Why Elements Rolling Papers Are The Best Choice For Flavor Chasers

Joints are by far our favorite way to enjoy cannabis. For an analogy any non-smokers might relate too, they are akin to a 12oz beer in that they are:

  • Affordable
  • Convenient
  • One or two can be relaxing
  • Three to five can get the party started!

The humble joint is also the working man’s way to consume cannabis because you can roll one anywhere, smoke it quickly (like during a lunch break), and they’re one of the most budget-friendly ways to partake in the good herb.

joint assassin

There is a reason, besides the addicting nicotine, that cigarettes were so popular; sheer convenience! No, this isn’t to equate weed to tobacco it’s to equate the widely popular form factor of both these forms of smoking.

When it comes to rolling up a doobie not all papers are made the same however, with the cheaper ones usually containing bleach and being comprised of a non-lung friendly fake flavorings. It pays to buy your papers from your dispensary because you’ll be able to trust that selection to be safe and flavorless, which is what you want when smoking some tasty sticky icky.

If you don’t want to ask your budtender questions and instead want to just say a brand name so you don’t look like a beginner smoker then first, that’s not something you should worry about and second, if you are just super shy then just ask for Elements or OCB or Raw.

This article is going to focus specifically on Elements and why it’s one of the brands we regularly go back to time and time again.

Elements rice papers

Elements Rolling Papers: What’s Unique?

There are dozens of rice paper, hemp paper, and a few bamboo rolling paper manufacturers out there, which is great that consumers are recognizing the value in smoking their premium flower in a smart way.

Elements papers though have more features to bring to the party than just flavorless paper materials! From physically pleasing closing mechanisms to uniquely engineered paper patterns Element’s bring a lot to the table to compete with other big rolling paper brands.

Elements rolling paper review

Unique Magnetic Clasp

Elements are the only papers I’ve used that have a magnetic lid that seals the box that holds the papers together. There is a magnet in the bottom portion of the box and another small one on the lid/flap that closes. When brought close together they snap together in an oddly satisfying motion and sound.

Apart from being more aesthetically appealing when laying flat on a table (fully closed as opposed to one flap sticking up) it helps keep the papers tightly sealed together when jumbling around in your pocket, purse, or backpack.

You might think this frivolous and sure, maybe it’s not tech that everyone NEEDs with regular papers. But for Elements’ larger product offerings, like their Artesano papers with included tips and trays, keeping all that stuff secured neatly away with a magnet is just genius in my opinion.

Unique Anti-Run Watermarking

How many times has your smoking session been cut short by a joint that had a burn run all the way down one side, creating a imperfect smoking experience simply because one part of your joint burned faster than another part.

Why Elements Rolling Papers Are The Best Choice For Flavor Chasers

Well, Elements has put their minds to this problem as well, utilizing a uniquely watermarked paper with a crosshatched pattern that kind of compartmentalized the burn in a radial fashion so that no one part of the cherry will run away and burn all down the length of your joint.

This is in my opinion probably one of the greatest qualities of Elements papers and why I’ve gone back to them repeatedly when it’s time to re-up on the papers at the dispensary. Nothing pisses me off like an uneven burn, especially on a well rolled joint packed with top shelf nug.

The PERFECT FOLD Technology

While most paper makers fold their papers exactly in half to easier fit them into their boxes and to allow for easier pulling forward of the next paper when the current paper is extracted. Essentially, by folding papers down the middle companies make for an easy tissue-like dispensing action.

Most hand rollers though prefer to have their fold slightly offset for easier rolling. Instead of re-creasing each paper Elements decided to move the fold in their paper to be offset for easier rolling immediately upon extraction from the papers box.

even burning rolling papers

How did Elements decide on where to place their fold? Well, they surveyed smokers from AROUND THE WORLD to find the perfect offset for the fold and then, BUILT A BRAND NEW MACHINE to fold them at the most popular offset.

This is called dedication to your craft. Rolling papers have been around so long thanks to tobacco that by and large most companies have completely stopped putting R&D dollars into further product development.

Not Elements though, they took what most thought a completely evolved end-of-development-cycle product and added not just one but MULTIPLE innovations to it.

The rice paper burns clean and flavorless, so we can get full terpene flavor enjoyment, the seal uses sugar gum, which burns clean with minimal additional ash to minimize distorting flavor, and the unique watermark helps your joint burn smoothly, while the boxes magnetic closure ensures everything stays neat and tidy.

HerbCEO Final Thoughts

HerbCEO Summary

Made in the birthplace of rolling papers, Spain, and continually push the boundaries of rolling paper technology which is massively impressive for an industry that in other areas seems to have stagnated a bit.

Elements rolling papers clean flavor, smooth burn, and joyous rolling experience is something that we recommend every stoner try at some point in their lives. If you’re new to rolling Elements are even better as the unique even-burn watermarking can help compensate for some uneven rolling.

“Nah brah, RAW ’till I die!” you may be exclaiming. No doubt, we like our Raw cones our too and the idea that shopping Elements is betraying any other brand is dumb. First and foremost because both Raw and Elements are owned by the same company (HBI International) and because hey, isn’t variety supposed to be the spice of life?

Go get yourself some Elements papers next time you need to restock and give them an honest go and come back and let us know what you think in the comments. You’ll be glad you did!

Are Elements good rolling papers?

Yes, they are fantastic rolling papers because they are naturally free of chemicals and also have a unique imprinting that reduces runs and helps your smoke burn evenly.

What are element rolling papers made of?

Most Elements rolling papers are made of rice but there are also slow burning hemp-derived papers available from Elements as well.

What are the healthiest rolling papers?

While all things that are burned are technically not healthy you can still minimize inhalation of unwanted substances by rolling with naturally sourced papers such as bamboo, hemp, or rice. Avoid papers with printing or artificial flavors.

Are Elements owned by RAW?

Both Elements and RAW papers are brands under HBI (which also owns Juicy Jay’s papers as well) and HBI is run by Joshua Kesselman.

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