FloraFlex Organic Hydroponic Growing Solutions

It’s not easy to find the best nutrients to cultivate cannabis properly. There’s a lot of trial and error involved, and you risk spending a lot of money.

There might however be a solution just yet. In this FloraFlex nutrients overview, we’ll be looking at a product that’s reliable, easy to use, clean, and safe. More importantly, it might just give you the best cannabis yield yet.

commercial grow solutions
An prime example of a scaled FloraFlex system

What Is FloraFlex?

Before we move on to the full FloraFlex nutrients overview in terms of the specific products and equipment they offer, let’s quickly summarize the company’s history and stated goals.

FloraFlex is a prominent cannabis irrigation company from Los Angeles, California. While bigger companies like Scotts Miracle Grow have been making headlines these days for entering the cannabis market, FloraFlex has been specializing in the niche hydroponic cultivation of cannabis since 2015.

Their researchers are devoted to finding the best way to deliver nutrients and water to every plant you’re cultivating. More importantly, they fully encourage and empower anyone to grow their own plants, anywhere and anytime.

FloraFlex hydroponic kit
An example of a starter kit with all the components needed to set up a small-medium hydro-grow operation

One of the key features of this company is just how much they care for cannabis cultivation. For years, their experts have kept in touch with South California growers and cultivators, paying attention to their various approaches to plant nurture.

The growers of South California have a history of natural plant care that yields bountiful results. Taking that fact into account, FloraFlex has decided to combine the best approaches and provide you with the tools you need to grow incredible plants.

We also recommend you do some shopping comparisons with Lotus Nurients as well given their status in the cannabis cultivation community and their rather unique product offering, if FloraFlex isn’t sparking your fancy that is.

Product Line-up Overview

One brief look at their product range is enough to let you know just how serious this company is about plant growth. The company has various incredible products for seed-to-harvest growers, including:

  • FloraCaps (top feed grow system that eliminates algae growth)
  • Round and square matrices (patent pending top feeding wicking system for continual water and nutrient delivery)
  • Stackers (space saving solution to stack plants)
  • Drippers/Emitters (modular microdrip system for continual fertilization and nutrient delivery)
  • The Rockwool growing medium (proprietary growing medium)
  • Flood drip shields (water/nutrient delivery management systems)
  • Pipe systems (to connect grow systems and scale up grow operations)
  • Entire hydroponic grow kits (everything you need to get started including pots, planting medium, & nutrient delivery system)
  • Licensed apparel (if you like it, support it!)

FloraFlex employees believe that the bond between a grower and t plants they grow is special. That’s why they devoted their time to developing the latest techniques of growing cannabis in a healthy, natural way. With the help of their products, as well as their nutrients, you will be getting spectacular results in no time.

In order to keep in touch with other growers, FloraFlexis is active on all popular social media platforms you’d expect from a class-leading cannabis nutrient supplier.

Their Instagram page is growing strong, with almost 125k followers and their Facebook and YouTube presence is no less impressive. So, if you’re a grower who wants to get in touch with their favorite new cannabis growing company,FloraFlexis your best choice.

Has this brief overview piqued your interest? If so, let’s move on to the proper FloraFlex nutrients overview below.

FloraFlex organic fertilizers
Lineup of organic nutrients

Pros of FlorFlex Nutrient Solutions

In July 2018, the company presented its latest product, “FloraFlex nutrients”. Growers were happy to find out about this brand-new, 2-part powder formula. And not long after, hundreds of people praised the formula as the cleanest, most cost-effective, and most pH stable, with the quality to match.

Aside from the purity of their products, the company was also praised for setting commercial Big Ag prices to their cultivars, making them easy to buy and own by any cannabis enthusiast.

Buying nutrients for any type of plant is a nightmare. Even with self-contained, auto-lighting self-contained home grow box solutions you still have to source quality seeds and quality nutrients.

You have to pick the exact ones you need, and lots of commercial options out there are just downright scams. As it stands, you will just end up with a few hundred kilograms (or pounds) of ineffective fertilizer. But that’s not the case with these nutrients.

Thanks to its 2-part formula, it’s incredibly easy to use for any type of hydroponic plant growing. And as a grower, you will definitely benefit if all of the ingredients you need are in a single bag that’s easy to open and modify as you wish.

Learning to grow your own hydroponic cannabis has never been easier, which what was once equal parts tribal knowledge and trial/error you now have companies like FlorFlex that provide complete seed-to-harvest growing solutions, enabling everyone from commercial businesses to thrifty home growers to produce extremely potent, high-quality flowering cannabis.

One noteworthy detail about this product is that you can use the formula in both the Vegetative and the Bloom stage of the plant. The formula is so potent that it can entice the early development of flower sites, which gives your plant bigger flowers and maximizes the yields.

Each and every element in the formula is explained in detail. Therefore, you can adjust and modify them at will in order to fit your growing style.

healthy root system
A healthy root system developed by FloraFlex systems

Why Organic Nutrients?

The good people of FloraFlex want to maximize the output of cannabis farming. Their first foray into this field was the invention of the FloraCap. To summarize, the FloraCap is an automated system that delivers water to plants as if someone was watering them by hand. It’s designed to save water and produce less waste.

However, the company was far from offering top-of-the-line tools and ingredients for better plant growth. In fact, one of the reasons why they entered the nutrients game is because they were unsatisfied with the then-current options on the market.

With that in mind, they invested hundreds of hours of research in order to find that one-size-fits-all formula. The result of that research are these high-quality FloraFlex nutrients. Having a researched, well-reviewed-within-the-community nutrient also helps ease the learning curve when it comes to cannabis cultivation.

But it was more than just research that brought the product into the spotlight. The experts all agreed that they needed a customer base and, more importantly, that they absolutely had to avoid cutting any corners.

With that in mind, researchers began looking into fertilizers; they would get the best supplies directly from manufacturers and discuss nutrient facts with various horticulturists. Then came hours of testing in order to find the best formula — the one that you can purchase on their official website right now.

FloraFlex Nutrients Overview: Special Offers

The following are programs that may be useful for bulk growers or those who are already FloraFlex fans who are already sharing their experiences with their products who can sign up for a rep program to get rewarded for what they already do.

cannabis nutrient subscription service

Membership Subscriptions

As any grower can attest, sometimes getting nutrients at the last minute can be a drag. The experts at FloraFlex know that, which is why they decided to start a special Cannabis Nutrient Membership for all interested growers, ensuring consistent nutrient delivery 24/7 for more stable and reliable grow cycles.

The process behind the membership is simple. First, choose the amount of nutrients you’ll need for the Vegetative and Bloom cycles; you can do that on a 4, 8, or 12-week cycle of growing. If you’re not sure how much you need, simply use FloraFlex’s online Nutrient Calculator.

Next, adjust your timeline so that your nutrients can arrive whenever you see fit. By doing that, you can pay when the shipment arrives, and you’ll even get a 38% discount. If you’re not satisfied with the shipping system, you can either pause or cancel it anytime.

The FloraFlex Rep Program

One thing that all plant-growing companies need is proper representation. Since the early days, FloraFlex has been keeping in touch with some of the best growers. As a result of that, the company has initiated the FloraFlex rep program.

Cultivators can now write about their product of choice, but instead of doing it for free, they’ll get proper financial compensation. This method helps FloraFlex through organic, inexpensive marketing, and it gives the growers an opportunity to earn some money by advertising the products they stand behind.

HerbCEO Summary

With a potent formula and an easy method of application, the nutrients FloraFlex has to offer will definitely attract attention in the world of cannabis cultivation.

Growing cannabis requires a perfect harmony of many variables, and they all start with a healthy growing environment, that is nutrients and vessels in which cannabis plants can do their thing and reach their greatest potential, producing the best quality buds possible.

Having a supplier that not only provides fertilizer but also containers and nutrient systems means you can get everything you need in a one-stop-shop fashion, saving both time and energy spent finding the same products via multiple other vendors.

With an optimistic growers-first company culture, an emphasis on high quality, organic fertilizers, and regular innovation in growing equipment and processes, we expect FlorFlex to become an pillar within the high-end cannabis growing community for years to come.

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