Seedsman Review: Cannabis You Can Trust?

The conversation around cannabis has, for long, been dismissed as a drug problem or has been branded as irresponsible. But this alternative form of medication is a dynamic field that is yet to be fully tapped into.

Seedsman Seeds is a company that recognizes this potential and has been at the forefront of regulating cannabis. The following is an overview of what the company does and whether it offers a worthy service.

seedsman seeds reviewed

Sample of flower grown from Seedsman Seed

Who Are Seedsman Seeds?

Seedsman is an online platform that sells cannabis seeds. The company has its own brand of seeds, as well as an inventory from over 65 seed banks from all over the world, of over 1,500 strains of cannabis seeds.

Other than seeds, the company has also begun to stock cannabis-related products, like storage items, books, apparel, etc.

It is the company’s mission to preserve cannabis genetics so future generations can also make use of its goodness. The folks over at Seedsman are trying to bring to light the need to regulate cannabis and bring it under the legal ambit so people can enjoy their benefits within the purview of the law.

The company believes that the best way to prevent harm to individuals through cannabis abuse is to legalize and regulate it.

Company History

The company has been live since 2003 and in nearly two decades, it has become one of the most reliable banks of cannabis seeds in the world.

Where is Seedsman Seed Bank located?

Headquartered in Spain, the company’s motto has been to ensure a diverse gene pool of seeds which keeps the cannabis healthy and vibrant and provides greater fields for further research.

To this end, the company also sells a range of seeds for domestic preservation, asking customers to hold on to the seeds until the region they are in legalizes the cultivation of cannabis.

More than being just a retail platform for cannabis seeds, Seedsman is attempting to take the conversation around cannabis forward and into the legal and political sphere.

The platform has a blog dedicated to updates in this regard. Their social media timeline also keeps a track of when cannabis becomes legalized in different countries.

Cannabis and Legality: Depends Where You Live

Now, the big question is the legality surrounding cannabis. As you may know, a lot about cannabis and its potential benefits is shrouded in mystery and suspicion. Most governments around the world have refrained from going anywhere near research and development for cannabis and have hesitated to regulate it.

While the debate about regulating and legalizing cannabis is still ongoing, there are a few legal areas in which a platform like Seedsman can operate:

  • Seedsman sells these cannabis seeds only as a collectible adult genetic preservation souvenir.
  • The platform can refrain from selling the seeds to any party they believe is going to cultivate the seeds in a country where it is illegal. Customers can sign up to be on the platform’s mailing list to find out when cannabis becomes legal in their country.
  • While the possession of hemp/cannabis seeds is not illegal in Spain, its cultivation is punishable by law.
  • The company takes no responsibility if the seeds are intercepted or lost in transit as a result of the law being implemented differently in different places.
  • The company declares that germination of the seeds purchased from the platform is still illegal in the UK but if you are in a legal U.S state you are good.

Does Seedsman Ship Anywhere?

Seedsman themselves will ship to any country in the world. Whether they make it through customs and get to your door unhindered and unmonitored is the question you’ll have to ask yourself based off which country you are living in. It is your responsibility to manage your behavior in accordance with local laws.

So yes, in answering the question “Does Seedsman ship to the US?” that is an emphatic YES they do!

What Type of Seeds Does Seedsman Sell?

Seedsman has a very wide inventory of products that customers from all over the world, irrespective of the status of legality. While some customers keep it as a preserve for when they can be legally germinated, others live in countries where it is legal to cultivate cannabis.

The following are some of the products the company sells:

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Feminized cannabis seeds have revolutionized how the cannabis market works. Before, customers would buy regular seeds which were 50% male and 50% female seeds, which did not guarantee enough female plants would germinate.

With feminized seeds, customers could grow smaller female plants that are a lot more convenient to manage. According to the company, the seeds are bred in a fashion that enables them to germinate as female plants only.

how is seedsmans quality

Regular Cannabis Seeds

Regular cannabis seeds are pure, natural seeds that have not been altered genetically to modify their yield or sex. They are bred from male and female parents and produce offspring/children of both kinds.

Regular cannabis seeds are, obviously, cheaper than feminized cannabis seeds as they are the natural variety and have had no intervention. These are great for hobby growing (cannabonsai style) or for beginners who are looking to hone their cultivation skills and don’t want to waste their money on expensive high end strains.

High THC Cannabis Seeds

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, as you may know, is one of the main cannabinoids or chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. This element is known to have intoxicating properties and creates the feeling of “being high”.

While some types of cannabis plants are known to have a higher concentration of THC, there are also breeding methods that ensure that the resultant produce is higher in THC. These seeds are a result of that cross-breeding.

high THC cannabis seeds

It should be noted that there is MUCH more that goes into your “high” than just THC. Who hasn’t heard of The Entourage Effect today? The scene has woken up to the value of a rich terpene and flavonoid profile in smoking as the high’s are far more complex and satisfying than the pure THC strains.

High CBD Cannabis Seeds

Cannabidiol or CBD is another primary cannabinoid found in cannabis plants. This chemical compound, however, has similar properties to THC but without the psychotropic effects.

High-CBD strains are great for pain relief and for controlling the symptoms of anxiety without the person experiencing any cognitive impairment, as with THC.

Again, there are some types of cannabis plants that are naturally high on CBD, but there are also ways to cross-breed and ensure that the yield has a high CBD content.

Auto-flowering Cannabis Seeds

A relatively new development in the field of cannabis research, autoflowering cannabis seeds are feminized seeds that can skip to the flowering stage after germinating.

Auto-flowering cannabis automatically switch from vegetative growth (leaves) to flowering stage (ready for harvest) without needing to be “naturally tricked” into flowering via varying light/dark hours.

This means you can adjust lighting to produce yields faster than if you grow outdoors for example and are dependent on traditional light and dark cycles from the sun and moon.

These seed types aren’t for novices though as you really need to understand lightning nuances (spectrum, intensity, distance from plant, cycle etc) to get the most out of auto-flowering plants.

Best Indoor Cannabis Seeds

Indoor cannabis seeds are those which thrive the most when planted indoors, as is evident from the nomenclature.

Some people prefer indoor seeds because the conditions to grow them can be controlled with more ease. They can be in greater control of the yield with indoor seeds simply because the ‘climate’ is in their control.

But choosing indoor seeds can also be tricky, as the platform acknowledges, as there are several factors one may have to consider before being confident that they have made the right choice. These factors may include flavors, yields per m², flowering time, etc.

If you’re looking to scale your operation or are just looking for a solid turn-key grow-room solution, we highly recommend SuperCloset grow cabinets, rooms, and hydroponic systems as they’ve been at the cutting edge ever since cannabis became legal.

Best Outdoor Cannabis Seeds

Outdoor cannabis seeds, again, as is evident from the nomenclature, are seeds that do well in the outdoors. These also happen to be flowering seeds and can make your garden look vibrant on a summer’s day. These seeds may be easier to pick than indoor cannabis seeds.

While with indoor seeds you may be able to control the environment better, outdoor seeds also tend to be seeds that thrive the most in natural light and moisture.

best selling strains

Best-Selling, Most Highly Reviewed Strain Types Available on

The seeds mentioned above are only some of the categories that the company sells. There are several more that they boast of in their library. The following, however, are some of the specific strains of seeds that seem to do well for the company:

1) White Widow Strains

The White Widow strains are one of the popular seeds sold on the website. It comprises 60% indica and 40% sativa, the two main strains of the cannabis plant. This makes the White Widow a hybrid as it has components of both the cannabis plant strains.

According to the company, White Widow strains will make the person feel upbeat and ecstatic and will relax the body without allowing the mind to fall asleep.

2) Blueberry Strains

The Blueberry strains are also a hybrid with a dominant strain of indica. According to the company, the strain is a cross between Indica Afghani, Purple Thai, Sativa Thai and its variants.

The strain has 80% indica qualities and 20% sativa. It gets its name because of the distinct fragrance of blueberries the strain emits.

3) Cheese Strains

Another hybrid, this time from the UK, the Cheese strain is so named for the sour smell that distinguishes it. It is a hybrid, though it is indica dominant, with 80% indica and 20% sativa. It is said to have a “sharp cheddar” flavor, which is a delight for cheese enthusiasts.

4) Kush Strains

A specific strain of cannabis that comes from the Hindu-Kush mountains of Asia, the Kush strain is the rare variety of cannabis that grows natively and with abandon. In other words, it was not imported from elsewhere and cultivated in that region — it is native to that geographic region.

There can be a variety of different aromas the strain emits, depending on the specific region it comes from. These aromas can vary from earthy, musty, peppery, herby, etc.

5) Northern Lights Strain

The Northern Lights cannabis seeds are one of the most popular strains. This is a highly indica-dominant hybrid, with 95% of indica and 5% sativa properties. Its effects include muscular relaxation and it also stimulates your brain and imagination.

Although it is believed to have first appeared in Seattle, Washington, it gets its name because it shot to fame in Holland after 1985. The indica strains have been found to come from native Afghan landrace and Thai landrace strains.

6) Sour Diesel

Sour Diesel is one of the sativa-dominant strains that are popular on the website. It has a ratio of 90% sativa and 10% indica.

The origins of the strain are not confirmed but it is believed that it draws parentage from the Chem-dawg 91 and Super Skunk, both of which are extremely potent and have a strong smell. It is called Sour Diesel as the strain has a pungent aroma that comes close to that of diesel. It also has some traces of a citrus flavor, giving it the adjective ‘sour’.

If you’re looking for more exciting options check out our most popular strains roundup where we document what has been the hottest this year as well as our “celebrity cannabis brands” article where we document what’s hot out of Hollywood.

most popular strains on seedsman

What Are the Seed Banks the Company Works With?

The company has inventory from a variety of different seed banks from all over the world. There are at least 65 seed banks that do business with the company and supply products. The following are some of the popular seed banks the company works with:

Barney’s Farm: Amsterdam’s Finest

Started in the late 1980s from the Himalayan ranges, Barney’s Farm is a business that has grown from pure experimentation and the desire to see the results of various cross-breeding combinations. Founder Derry’s experiments in the Himalayas, along with his friends, gave birth to his flourishing business today.

Now based out of Amsterdam, Barney’s Farm has been a recipient of several awards for its innovation in the field of cross-breeding and developing new strains. Strains like Pineapple Chunk and Critical Kush are products of Barney’s Farm.

barneys farm

Ace Seeds: Rare & Hard-to-Find Strains

Ace Seeds is a bank dedicated to conserving strains that are being wiped out due to various factors, like war, genetic contamination, globalization, the disappearance of indigenous communities, etc.

Based out of Spain, the company deals in pure genetics only. While the group of people running the company started out only as breeders and enthusiasts who wanted to study landrace strains from around the world, the company came into existence in 2004 and has not looked back since. The company specializes in sativa strains.

Amsterdam Genetics: Cutting Edge Breeders

Amsterdam Genetics, as the name of the company suggests, is based out of Amsterdam. One of the biggest names in the cannabis breeding world, Amsterdam Genetics has carved a niche for itself in the field, over the years.

Amsterdam Genetics is known for a wide variety of seeds, ranging from regular, feminized, medical strains and more. The seeds are known for their high-yielding quality, making the company one of the leaders in the market.

Exotic Seed: Rarest Genotypes

Exotic Seed is a company based out of Madrid, Spain, which is known for combining and cross-breeding Dutch and Spanish strains to create unique and one-of-a-kind cannabis seeds.

Exotic Seed’s mother company is based out of Amsterdam and has a legacy of over 20 years in the cannabis world. Its offshoot, Exotic Seed came out in 2009 and has been active since.

French Touch Seeds: Eco-Friendly Natural Seeds

Fairly new to the game, French Touch Seeds has managed to make a name for itself in the short time that it has been active. French Touch Seeds is an environment-conscious brand that prides itself on using no tools that are detrimental to the environment.

The seeds the company develops are meant to be easy to cultivate. Their library is a mix of pure, classic strains and the newer, more innovative hybrids too.

The members of the company are also known to travel to French colonies like French Guiana to find strains from places that have a conducive climate and encourage outdoor cultivation.

How Does the Service Work?

So far, what the company does and what it has to offer has been described at length. The company’s motto, history and specialization have been spoken about in detail. But if you are a customer, how do you go about placing an order? The following is a brief guide:

How to Become a Member at Seedsman

The first step is to sign up to become a member with the platform. This involves creating an account which will be the medium through which you can peruse the product, avail discounts and place orders.

Before you become a member and begin making purchases from the platform, however, Seedsman expects that you would be up to date with your local law and can legally purchase cannabis seeds.

Seedsman reserves the right to not sell seeds to anybody they suspect will cultivate cannabis in a country where it is illegal.

The company also does not take responsibility if the order is intercepted by authorities or is lost in transit because of implementations of local laws.

You can get started by creating a free account here.

How to Choose the Right Strain to Grow

The next step is to find the product you need. Now, Seedsman has over 1,500 different strains of cannabis, so how do you find the variety that is right for you.

The interface of the website comes to your aid here. Go to the page where all the categories of seeds are displayed and pick the one you require — indoor seeds, feminized seeds, regular seeds, etc.

Once you have picked the category, there is a filter bar on the left which allows you to narrow down your search.

For example, if you have picked indoor seeds, you can further put filters like ‘high-CBD’, ‘feminized’, ‘photoperiod’, etc. This helps you find the perfect product.

cannabis chemistry

Apart from this, you can also look for seeds based on specific medical requirements. The homepage of the website has a banner on the top that reads ‘Medical Seeds’.

The drop down here has a list of different medical conditions and the type of seed that would be suitable to help with that condition. Through these filters and processes, finding the right variety of seeds becomes easy.

How to Save Money: Look for Promos & Discount Codes

Before you go on to place the order, make sure to look for promotional offers. Seedsman runs regular promotions and offers on its products. You can avail of a variety of different discounts, buy one get one free, etc.

Seedsman regularly runs specials for big holidays, shopping events (like Black Friday), and seasonal sales, so, if you are planning on growing in the next 6 months it makes sense to keep your eyes open and/or follow Seedsman Instagram to keep up to date so you can pounce when a good sale comes along.

You can either find promotions by clicking the label on the top banner or when you find the specific product, check if there are any current promotions on for the product. If there are promotions on, it will be displayed on the page. Ensure you make use of the promos!

What Online Payment Methods Accepted?

Finally, once you have placed the order, it is time to make the payment. There are a few different methods of payment the platform accepts.

The platform’s recommended method of payment is through BitCoin or other cryptocurrencies. By using this method, you can get 25% off on your order along with 8-16 free cannabis seeds.

Other methods of payment include credit/debit card, check/money order, cash, bank/wire transfer, etc. Essentially, if you have some kind of currency then Seedsman Seeds will find a way to hook you up.

Once you have selected a payment method, unfortunately, you cannot change it to a different method.

Is Legit? Insights Into Quality

Overall Seedsman has some of the most positive review averages on the web. Being around since 2003 has garnered a loyal following and has cemented them as an OG in the online seed-selling space.

You can double check yourself, but no matter where you look, from BBB to Trust Pilot to Reddit you will usually only find good things about the brand. It seems they are bonafide affordable, reliable and provide legit customer service.

seedsman online reviews

On the whole digging deep into stoner forums Seedsman DOES appear legit as in, you get what you pay for assuming the seeds make it through customs offices.

The brand does get some hate, mostly from people who prefer smaller local businesses, which is fair, but also some of the hate seems to exist just because of how big and popular Seedsman is, their reputation exploding in the early 2000’s before exotic strains and hobby growing really took off after U.S legalization began at the state level.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Buying Seeds Online

Having gone over the various features of Seedsman, it is time to take a look at where the company stands. The following are the various advantages and disadvantages of the service based on this overview:

Buying Online Pros:  

The following are some of the good things the company has to offer which make it a worthy service:

  • It accepts a variety of payment methods and is one of the few places that has opened up to accepting cryptocurrency, one of the most secure ways of doing a monetary transaction.
  • The company delivers worldwide barring a few countries where the import of cannabis seeds is restricted. Other than that, the customer is expected to not violate the law if their local law does not allow importing cannabis seeds.
  • The company offers discreet packaging, which means that the delivery teams decide the amount of protection the package needs and it is wrapped accordingly. So you may receive the seeds in a plain, white envelope or in a DVD case, too.
  • At any given point, there are plenty of promotions on the website so you can get a great bargain. You can get up to 20% off on your orders, depending on the size of your order. You can also get free shipping within Europe.
  • You can earn points via the loyalty program and get great discounts.
  • The interface is extremely easy to navigate and each product has an informative description which helps you make a more confident choice.
  • The Seedsman blog is a great platform to track to abreast of what is happening in the cannabis world and where the medical marijuana fight has reached.

Cons of Buying Online

  • Once you have selected a payment method, you cannot go back and change it to a different payment method.
  • The company does not take responsibility if the package is intercepted, for whatever reason. Even if the interception is not a legal hurdle and is a genuine mailing error, you cannot expect the website to be of assistance.

Summary on Seedsman Seeds

There are seemingly very few things one can fault with the company. Seedsman is a legitimate platform that takes cannabis seeds serious and is working towards bringing it under the legal ambit worldwide.

The company has a library of high-quality seeds, has an informative site that is easy to navigate and also has great customer care reviews. For all these reasons, Seedsman seems to be a great service to use for all your cannabis needs, especially if you’re just starting out.

Sure, they are one of the biggest, which brings out some haters, but since they carry seeds from a wide variety of breeders, many of them are small businesses and craft cultivars, you are in effect buying small through a larger distributor.

As such, it’s worth checking Seedsman out along with some of the other brands listed here to A) find the specific strain you want and B) find it at the best possible price.

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