MXXN: Making Weed Cocktails Has Never Been Easier

In case you’ve been sleeping under a rock (and that’s not at all a dig given what we’ve all gone through the last couple of years) and haven’t heard weed cocktails are all the rage!

Yes, you heard that right, the (21+) year old youths are dropping alcohol in favor of other less hangover-y alternatives like that forever cool girl, the one and only Mary Jane.

weed cocktails vs alcohol cocktails

The cost benefit analysis is pretty straightforward here, and young people are astute in their realistic analysis of the legal relaxation propositions they’ve been afforded.

On one hand their is the reigning champion of the last century millenia alcohol which is not expensive but usually not cheap, inflates confidence and aggression, results in fights or auto-pilot mistakes you usually end up regretting the next day as you deal with a brain-splitting hangover.

Then there is cannabis, which yes for the volume, may SEEM expensive to someone who doesn’t smoke but if you equate the cost to “sensation” ration, is quite cost competitive to alcohol. Which heightens sensations and promotes creativity culminating in wonderful sleep after the fun is done.

The only real side-effect of weed is the munchies, which if you’re not careful can definitely sneak a few pounderoos on you while you’re not looking.

munchies cat meme

But relationships are difficult, complex things. People who have grown up, become adults in a world of alcohol consumption, may still occasionally crave what is familiar in the form of an cool, tasty, refreshing way to take the edge off a bit after a long day.

If only there was a way to satiate the nostaliga many people have today for alcoholic cocktails by capturing that magic in terms of flavor and presentation, but instead swaps out the alcohol itself with a new key ingredient, like say, oh, idk, THC!

THC coffee cocktail
“Cafe MXXN”

Delicious, Idiot-proof Cannabis Cocktails

Having your cake and eating it too though is a possibility, the current ruling elite of America prove that! And so it is with MXXN THC spirit replacements which include Jalisco Agave (THC spirit-substitute), London Dry (THC spirit-substitute), and Kentucky Oak (THC spirit-substitute) to help you craft a wide variety of tried and true cocktails.

weed old fashioned
“MXXN Old Fashioned”

From Old Fashioneds to Jack-n-Cokes to G&Ts to Martinis to Margaritas and everything in between with MXXN there are few time-tested and beloved cocktails profiles you can’t blend up.

This is a welcomed brand positioning strategy as it helps very clearly guide consumers and uses familiar names and flavor profiles to make experimentation fun and easy.

Of course you could buy your own THC syrups from a dispensary but that’s generally just the THC with minimal flavoring so crafting the entire rest of the cocktail is up to you, which good luck figuring out how to replicate a whiskey flavor profile without using any alcohol!

cannabis infused martini
“MXXN Martini”

A New Healthier Drink For a New Healthier World

Innovation goes through a cycle. It starts with astonishment and amazement, as in “wow what a crazy idea!” before it moves through a skepticism stage where it’s still new and people haven’t tried it or heard first hand from people who have, before finally moving onto the last stage of widespread adoption before eventually becoming an everyday normal product or service (think of electricity and the lightbulb for example, or the hard seltzer for something a little closer to this topic).

marijuana margarita
“MXXN Margarita”

No doubt MXXN is still in the astonishment stage. Many consumers of alcohol and cannabis aren’t even aware that there are brands marrying the two domains together in a brand new and exciting way.

Ultimately, in the long run, I highly suspect THC and CBD infused drinks will become the new normal. My confidence interval is high because I am one of those people, someone who loves cannabis but doesn’t want to inhale smoke everyday so instead have turned to edibles as a more health-conscious way to maintain my cannabis relationship.

stoner cat

Have a long day at the office with your Wall-Street bros and looking to unwind in a healthy way that won’t prohibit you from hitting the gym hard the next afternoon? Enjoy playing sports of any kind and not wanting to decrease your cardiovascular function but still want a relaxing experience on a Saturday night? The advantages of sipping on a THC infused drink or two (or three) are too numerous to ignore.

In a not too distant future people will be bringing bottles of THC syrups and non-alcoholic spirits like MXXN to guests houses for dinner parties because, in the end, cannabis is just so much more fun than booze.

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