designed with cutting-edge technologies for making various types of cannabis extracts, and this bubble hash system certainly lives up to the company’s reputation. 

With a 30 gallon wash vessel, you can wash up to 5,000 grams of fresh frozen buds or 5 pounds of dry material at one time. It’s made with premium-quality, lab-grade components, and has 30 gallon drain vessels, so you’ll be able to wash and drain your cannabis and get your bubble hash as efficiently as possible. 

Easy to use, durably constructed, and incredibly reliable, the Bruteless Base Hash Washing System from Pure Pressure is a fantastic system. And, the price is a lot lower than the aforementioned models. 

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Herb CEO Conclusion 

Bubble hash is one of the finest quality cannabis extracts, and with the right machine, you can easily make your own for use amongst yourself and the people you know, or to sell through your 420 business. Enjoy an incredible high by making incredibly pure bubble hash with a premium-quality machine. 

Hash is fantastic, not only can it pretty much be used as a currency in many parts of the world it’s a fantastic way to preserve the magical goodness of your crop over the long haul, like say, winter!

Ultimately, you can buy a 5 gallon washer for pretty cheap and have a fun little project turning your crop into some hash and who knows, if you are good at it and people like it you can then scale up to larger and larger washing machines until you find yourself a self-made hash millionaire, why not?

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