Best THC-Free Cannabis-Scented Gifts for Stoners

Are you looking for a gift for that special stoner in your life? Know someone who doesn’t smoke, but just likes the smell of weed? Want to gift yourself something unique? Whatever the case may be, there’s no denying that cannabis has an intoxicating (no pun intended) aroma, but no matter how much you – or someone you know – loves the smell of pot, you don’t need to actually get intoxicated in order to enjoy the smell. 

Stale pot smoke, like any kind of stale smoke on the other hand is not so pleasant, but there are solutions for that and this list is entirely focused on the eye-opening refreshing scent of fresh un-smoked cannabis.

That’s right, there are a lot of weed-scented gifts on the market these days. In fact, it seems like more and more products are popping up all the time. Ingenious cannabis enthusiasts and even non-smokers are capitalizing on the delightful scent that’s associated with cannabis.

Fresh, top-shelf buds have a natural, earthen smell that’s simply delightful. If you’ve ever taken a whiff of Tangerine Dream, Irish Cream, White Tahoe Cookies, Strawberry Banana (no joke, those are all real names of real top-grade strains), then you know exactly what we’re talking about. 

Are your interests piqued? If so, whether you’re looking for a gift for someone else or for yourself, here’s a look at some the totally unique, super-awesome cannabis-scented products that are on the market that would totally make awesome gifts. 

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When it comes to scented products, no matter the aroma, candles are, without a doubt, the most popular. Candles are the most popular cannabis-scented products, too. There are so many manufacturers that are making and selling candles that smell like weed, including various types of strains.

Tea lights, jar candles, pillars; there are so many different varieties of cannabis-scented candles to choose from! They’re a great way to enjoy the delightful aroma of weed without having to pull out a bud. Plus, they add delightful ambiance to any room.

Imagine soaking in a tub full of warm, bubbly water, meditating, getting a message, doing a yoga session, or just kicking back and reading a good book accompanied by the scent of a cannabis candle. Talk about awesome!

Homesick Four Twenty Candle


homesick four twenty candle

Featuring top notes of fresh bergamot and freshly harvested cannabis, classic mid notes of patchouli and cedar wood and base notes of sandalwood and musk for a well rounded scent that won’t even raise your grandmas eyebrow but will still have that satisfying skunk.

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Candle


Malin and Goetz cannabis candle

This is a more cannabis forward candle that has it’s hard edges polished by friendly and familiar notes of lily of the valley and magnolia. Complexity is added with black pepper and fresh young bergamot and the whole bouquet of earthy, and cannabis-plant-complimenting base notes of cedar wood, patchouli, and sandalwood, similar to the above mentioned Homesick candle but with a slightly lighter volume, as reported by users.

Boy Smells Kush Line


Boy Smells Kush candle

Boy Smells is anything but, with a whole line of very creative cannabis-centered fragrances for both boys and girls. The original candle upon which the others is built, and the best one to start with, is the Kush scent, with a clean cannabis mid/top note lined with suede, white musk, fresh tulip, and amber. They also have a Cashmere Kush, Italian Kush, and Cowboy Kush to explore!

Mystic Boho Creations Munchies

Website: Etsy

Munchies candle boho creations

Perhaps some of the most creative candles we’ve seen in the 420-space these candles are more about environment than strong cannabis plant scents. For example the creator describes the 420 line as smelling like a “lawyer office” which we have to admit, sounds intriguing. “Blazed for Dayz” smells like incense burning in an active head shop and our favorite, “Munchies” smells like fruit loops straight up.

Anecdote Candles High Society


High Society by Anecdote candle

High Society from Anecdote candles smells like “garden parties and skewed perceptions and cannabis flower” (of course). We couldn’t describe it any better ourselves and we are getting hip NYC and/or Portland east side vibes from this minimalist yet memorable creation. Of the candles here this is the one to get if you don’t want to shy away from the ganja scent.

Standard Dose Smoked Hemp


Standard Dose smoked hemp candle

Half candle half work of art this beautiful candle is poured into a reusable container that is dying to spark a conversation. This isn’t a “dank weed” type candle per say but a more subtle, complex marriage of white ylang, warm amber, lilac, vetiver, and smokey hemp.

CB2 Photogenics No.3


photogenics CB2 sativa candle

Hand-made in Los Angeles No.3 is another CB2 offering that does not disappoint. The scent is “cannabis inspired” so don’t expect to get hot-boxed with this one. You can however anticipate opening of white floral notes underlined with bergamot and tobacco for depth this is a day/evening-friendly candle with just enough cannabis to peak an eyebrow or two.

Weed-Scented & Hemp Based Lotions

Next to candles, lotions are probably the next most popular cannabis-scented products on the market. The market is now being dominated specifically by CBD-containing lotions given the growing consensus around therapeutic benefits of topical CBD. Still, like with above mentioned candles there are some solid cannabis and hemp infused lotions with herbal scent.

Heck, everyone needs to moisturize, and lotion allows you to do just that. In addition to hydrating the skin, lotion is a great way to add a delicate scent to your body, especially for those who aren’t keen on wearing perfumes or colognes.

Lotion that has a mild weed-scent is a great way to turn heads. If you get a top-quality, naturally made cannabis-scented lotion, not only will you smell delightful, but your skin will benefit, too. Why? – Because high-quality lotions that are made with hemp are great for the skin. 

Herb Essntls


Herb Essntls cannabis body lotion

This minimalist blend from renowned Herb Essntls (even their name is minimalist!) is an health Omega fat rich (omega3/omega6) that blends cannabis sativa seed oil with other skin nourishing aloe vera, shea butter, and ever-de-stressing chamomile.

St.Ives Soothing Cannabis Sativa & Matcha Body Cream


St.Ives cannabis seed oil body cream

A double green twist on a traditional hemp (sativa) seed oil dominant body cream with the added benefits of super anti-oxidant green matcha! These dynamic duo ingredients are bolstered by coconut oil, and stoner-beloved terpenes limonene and linalool.

Lord Jones CBD Body Lotions


Lord Jones High CBD Formula body lotion

Lord Jones is one of the OG and most trusted purveyors of CBD-infused body lotion, with their Signature Fragrance being a fan favorite with it’s calming blend of CBD and sage, mint and green citrus oils. This isn’t a cannabis-scented lotion per say but because of the CBD it is actually providing more than nasal pleasure so it’s a winner in our book too!

Mary Janes Cannabis-Infused Aloe Lotion


Mary Janes Cannabis-infused aloe lotion

The winner of this mini-list is the cannabis/aloe lotion from Mary Janes Medicinals is a heavy hitter with cannabis-infused grapeseed oil, aloe vera, avocado oil, jojoba, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, beeswax, and lavender, grapefruit, clary sage, and ylang ylang oils.

The best parts of this lotion is that it contains 120mg of THC and 40mg of CBD for a nice calm, low-dose of the best parts of the plants that 100% hemp-based lotions miss out on.

Cannabis Scented Perfumes & Colognes

Yet another great cannabis scented gift is perfume or cologne oil. Perfumes and colognes have long been a way to enhance the body’s odor; however, many of the brands and varieties that are on the market are just way too powerful and overwhelming.

If you or someone you know prefers a more delicate, natural scent, cannabis-scented perfumes and colognes are a great option. They have such a unique scent and will be sure to capture the noses and the attention of passersby. 

Xyrena Reefer Madness Extrait de Parfum


Reefer Madness Space Cake scent

Xyrena is one of the most intriguing cannabis-centric fragrance producer with strain and consumption inspired scents. These aren’t “natural” cannabis fragrances in that they look to replicate familiar scents via clever blending of key terpenes found in cannabis plants with other ingredients to create well-rounded profiles.

OG Kush for example opens with some lemon and pine funk, just like any good bag-o-buds should, but is then turned more complex with cedar notes and a faint “burnt rubber” scent associated with kush strains. We’re not entirely sure about that but we like that they tried to town it down vs just being entirely bright and sativa-citrus notes.

Space Cake may be the most exciting of the Reefer Madness line, inspired by the legendary Amsterdam coffee shops this has a appetite-stimulating base of salted butter, cannabis trimmings, earth, slight skunk scent and cedar oil. Delicious!

Carine Roitfeld Parfums “George” Blend


Carine Roitfeld George perfume

Few capture complete “atmospheres” better than Carine Roitfeld. George does just that, with cannabis, Iranian galbanum, violet leaf, jasmine, rose, iris, oak moss, wood, earth and leather notes. This is a complex scent, which is described as reminiscent of passionate love shared privately, out on the town, a secret punk rock concert. It’s a genius application for a cannabis-inspired fragrance that takes it the the next level vs just “it smells like weed” approach. Bravo Carine Roitfeld.

Fresh Cannabis Santal Parfum


Fresh Santal Cannabis parfum

If you’re looking for a rich, warm, masculine scent that isn’t entirely old library and leather chairs and humidors then Fresh Cannabis Santal may be for you. Fresh is up front that this is a “sensual woodsy” fragrance but also that it “captures the raw energy of desire”. We suspect this is due to the middle notes of patchouli (classic), cannabis accord, and rose.

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Parfum


Malin and Goetz Cannabis scent

Malin and Goetz have been making big waves with their cannabis inspired products, from lotions to parfums they are constantly pushing boundaries and their Cannabis parfum is at the forefront of that push in terms of popularity.

Cannabis “has never been more in vogue” as M+G claim and they couldn’t be more correct, cannabis is a full-blow lifestyle popular with athletes, celebrities, and musicians of course.

This scent delivers on that with it’s own star-studded cast of ingredients including a light smokiness, cannabis, spice and herbal aromas (reminder of terpenes of fresh cannabis strains), and soft floral notes of muguet and magnolia. This strikes a nice balance between cannabis and other more traditional scents and would make a great starting place if you’re just exploring the world of cannabis-inspired scents.

19-69 The Chronic


19-69 Chronic eau de parfum

Naming this fragrance simply “Chronic” is both genius and a bit overly modest. Chronic resonates with anyone who is a fan of cannabis and instills instant interest among smokers, because the chronic is well, always good!

19-69 built The Chronic off a base layer of patchouli, vetiver, cashmere wood, moss and musk. The top notes of petigrain, bitter orange, bitter grapefruit, and Russian clary sage cleverly work in harmony to stimulate the cannabis-familiar parts of the nose without including any actual cannabis plant, which is a work of genius in it’s own right. Mid notes of Virginian cedarwood, cannabis accord and amber further emphasis this isn’t your typical straight-laced scent.

Maison Margiela REPLICA Music Festival


Maison Margiela Music Festival fragrance

Maison Margiela not to be out-done by smaller startup brands launched Music Festival to positive reception by capturing the very distinguishable scent of a popular music festival in a bottle. What does this mean? Well, if you’ve never been to a music festival it means a mix of fresh bud (a MUST at music festivals) combined with incense oil (hello Woodstock hommage), and leather accord. Patchouli, cedarwood and cypress marry together to create a warm, friendly hippy-next door vibe.

Weed-Scented Essential Oil 

Yet another fantastic cannabis-scented gift to consider is hemp essential oil. Essential oils have long been used for aromatherapy, as the sense of smell is extremely powerful and has incredible effects on the brain, the body, and overall health and well-being.

There are several different varieties of essential oils, and hemp is quickly becoming one of the most popular. Top-quality brands feature natural oils that have been ethically extracted from the hemp plant.

Top Trusted Cannabis & Hemp Oil Distillers

Whether added to a diffuser or mixed with hemp salve, hemp oil, or another type of carrier oil and applied topically, the scent that cannabis essential oil produces is not only delightful, but it’s also very soothing. 

Hemp Shampoo and Conditioner

Hair care is a vital part of maintaining good personal hygiene, which of course, includes washing and conditioning the hair. While there are lots of different shampoos and conditioners on the market that smell great, unfortunately, many of them feature harsh ingredients that can be damaging to the hair and the scalp – including the perfumes that are used to make them smell good.

Bestseller No. 1
Hempz Biotin Hair Shampoo - Sweet Pineapple & Honey Melon - For Thin/Fine Hair Growth...
  • Color Safe Shampoo Hair Wash - Cleanse, Hydrate, energize, and revive hair with our color-safe shampoo for damaged and color-treated hair. Helps replenish and strengthen...
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  • Paraben-Free, Cruelty-Free/Vegan, Gluten-Free
  • Kills 99.99% of germs leaving hands soft, moisturized and clean

Hemp shampoos and conditioners are a great natural alternative that not only smells wonderful, but that are also good for the hair and the scalp. Use these products yourself or give them to someone else and there’s no doubt that the hair will be luminescent and delightfully aromatic. 

Air Fresheners

The scent of your surroundings has a big impact on the way you feel. Walk into a space that smells dank, musty, or even like sweaty gym shoes, garbage, or pets, and there’s no doubt that you’ll put your nose up and will just feel icky being the room. If you’re looking to remove cannabis scents from a room check out this guide instead (because this post is about how to add cannabis smells)

While there are many different air fresheners that can be used to improve the scent of a space, if you or someone you know enjoys the scent of cannabis, a weed-scented air freshener is a great choice. Just spray a few spritzes into the air and it will instantly transform the smell and the overall feel of any room.

Plus, top-quality hemp air fresheners not only smell good, but they’re made with all-natural ingredients that aren’t harmful to your health. 

When it comes to stoner-friendly weed-scented air fresheners and sprays Blunt Power (who doesn’t love blunts!) and The Wooden Wick Company are the two go-tos.

Blunt Power Air Spray


Blunt Power Kush air freshener

Blunt Power has a popular Kush air spray that is made in the USA, is concentrated for convenient car-glovebox friendly stowage and marries together an “ethereal blend” of ancient patchouli, smoked sandalwood and mystical heliotrope. Combined with the odor permeating from that skunky dimebag in your front pocket this is a great and more importantly affordable option vs some of the higher end candles mentioned above.

The Wooden Wick Co. Cannabis & Agarwood Blend


The Wooden Wick Co cannabis oil

The second air freshener is just an oil that you can add to whatever diffusion method you most prefer (rocks, sticks, cardboard rear-view mirror hangers, the world is your oyster here) made by The Wooden Wick company.

This is a “Cannabis & Agarwood” blend, so again, not pure “I work at a headshop” scents but more “I’m cultured and like to have late-night vinyl parties”. Top notes of cantaloupe and fresh marijuana leaves are re-enforced with middle notes of marijuana oil and crushed hemp seeds, all underwritten with a reliable base of musk, amber, and eastern cedar.

Weed-Scented Soaps

Yet another fantastic weed-scented product to consider gifting yourself or someone else is soap. Whether bar or liquid, washing up with soaps that are made of hemp and emit cannabis scents will be sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.

Not only do they smell good, but cannabis-scented soaps are also usually made of natural ingredients, like hemp and CBD, so they’re good for the skin. Unlike soaps that are made with chemicals, hemp soap won’t dry out or irritate the skin, leaving the user feeling clean and smooth – and of course, smelling great, too!

Whiskey River Soap Co Stoner Soap


Whiskey River Stoner Soap

Whiskey River hits it out of the park with the sheer creativeness of their custom soap line and their Soap for Stoners is probably the coolest of them. With a tagline of “Smells like Colorado” and “It’s 4:20 Somewhere” this is one soap worth investigating if you consider yourself a fan of the herb.

Now you can scrub yourself clean with “hypnotic shades of green and dank cannabis scent” that will provide cover for that ganja smell permeating your apartment.

Dr. Bronners Cannabis Bar Soap


Dr. Bronner cannabis bar soap

Dr. Bronner has been making wholesome organic soaps before organic soaps were cool. Limited to a 2020 crowdfunding campaign (sorry, you can’t just go pick this off the shelf of your local Whole Foods, yet) Bronner’s cannabis soap featured moisturizing hemp oil and added organic terpenes from locally renowned East Fork Cultivars which consistently produce some of the highest quality cannabis flower we’ve tried (and buy regularly here in Oregon).

Summing It Up

As you can see from the list above, there are so many different types of cannabis-scented products on the market that would make great gifts. There are lots of online retailers that carry these products, but if you prefer to shop in-person, try your local dispensary or head shop to see what you can find as this is a very young industry (cannabis-inspired consumer goods that aren’t actually THC-containing).

Yes, if you were looking for a straight up pure ganja spray we’re sorry to disappoint but that doesn’t seem to exist as the market prefers cannabis smells mixed with other familiar and pleasurable scents.

But heck, if you want to smell like pure weed all you need to do is carry your stash around in a shitty zip-loc bag in your pocket, or tote a fully-packed pocket vaporizer like a PAX with some freshly ground nugs and there you go, strong weed smells on your body which, unlike perfume, cologne or lotion, serves the dual purpose of being able to to be smoked later on!

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