Pros & Cons of Complete DFY Marijuana Grow Kits

Whether you’re an avid recreational smoker who has years of experience or you are interested in using it for medicinal purposes, you might be thinking about growing it yourself.

While cultivating your own weed offers numerous benefits (you can choose what you grow, you have complete control, it may be less expensive than buying, and you get the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labor, for example), if you’re entirely new to the process, it can be a bit overwhelming – especially if you don’t have a green thumb. 

If this describes your situation, then you’re in the right place! If you want to give marijuana cultivation a try, but you want to get your feet wet before you dive into the waters, then a marijuana grower’s kit may be the perfect solution for you! With one of these kits, you can start your own weed farm with minimal effort.

Growing cannabis on your own can be a pretty tedious task. Not only do you need to have the proper environment – including growing medium, moisture, humidity, and light – but it also requires a great deal of patience. With a grower’s kit, you can make sure that at least some of your bases are covered. 

Seriously, do you really want to become and LED lighting expert or do you just want to grow some loud for personal use?

If you’re interested in using a grower’s kit to start your marijuana cultivation journey, you’re in luck, because there are so many options out there.

Thanks to the legalization in so many US states, so many people have taken an interest in growing their own weed, which has led to the development and production of so many different growers kits; however, while having a lot of options to choose from is always a good thing, sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming.

How do you figure out which weed grower’s kit will meet your needs, will yield the best results, and that you can really rely on? Below, we’ll explore these questions so that you can find the right cannabis grower’s kit for you. 

all in one weed growing kit

What is a weed growing kit, anyway? 

First and foremost, you may be asking: “What is a weed grower’s kit?” As the name suggests, it’s a pre-packaged kit that features the essential components that you’ll need to start your own weed farm. The contents of these kits can vary; however, the following are just some of the items that may be incorporated in a high-quality kit: 

  • A grow tent, which is ideal for growing your weed indoors. A tent provides a contained space for indoor cultivation, it’s portable, and it can be set up pretty much anywhere you want to grow. 
  • A full-spectrum light and bulb, to mimic the rays of the sun, ensuring that your plant receives the vital nutrients that it needs to grow healthy and strong. 
  • Grow light hangers, which provide stable support for the grow lights.
  • A timer, which you can use to make sure that your plant receives the appropriate amount of full-spectrum light; that it doesn’t receive too much or too little light. 
  • A thermometer/ hygrometer for easy and accurate measurements. 
  • An inline and clip-on fan to provide your plant with proper ventilation. 
  • A carbon filter, which filters out the odor that the plant will generate as it grows and matures. 
  • Pots, ideally made of terracotta, which is the ideal material to support healthy cannabis growth. 
  • High-quality soil or a hydroponic system, which is a water base that can be used to cultivate your weed instead of soil. 
  • A pack filled with the essential nutrients that cannabis needs to grow and meet maturity. 
how to grow cannabis in home beginners

Why Buy a Marijuana Grower’s Kit? 

As you can see from the list above, a marijuana grower’s kit comes complete with all of the essential elements that are needed to start, grow, and maintain a healthy weed plant. But why should you consider investing in one? Here’s a look at some of the benefits of starting your cultivation journey with a grower’s kit. 

  • Super convenient. A cannabis grower’s kit comes with all of the elements that you need to plant and grow your very own cannabis. It’s a “one-and-done” system, so-to-speak, which saves you time and frustration, as you won’t have to worry about figuring out what type of equipment and supplies are needed, and you can be sure that the products you’ll receive will be pre-tested to ensure that they deliver results. 
  • Ease of use. Marijuana grower’s kits aren’t just assembled with the components that are needed to grow weed, but those components are also specifically selected to ensure that they work  together seamlessly, thus ensuring that the plants receive the precise amount of light, nutrients, moisture, and ventilation. 
  • Optimized ventilation and lighting. When purchasing the lighting and ventilation components yourself, you would need to check, double-check, and triple-check the size and spacing of your weed garden in order to make sure that the lighting and ventilation can accommodate it. With a grow kit, however, the manufacturer selects all of the appropriate components, including the grow tent, the fan, and the lights, thus ensuring the climate is just right. 
  • Hassle-free setup. Because marijuana grow kits are specifically designed with first-time cultivators in mind, the equipment and step-by-step instructions are provided. That means that you won’t have to worry about finding a dedicated space (a closet, a garage, or a shed, for example) and retrofitting it. Rather, all you have to do is find a location that offers enough space to accommodate the grow tent that the kit comes equipped with, and all of the essential components that it comes equipped with will fit perfectly in the tent. In other words, with a grower’s kit, all you need to do is set it up and you’ll have the ideal environment that will not only provide the appropriate climate, but that will also capture the scent of your weed while it’s growing – and of course, the kit will deliver healthy, bountiful yields (as long as it’s used properly).  

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Marijuana Grower’s Kit

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana use in so many locations across the United States, home growing has boomed. In order to accommodate the needs of novice growers, many experienced cultivators have used their knowledge and insight to develop all-in-one kits.

There are literally dozens of marijuana grower’s kits on the market, which can make trying to decide which one to choose a difficult feat. In order to make the process easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of the most crucial factors that you should take into consideration when you’re shopping for a home grower’s cannabis kit. 

1) Size of the Tent

A grow tent is the foundation of a grower’s kit, as it’s serves as the environment for your plants. When you’re selecting a kit, the first thing you’re going to want to do is consider the size of the tent. Decide on a dedicated space to place the tent and how many plants you intend on growing. Then, when you’re shopping, make sure that the tent can fit in the area and accommodate the number of plants you want to grow. 

2) Quality of the Tent

In addition to the size of the tent, you’re also going to want to consider the quality of the tent. It should be made of high-quality materials, like steel frames and materials that have reflective qualities that will shine the right amount of light onto your plants, thus ensuring they will receive the proper amount of nutrients. 

3) The Grow Medium

Marijuana grower’s kits come with different types of growing mediums. Some are equipped with hydroponic systems, while others feature soil-based mediums. Both options have their own unique benefits and disadvantages, so make sure you do some research before you start shopping to determine which system you want to use, and then you’ll be able to select a grower’s kit that comes equipped with that medium. 

4) The Grow Lights

The lighting is another factor that you need to take into careful consideration. Kits can come with a variety of lighting options, including LED, fluorescent, and HID lighting. Just like the grow medium, take the time to research the different types of lighting systems and then you’ll be able to select a kit that is equipped with the lighting system that you’d like to use. 

home grow kit options

The Best Marijuana Grower’s Kits

Now that you have some background about marijuana grower’s kits – including what they are, the benefits of using one, and the key factors that you should take into consideration before you start shopping – let’s take a look at some of the different options that are out there. 

Since the objective of this guide is to simplify the process of selecting a grower’s kit, we’ve done extensive research and have assessed countless systems. Based on our findings, we’ve narrowed down the options to what we believe are the best weed grower’s kits currently on the market. 

TheBudGrower - Complete Solution - 150W HPS Grow Light - 24"x24"x72" Hydroponic 1680D...
  • PREMIUM HPS GROW LIGHT - Our TBG 150-Watt Light with 18,200 Lumens is ideal for ALL STAGES of growth; Low energy consumption along with a high reflective hood means your...
  • The Industry's MOST DURABLE GROW TENT – Heavy duty1680D Oxford cloth exterior makes this tent extremely durable; stitching for strength and light protection works to...

The BudGrower – Grow at Home Made Easy

If you’re looking for an easy to use, yet high-quality kit that requires very little maintenance, then The BudGrower – Grow at Home Made Easy is a great choice to consider. It’s suitable for growers of all experience levels, from novice to expert, and offers the best possible production output without the hassle. This kit comes complete with everything you need to get you started, including the following: 

  • A 600 Watt energy-saving LED grow light
  • A high-grade30x30x10.5 inch grow tent, made with reflective material and steel framing
  • A 4 inch carbon air filter
  • Duct clamps 
  • Rope hangers
  • Grow pots and saucers
  • Heat and humidity monitor 
  • Electronic timer
  • A clip fan
  • Pruning snip
  • Germination domes
  • Rapid rooter
  • A power cord
  • Leather gardening gloves
  • Fermenting bottles
  • Filtration system with a fan, a CFM inline 5-speed exhaust fan
  • A hydroponic grow system 


  • Comes with everything that’s needed to start your own cannabis garden
  • Easy to use
  • All materials work together well 
  • Yields great quality plants


  • Some users said that the tent could be larger
  • Others said that they weren’t impressed with the lights
3 x 3 (39"x39"x79") Grow Tent Kit Complete with 400-Watt HPS + Organic Soil &...
  • Complete 'plug-and-play' soil grow tent kit ; all equipment necessary to start growing indoors, professionally configured for success
  • Electrical (combined): 462 watts, approx. 3.9 amps @ 120 volts ; all appliances plug into standard-household grounded power outlets (NEMA 5-15)

HTGSupply – Grow Tent Kit Complete

The HTGSupply Grow Tent Kit Complete literally comes complete with everything you need to start your own hydroponic cannabis garden. It’s a “plug-and-play” hydroponic system, and all of the equipment is professionally configured to ensure great yields. Some of the elements that this system comes with include: 

  • An AgroMax Original grow tent
  • HTG Supply 400-watt complete HPS grow light 
  • Pair rope ratchet grow light hangers
  • Mechanical timer
  • GrowBright thermometer/hygrometer
  • 6 inch inline fan and flange kit
  • 6 inch clip-on circulation fan
  • Bubble Boy Single Shot 3.5 gallon DWC hydroponic system 
  • Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Grow/Micro/Bloom combo pack 


  • Comes with all of the equipment necessary, and all components are top-quality and carefully selected
  • Very easy to set-up and use
  • Affordably priced
  • Produces great crops


  • One user said that the fans could have been larger
TopoLite 24"x24"x48" Grow Tent Room + LED 300W Grow Light + 4" Carbon Filter Combo...
  • LED 300W grow light + 4" filter ventilation kit + 24"x24"x48" dark room
  • Featuring a user friendly "Full Spectrum" design, you can easily grow your plants in any growth cycle required like germination, seedling, veg, flower

TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit

With TopoGrow LED Grow Tent Complete Kit, you’ll get everything you need to start your home weed garden. Again, it comes complete with all of the elements that you need to get started and it’s easy to set up and use. This kit comes with the following key features: 

  • 300 watt full-spectrum LED grow lights
  • Grow tent that features a 600D oxford mylar exterior and a highly reflective waterproof diamond mylar interior
  • Heavy-duty zippers and double-stitching for secure closure and easy access
  • A top-quality ventilation system, complete with a 4 inch fan and a 1/5 inch layer activated carbon filter and a mesh fan to filter out pungent plant odors


  • Comes with every component that you could possibly need, and then some
  • All of the elements are exceptionally made, durable, and reliable to offer outstanding results
  • Easy to set up and easy to use
  • The ventilation fan and carbon filter does an excellent job
  • Very affordably priced


  • The growing space in the tent could be a bit bigger
  • It can’t hold more than 3 plants at a time

Additional All-In-One Grow Solutions to Consider

While the above are all more of an “OG” grow kit setup (tent plus all the individual components to be assembled by the grower) there are other options as well for complete grow solutions that are even more easy to setup, heck, that essentially grow your weed for you on auto pilot. These include the Grobo smart grow cabinet and The Armoire stealth grow cabinet.

For those of you who aren’t beginners but are still looking to build your own kit we also recommend SuperCloset as a supplier because they have the largest selection of tent sizes and features. For micro-grow operations or tents you need to fit into a closet-sized space there are more compact grow tent options out there as well, but they are DIY as well (you’ll need to set up your own ventilation system and circulation fans as well as light system and nutrient delivery system).

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

Herb CEO Summary

If you’re serious about trying your hand at cultivating your own marijuana at home, a grower’s kit would certainly be a worthwhile investment. With the information presented above, you should be able to select the perfect grower’s kit to meet your needs so that you can start your growing journey with ease and enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

Ultimately if you’ve never grown before we recommend going with a small closet sized kit because at least you’ll have all the tools you need to do some quality hands-on learning (book learning is good too). Once you get the basics down, and it may take a while, then you can confidently scale your operation and look into bigger grow tents, more complex lighting, and you’ll have the knowledge required to build a more customized solution.

Plus, the nice thing about kits is they hold their value pretty well, you can easily sell it to a friend looking to get started or just keep it to grow your test strains before going full-scale grow.

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