Moon Rocks: What Are They, How To Smoke Them, & What You Should Know Beforehand

Are you a long-time pot smoker? Does it seem like achieving the great high that you used to experience is a thing of the past? Thinking that those days of “Dude, I can’t feel my face!” highs are over? Well, think again, because moon rocks may be the perfect solution to the “high-no-more” problem that you’ve been having. 

What are moon rocks? How and why were they originated? How are they made? If you’re interest about moon rocks are piqued, keep on reading to discover one of the greatest pot inventions of all time – including how you can get your hands on some!

What are moon rocks? 

Put simply, moon rocks are nuggets of cannabis flowers that are dipped in cannabis extracts and then rolled in the super-potent cannabis powder known as kief. In other words, they have a super-high THC content, which averages about 50 percent. As such, these magical nugs are adored, highly valued, and largely desired by avid pot smokers.

These top-shelf nuggets are usually one of the priciest options you’ll find over at your local dispensary; hence why they’ve also been dubbed “cannabis caviar”. It’s important to note, however, that while smokers of moon rocks do refer to moon rocks as “cannabis caviar”, the moniker is also used to describe nugs that have been dipped in weed extracts, but aren’t rolled in kief.

With that said, if you’re shopping for moon rocks and you hear the budtender at your dispensary mention the term word “caviar” or you see products labeled with the name, make sure to confirm that they’re actually covered with kief. 

So, how did they get the name? Well, not only do they kind of look like they came from the surface of the moon, but more notably, because smoking them creates an out-of-this-world euphoria, which is expected; after all, they are high-grade nugs that have been dipped in potent cannabis extracts, which are then rolled in even more potent kief.  

How did moon rocks come about? 

While nobody really knows the true moon rock origin story, rumor has it that they came to be at the Starbuds 760 dispensary in the 1990s, where someone had the ingenious idea of rolling buds extracts and then dipping them in kief.

Whatever the true story of their creation, what is known is that first came onto the scene and were popularized by the former executive VP turned weed mogul Ricardo E. Brown (aka: Kurupt) and Daniel Laughlin (a music artist known as Dr. Zodiak).  

The original moon rocks were called Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrock, which won the illustrious High Times Cannabis Cup awards. Kurupt trademarked his own rendition, too, which he dubbed “Kurupt Moonrock”. 

How potent are moon rocks? 

While the potency varies from batch to batch and depends on several factors, including the buds, hash oil, and kief that are used, and who and where they were made, generally speaking, moon rock potency is about 50 percent. 

Take a hit of moon rocks and the first thing you’ll notice is the rich terpene flavor of the kief, which is really quite pleasing and will leave you smacking your lips. The clouds of smoke are big, billowy, unique, and look super cool. The flavor and smoke aren’t the only notable moon rock features. The main attraction is the high. 

Seriously, we aren’t kidding when we say that the high will knock your socks off. First, it hits your head, and then it rolls down to your face, and spreads across your whole body, right down to the tips of your toes. In no time, you’ll be in a state of complete euphoria; but, we have to point out that proceeding with caution is highly recommended.

Why? Because at the start, you may feel amazing and may be tempted to keep toking – if for nothing more than to continue experiencing the delightful taste; however, in about a half-hour, you may soon find that you’re tweaking out. Plus, the effects last a looong time. A lot of people say that they’re still feeling the effects more than 12 hours later. Yeah, we’re talking edible levels of duration here, which is hard to match.

If you’re a veteran of dabbing and rip fat hot dabs on the regular then you will be less destroyed by a moon rock vs someone who has spent their whole life smoking plain old flower.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of moon rocks? 

What are the pros and cons of moon rocks? Here’s a brief look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of cannabis nugs that have been sprayed or dipped with cannabis extracts and then coated with kief cannabis powder. 


  • The high really is something else. Nothing compares
  • They’re budget-friendly. While the initial price may be higher than traditional buds, cannabis extracts, or kief, but since they produce such an incredible high, a dab will do you, and you’ll have them a long time
  • Excellent for people who want to get a high dose of THC, like those who use marijuana for medicinal purposes, and those who just want to have a killer high 
  • They’re just fun and are a great way to start up a conversation 


  • While the out-of-this-world high is certainly a pro, it can also be con, which may not be ideal for everyone 
  • They tend to make a mess. Smoking them in a glass bowl or bong is ideal, though you can also roll them into joints or blunts, but avoid putting them through a grinder 
  • They need to be kept cool and dry, as exposure to heat and humidity can make the nugs super-sticky

Moon rock smoking tips

If you’re new to moon rocks, in order to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as possible. It should be noted that the use of moon rocks is strongly recommended for experienced pot consumers, as they are extremely potent and pack a super powerful punch. With that said, here are some tips that you can use to prepare your moon rocks for smoking.   

  • Use glass. A bowl (or pipe, depending on what the tool is called in your location) or a bong, smoking moon rocks out of a glass is highly encouraged. Why? Because these powerful nuggets aren’t your standard cannabis flower. They’re very dense and super greasy, and can easily get stuck and clog up in metal or plastic. While you can roll them, doing so may be a bit difficult, as breaking them up into the small pieces that are required for rolling can be difficult; plus, keeping due to their density and stickiness, keeping a joint, blunt, or spliff lit can be tough. 
  • Use scissors. As discussed, moon rocks are extremely dense and super sticky. As such, breaking them down by hand or with a grinder can be a difficult and frustrating experience. To break them down, your best bet is to use a pair of scissors. A pair of manicure or beauty scissors will totally do the trick. Make sure the blades are clean before you use them. 
  • Mix with standard bud. Because of the oily nature of moon rocks, as mentioned, lighting and keeping them lit can be difficult. Therefore, instead of smoking them straight, try mixing some to regular buds. This strategy will help to keep them lit. Do note, however, that this technique has the potential to get you even higher, so you might want to consider using less potent flowers. 
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Moon rock safety tips

As has been mentioned numerous times, moon rocks are extremely potent; like high-grade bud on steroids. Therefore, smoking them is recommended for experienced smokers who have a decent tolerance and know how to handle themselves when they end up getting super-high, as novice smokers are at an increased risk of getting too high and bugging out. That said, in order to ensure that you have the best experience possible, here are some safety tips to keep in mind before you spark up your moon buds. 

  • Clear your schedule. When you smoke “regular” weed, you might be able to function and go and do things; however, that may not be the case when you smoke moon rocks. They’re so potent that you probably aren’t going to want to do anything but couch surf. That’s why making sure that your schedule is free and clear before you spark up is highly encouraged. You aren’t going to want to run errands or do chores, and you certainly aren’t going to want to do any type of work-related tasks; heck, you might not even want to talk much! 
  • Eat beforehand. Don’t smoke moon rocks on an empty stomach. They are so potent that you could end up getting nauseous if you don’t have anything in your stomach. Before you ‘toke, make sure that your belly is full, as doing so will not only help you avoid an upset stomach, which will totally have a negative impact on your experience. Plus, eating beforehand will help to keep the munchies to a minimum. 
  • Make sure you’re hydrated. Because moon rocks are so potent, they’re pretty much like a sponge. When you smoke them, they’ll sop up the moisture in your body. To avoid an extreme case of cottonmouth, make sure that you drink plenty of water, not only before you smoke, but after, too. Having a gallon of water at your disposal is definitely a good idea. In fact, you might want to make sure that your H2O is within arm’s reach so that you can wet your whistle without having to move a muscle. 
  • Have snacks handy. While making sure your stomach is full before you rip on a bowl or bong of moon rocks will certainly help to keep the munchies down, it won’t keep them at bay. The munchies are bound to kick in, so make sure that you have plenty of snacks available. Gather up your snacks and put them in an easy to reach location before you spark your moon rocks. 
  • Choose a safe and comfortable environment. Because moon rocks are so potent, you definitely want to make sure that you hit them in the right environment. Choose a safe, comfortable location where you can sit down, kick back, and relax. Be sure that you have any entertainment that you might want to enjoy in the location, too, like music, video games, movies, and the like. We recommend choosing a comfy couch, armchair, floor pillows, or bed as your base when you smoke moon rocks. Embrace the couch lock, let the couch’s warm embrace envelope you.
  • Make sure loved ones are cared for. You definitely aren’t going to want to or even be able to take care of anyone other than yourself when you hit the moon rocks. If you have rug rats, make arrangements to have them sleep over at gramma’s, aunties, or at a trusted friend’s house before you toke on these potent buds. If you’re the primary caregiver of a disabled person, like your elderly mom or dad, grandparents, or anyone else, be sure to make arrangements for them prior to toking. 
  • Go low and slow. Like edibles, you’re going to want to go low and slow with your moon rocks. Start out with a tiny toke, wait a while, take another hit, wait a while; recycle, rinse, repeat. By taking small hits and spacing them out, you can avoid that creeping feeling that will end up making you get trapped in your head or bugging out. 
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Where to get moon rocks

You can purchase pre-made moon rocks at reputable dispensaries. Check out your local spot to see if they carry them, and if they do, inquire about the buds they carry. Do note that if you’re going to purchase pre-made moon rocks, you will pay a premium price.

However, as we mentioned, a little bit goes a long way, so while you may pay more than you would for the same amount of naked buds, they’ll last you a whole lot longer, so in the long run, moon rocks actually cost less, as you won’t need to smoke a lot and they’ll last a whole lot longer. 

Summing It Up 

Moon rocks are, without a doubt, one of the most potent forms of cannabis around. They deliver a great taste and an incredible high. With the tips provided above, you can ensure that your experience is a positive one. 

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